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NXT – April 11

Haters gonna hate. @danipalmer_wwe coming soon to @wwenxt ♬ original sound – Sol Ruca

Sol Ruca & Tiffany Stratton Segment

Sol is practicing and introducing her friend Dani Palmer when Tiffany interrupts, asking what they’re doing since it is her space and they didn’t ask her for permission.

Astrid’s Point

It was a simple part but I do give credit to NXT for trying different locations for the vignettes, promos, etc.

Kiana James & Fallon Henley (With Josh Briggs) v Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

Before the match, Briggs asks why Jensen isn’t around because he doesn’t anything that’s important, Kiana said Jensen doesn’t want to see either one of them.

During the match, Fallon did have a few innovative moves against Isla Dawn and great double team moves from both teams. Towards the end, Jensen arrives, runs to Kiana’s bag which Briggs doesn’t want to give up. Jensen enters the ring, giving it to Fallon for her to use but she doesn’t want to, he was about to but the referee turned to find him there, kicked him out. Briggs confronts his partner, Jensen pushes him which distracts Fallon for Isla to tag Alba for her Swanton Bomb for their victory. Jensen is carrying Kiana as they’re leaving.

Astrid’s Point

I knew Jensen’s involvement would cause the ladies the opportunity, I wonder when we’ll get Jensen & Kiana v Fallon & Briggs down the line and how this works with the team of Jensen and Briggs moving forward.

Tiffany Stratton v Sol Ruca

Ladies have a great back and forth in this match, not only showing their athleticism but also their strengths. With Tiffany, we had a lot of heel work, focusing on one body part, focusing on Sol’s arm and shoulder, while with Sol, we witnessed her speed, agility and fast paced style. They also had the opportunity to show their background in gymnastics as well.

Astrid’s Point

I loved this match, my favorite between these ladies, it was a great showcase of their experience and growth in NXT as both of them haven’t been wrestling for too long and they have come a long way already.

Cora Jade Promo

Cora runs through the women’s division from Indi Hartwell to Tiffany Stratton to Zoey Stark. She does praise Zoey at first but says she “will be always be the challenger, never the champion.” For Roxanne she states, “what you went through, I’m not going to touch because it’s real and I knew you, I still know you, I knew what you went through so I’m not going to talk about it,” also, “we’re all fighting our own demons, Roxanne, you’re not some special exception, the only difference is, you’re just proof that some of us are a little bit better at handling the pressure.” For Gigi, she says, “Honestly, I thought you’d crumble without Toxic Attraction and I probably speak for everyone else but you did it.” Lyra interrupted her, “You can cut through the women’s division with your vicious tongue, but let me ask you, what’s the reason behind it? Let me be blunt for a second. Is it because in your absence, the entire women’s locker room took a step forward?” Cora slaps Lyra, laughs at her until Lyra holds her in place for kick, Lyra is going for a spinning kick but Cora is focused on taking her hat and running away and Lyra missed the kick.

Astrid’s Point

Cora’s promo doesn’t sound like a return promo, it sounded like a promo from someone who was dominant in the NXT Women’s division the last few months which certainly wasn’t her role as she had absent for a few weeks while other ladies such as the ones she mentioned, were the focus and growth of it. This promo would have been more fitting if it came from a heel Indi Hartwell, stating all the people she beat at Stand & Deliver, I am not sure it was given to Cora. I also noticed she barely received a reaction from the crowd until she mentioned other people in her promo. Lyra received a better and greater reaction when she interrupted Cora instead. The way Cora barely reacted to Lyra’s kick and was more focused on getting her hat on the way out. Lyra’s line summarized one of my thoughts, “what’s the reason behind it? Let me be blunt for a second. Is it because in your absence, the entire women’s locker room took a step forward?’

Gigi Dolin Promo

Gigi gives us a visual of the home she escaped when she was younger, “like the rose I have inked on my arm, my story started out jagged and ugly and then bloomed into something beautiful.”

Astrid’s Point

This promo is one I would have loved to see before the match at Stand & Deliver as it would have given fans a bigger reason to cheer for Gigi during the match. At this time, it mostly shows a bit of the same with Gigi’s story and how her story with Jacy still continues.

Roxanne Perez & Zoey Stark Confrontation

Stacks and Tony D’Angelo are discussing their plans when Roxanne enters the room. They discuss how Indi wanted to give Roxanne the first shot but Zoey took it instead. Zoey interrupts, “I’m glad you finally found the strength to show your face around here.” Roxanne responds, “Zoey, you’re the perfect example of why people aren’t open and honest about their anxiety. It’s people like you that don’t get it and don’t want to try to understand it but understand this, I have all the strength to beat you next week.

Astrid’s Point

I’m glad the topic of anxiety is being touched by Roxanne as it a topic that isn’t often discussed in wrestling. I give props to NXT with the way they’re handling it and also for how they used a different set for this segment as I like how they do that pretty often. I would like to see Roxanne be victorious against Zoey next week.


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