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NXT – April 4

Indi Hartwell Promo

Indi says the first person to get a title shot will be Roxanne, she is interrupted by Zoey Stark. Zoey says, “Pigs fly, unicorns are real and Indi Hartwell is the new NXT Women’s Champion? You had quite the upset, I’ll give you that. But Indi, you are holding a title that has been held by legends and future Hall of Famers, and you wanna know what the most disgusting part is? Is that what you have now? They have worked so hard to build that title up. See, they brought it all the way up here, Indi. They brought it all the way up here and Indi, you’re nowhere near that.”

Zoey continues, “We have a beatable NXT Women’s Champion and now you want to talk about Roxanne? Roxanne has been radio silent. We haven’t heard her since Saturday, not a peep. So she gets to go to the back of the line or even really in the front, doesn’t matter, as long as she’s behind me.” Zoey says since Indi is handing out title shots, why doesn’t she hand it to her? She says, “Ladies and gentlemen, Indi Hartwell was going to make history here once again by being the shortest reigning Women’s NXT Champion we have ever seen.”

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed having Indi open the show with the promo, once Zoey interrupted her, I realized that Zoey had mocked Indi when she lost the qualifier match for Stand & Deliver, telling her “she wasn’t seeing the next NXT Women’s Champion” to the person who ironically ended up being champion.

Jacy Jayne Promo

“Gigi Dolin, you poor, pathetic soul. You really thought that you were gonna have your big Hollywood moment fueled by all your setbacks, betrayal, your mother’s anger and the joy you had on your face. I mean, you really thought you were gonna become NXT Women’s Champion? I watched you climb that ladder rung by rung but delusion is quite the disease because within one second, I was able to push that all away. Gigi, you were never going to win that ladder match and I was going to make sure of it. I broke your face, I broke your heart and now all that’s left to do is break your will.”

Astrid’s Point

I loved this promo from Jacy, I am curious to see what is next for Gigi and Jacy to end their feud. I want to see what they do and how they are with new opponents.

Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre Promo

“First it was written, now it is told. We have seized the seats of power and now the rightful NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions sit on their throne. We vowed to burn all opposition to the ground at Stand & Deliver. We defeated our opponents. We seized the championships but we did not scorch the Earth’s Alba. Nothing in NXT is ever that simple. There will always be ashes left smoking. Do you feel that? I sense we are not through with our troubled souls.

There’s a challenge hanging in the air and when it comes. We will welcome it. And now that the Unholy Union of Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn has materialized and rise in NXT all challengers beware. We are merely beginning to crack the surface of just how pedaling we can truly be and I curse any team who dares to test the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. We save our energy for the day that challenge comes but for now, Isla, we celebrate,” as they cling their glasses.

Astrid’s Point

I found it interesting that Katana & Kayden were shown the most during the clips playing during this and Ivy Nile since it feels that Katana & Kayden haven’t been on TV and perhaps could be the last team standing.

Indi Hartwell vs Zoey Stark – NXT Women’s Championship

In the beginning of the match, Zoey attempted to finish with her finisher, but Indi scouted it. For a while, Zoey has control over Indi before Hartwell is able to partially reverse the situation. As Stark prepares to use the ropes, Hartwell separates them, but Indi stops her in her tracks. Stark attempts a clothesline from the top rope as well, but Indi manages to dodge it, causing Stark to crash to the canvas.

They chop back and forth until Indi is struck by a roundhouse kick from Zoey. Indi catches Stark, who also bounces off the ropes, with a spine buster. Indi bounces outside when Zoey hits her finisher, but she pulls Indi inside and as Zoey is about to pin Indi, Indi flips it for the crucifix pinfall victory.

Tiffany shows up by the entrance ramp after the match, indicates she wants the championship, and gives Indi the thumbs down, creating a distraction for a back attack. Cora Jade attacks Indi and knocks her to the ground as she wins the match. As Tiffany tells Cora to “keep walking,” Cora replies, “That title is mine.”

Astrid’s Point

I really enjoyed this match compared to their earlier encounter, they had more chemistry. I loved having Tiffany show herself as the next threat but also having Cora return, now that Roxanne isn’t the champion, I would like to see how Cora fits into the mix.

Brooks Jensen, Kiana James, Fallon Henley & Josh Briggs segment

Brooks is begging Kiana to forgive him after he didn’t hand her the purse at Stand & Deliver. She said, “When I ask for my bag, you hand it to me, I needed you and you weren’t there for me, what the heck was that?” Until Fallon and Briggs arrive, Fallon tells Kiana not to make Brooks feel bad for not cheating. “Are you trying to make him feel bad for cheating when you are cheating on him?” Kiana admits she had been dating since they were not exclusive but it all changed for her when they first kissed. Kiana makes it seem like it’s Brook’s fault that they aren’t champions, Fallon faces Briggs, “Like it’s his fault?” Kiana said she can’t trust him after Stand & Deliver. Brooks tells them to “stay out of his relationship.”

Astrid’s Point

I would hope this comes to a conclusion soon, it’s taking way too long to get to the point.

Cora Jade & Lyra Valkyria Segment

Cora is getting interviewed about her return, she said they’ll have to wait like everyone else until next week. Lyra interrupts her, “I’m not here to dwell on the past, just to remind you of the future, you can’t escape fate.” Cora walks away from her, not saying a word.

Astrid’s Point

I am glad to see they haven’t forgotten or made us think just because Cora took a break that they had forgotten they advertised this match before. I hope this match will be a good showing for Lyra.

Ivy Nile v Tatum Paxley

Tatum catches Ivy with a suplex from the middle rope and starts to take the initiative before Ivy uses a submission move to gain the upper hand. Nile is held in place by Paxley using a headlock, but Ivy musters the strength to strike Paxley. Ivy throws Tatum, enraged, taking her down and in control. Tatum taps out after Ivy forces him into the ring and locks in the submission. To celebrate Ivy’s victory, the Creeds Brothers are by the door.

Astrid’s Point

I liked the match, I was hoping it would be a bit longer but it accomplished what it needed to accomplish, I am curious if this will keep going or if it really ended there.


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