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NXT – AUG 15

Dyad v Tony D'Angelo & Stacks - NXT Tag Team Championship

Dyad alerts Ava and Joe Gacy that Ivy will soon be at ringside during the match. They face Ivy alongside Schism's supporters, and on the opposite side, two of Schism's supporters defeat Dyad. Tony uses the diversion to his advantage and wins. Knowing that Brutus and Julius are wearing the Schism masks behind Joe and Ava, Ivy is grinning.

Astrid’s Point

I loved seeing Ivy participate in this and smile when she realized that the Creeds behind the masks were advancing the plot between Schism and the Diamond Mine. It has been confirmed that Ivy will now compete against Ava at Heatwave the following week. I'm interested to see how the men interact with this match and hope we get to see more of Ava in the ring.

Blair Davenport v Dana Brooke (With Kelani Jordan)

Dana repeatedly shoves Blair before springing off the ropes for a head scissors takedown. Blair is able to return the favor and tackle Dana when she strikes her with a cross body outside while Dana is flaunting to Kelani, leaving her hanging from the second rope. Dana falls into the ring as a result of Blair's swift ascent of the post to deliver a double stomp to her back. Blair uses a kick to slide while running the ropes. Dana knocks Blair to the ground by kicking the back of her knee, her midsection, and then her chest.

Blair deflects Dana's cartwheel elbow attempt. Dana approaches Blair who is standing in a corner and extends her arm backward before planting her with a sit down power bomb. When Dana starts to get impatient, Blair slides outside. After Dana attempts a baseball slide but fails, Blair pushes her in the direction of the steel stairs. Dana clotheslines Blair after becoming frustrated with her inability to hold her down; however, Kelani prevents her from obtaining the ring bell. Dana enters the ring, and they roll through, Blair strikes Dana with a right hand, but Dana successfully blocks it. For the victory, Blair knee-punches Dana twice.

Kelani enters the ring to provide Dana with support who just stares at Kelani's hand on her shoulder.

Astrid’s Point

I really liked Dana's facial expression to Kelani after the match was over, I was expecting Dana to turn on her right there for us to have their one on one match next week on Heatwave. I do hope we get a backstage segment that will schedule the match for the week after.

Rhea & Dom's backstage segment

"You know, last week, you proved once again why you are the greatest NXT North American Champion ever," Rhea says. "I could literally see the jealousy through this mask," Dom replies. Rhea says, "As for Lyra Valkyria, you should have been satisfied with my endorsement but instead you decide to kick me in the face, you decided to kick Mami in the face. So, Dom, how do you feel about dropping in on Heatwave and showing these losers how it's done?" Dom says, "Yes, Mami." Rhea continues, "Dragon, Lyra, I hope you guys know how to work as a team against Dirty Dom and Mami herself. The challenge is set, don't keep us waiting." Dom says, "Mami, I think that's a great idea."

Astrid’s Point

I really liked how the challenge was laid out for Dragon Lee and Lyra from Rhea, I am curious how they'll work together since it's the first time they team up especially when going against Rhea and Dom who have been together for a while.

Lyra Valkyria & Dragon Lee backstage segment

Dragon Lee asks Lyra if she had seen Rhea and Dom's challenge earlier, Dragon Lee says, "If it wasn't for Mami, I would be the North American Champion right now." Lyra says, "Don't worry, I'm going to kick Rhea so hard, Dom is going to feel it." Lyra tells him how Rhea and Dom get along so well, they need to work on their teamwork, putting two fists together, Dragon misinterprets this, saying "You want to get in trouble? I'm taken!" Lyra explains that they are on the same page, they hardly know anything about each other. Dragon Lee tells her a Spanish saying, translating it to her as "You are born for greatness." Lyra tells him she has a saying in her country for him too, he attempts to say it. Lyra says, "You and me, equipo," which Dragon Lee understands.

Astrid’s Point

This segment made me laugh with the miscommunication they had, I like that Lyra was able to tell Dragon Lee what she meant, I hope they're able to have a good match against Rhea and Dom. I also hope we are able to see from Lyra what we saw from her when she faced Rhea before too. I don't expect Lyra and Dragon Lee to win as it would be a bit odd to have both champions lose this match.

Jacy Jayne v Thea Hail (With Duke Hudson & Andre Chase)

Duke and Andre are discussing how many times he has apologized to Thea since The Great American Bash, Andre says, "I think what Thea needs is just to get back out there so I got her a match with Jacy Jayne tonight." Duke agrees is a good idea. "She has been upset with me since towel gate which I completely understand but this is going to give her a chance to get her anger out and it's going to help her, I'm sure of it." Thea interrupts, Andre tells her that he knows she has been upset since Great American Bash but he got her the match against Jacy "to give her a chance to work through some of these emotions." Thea says, "Right because you always know what's best, you know what's best for me. Why would you do that? Is that necessary?" Duke asks, "What would you do that?" Andre replies, "Because I need her to work through some of this, the anger and the aggression. Get you back on the winning track, Thea, I just want you to be happy." Thea says, "Whatever, try not to throw the towel this time," as she throws Andre a towel.

Thea gains momentum when she knocks Jacy to the ground and dives onto Jacy outside after Jacy initially has control. Thea is in a submission after Jacy strikes her with a neck breaker and a centon, which allows Jacy to regain control once more. When Thea elbows Jacy as she runs toward her, Jacy chases after Thea and gets rolled up. Jayne attempts to take off the turnbuckle pad by going for a spinning elbow, followed by a centon. When Jacy kicks Thea to the ground, Thea counters by kneeling Jacy twice in the arm. Jacy is brought to the ground by Thea, who then elbows and suplexes her. Thea, who is pumped up, leaps off the ropes and lands on Jacy.

Andre is encouraging Thea, and Jacy hits Thea with a knee strike, Thea avoids Jacy's next move and jumps on her for the Kimura Lock. Jacy quickly heads to the ropes causing Thea to break the submission. Jacy kicks Thea and hits her with a Spine buster. Jacy eyeing the turnbuckle pad she began to remove earlier, she goes to throw Thea to the turnbuckle, Andre climbs on the apron to assist, Thea hits Jacy's head on the turnbuckle instead, Thea thinks he's not helping her, getting angry at him for being there. Jacy goes for an inside cradle, for the win due to the distraction. Thea is upset about the loss, telling Andre "to get away," as she exits.

Astrid’s Point

I liked how this story progressed with Andre trying to get Thea to how she was before the Great American Bash but he keeps messing up even here costing her the win. Is she going to turn on Chase U soon?


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