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NXT – February 21

Fallon Henley’s Apology 

Fallon is backstage calling Brooks to apologize for ruining his Valentine’s Day date with Kiana last week. Fallon tells Briggs to tell Brooks she wants to apologize. Briggs says, “Ten texts and five voicemails suggest he knows. I’m leaving this because you’re all I have.” Fallon says, “You were wrong, it was Brooks’ big night and it was your tag partner’s big night.” Fallon apologizes to Kiana personally.

“Kiana, I know I ruined your Valentine’s Day date and I’ve been doing some thinking, and I was wrong about you and the Zach thing, I’m sure you had your reasons but you could have just told me Zach is your brother,” Fallon says at Kiana’s office. “I didn’t tell you because I wanted you to trust me, but look how that turned out,” Kiana says. “Jealousy is a human emotion,” Kiana tells Fallon. “I wasn’t jealous.” “Admit it. Brooks and I are taken, and you’re just having trouble finding something,” Fallon congratulates Kiana and Brooks. “You’re telling me the truth if you believe me. I care about Brooks.”

Astrid’s Point 

It was interesting seeing Kiana think that Fallon is jealous of her relationship with Brooks and when she said she has Brooks best interest, I was skeptical.

Roxanne’s training session with Meiko Satomura

Roxanne is invited to Meiko’s training session which begins with sit-ups, push-ups, carrying each other’s partners on their backs, and 1000 squats. One by one, the ladies leave, give up, and quit.

Roxanne finishes the squats and thanks Meiko for the session before leaving. Meiko asks where she’s going because that was just a warm-up, they lock up, but Roxanne stops to thank Meiko for letting her train with her, but since they’re facing each other in two weeks, why are they doing this? Meiko tells her to not talk but train. Training kicks, submissions, and shoulder tackles. Meiko advises, “I must train because winning comes from her heart, not here (her muscles). Two weeks.”

Astrid’s Point 

This added a layer to the Roxanne/Meiko story, it’ll be interesting to see what else happens before their encounter.

WWE Photo

Chase U v Dyad 

After last week’s kidnapping, Andre Chase notices Ava getting closer to Thea while doing his Chase U stomps. Andre stops the stomps and tags Duke to slide out of the ring to keep Thea from Ava. Andre tries to help Duke, but the Dyad wins. Duke shouts, “She has to grow up, is this a university or a charity?” after the match. “It’s not my fault,” Thea shouts. “We aren’t blaming you,” Andre says as Duke leaves the ring.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

I hope we get an idea later on of what Schism did to Thea. I loved the detail that Andre stopped in the middle of the Chase U stomps to go save Thea during the match but it also added animosity with Duke in the end.

Sol Ruca Vignette

“What I love about the ocean is that no two waves are the same. They’re big, they’re small, and they’re unpredictable. The NXT Women’s Division is the same way, everyone is so different and that makes it quite challenging, but it’s also what makes it so fun. How boring would life be, if everything was easy? Every day I pick something, something in the ring, some crazy gymnastics or skateboarding thing I see on TikTok.

And I try it, and at first, I suck at it and I feel like the biggest loser, but I keep at it and keep at it, I don’t care if it takes me three hours. And I eventually start to get it, and I’m super pumped. When I finally hit something, it is the best feeling ever, I feel like I conquered the world. That’s the feeling I chase in the ring, that’s the reason why I want another match with Zoey. Cause eventually, I’ll nail that flip, land that trick and there will even be a day that I beat Zoey Stark.”

Astrid’s Point 

I enjoyed this vignette better than last week’s as it connected back to her rivalry with Zoey Stark.

WWE Photo

Indi Hartwell v Jacy Jayne

Indi has a wrist lock on Jacy until she knees Indi’s midsection, hits her back, chops her, and hits her chest with her forearm. Indi pushes her away. Indi hits Jacy and chops her, Jacy knees Indi’s midsection, and they pull each other until Jacy is in a corner, Indi pulls her to the opposite corner and gives her a short arm clothesline, Indi goes for another one, and Jacy goes for a neck breaker when Indi attempts her third one.

Jacy runs the ropes and hits Indi with a running centon, then another and a pin attempt. Indi hits Jacy’s midsection, pushes her, and shoots her face to stop her from pulling her hair. Jacy is standing on the apron when Indi pulls her, but she breaks free and pulls Indi’s hair as she lands outside. Jacy knees Indi’s face drops her on the canvas, kicks her back, kicks her face, and attempts a pin.

WWE Photo

Jacy has a submission on Indi as she finds her footing, climbs her back to keep the submission in place, and Indi is unable to stand for long. Indi makes another attempt, Jacy climbs her back again, Indi backs up until Jacy hits the turnbuckle, Indi pushes her towards the turnbuckle to break the hold, then Indi pulls Jacy over her head until she hits the canvas and lets go of Indi.

Indi hits Jacy with a spine buster and pin attempt after she kicks and punches her until she falls. Indi has Jacy on the apron, hits her with an uppercut and a kick, and picks her up but Jacy wiggles out, Jacy pulls her to the post, and hits her with her corner centon.

WWE Photo

Jacy repeatedly kicks Indi in the corner before Gigi attacks her from behind, disqualifying her. Gigi chases Jacy out of the ring and slams her against the barricade, but Jacy moves before she can kick her. Gigi attacks backstage.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

I was disappointed that the match was cut short and also the silence we had from the crowd at first too. Jacy was mostly in control, I wanted to see more from her but I can’t wait until her and Gigi face off.

Zoey Stark Interview 

“I don’t give a damn about what Sol Ruca wants. If she loves the ocean so much, she can go there, stay there, and never come back for all I care. I’ve beaten her and now, I am done with her. But I do have a question for you, McKenzie, why in the hell does Meiko Satomura get a title match? Is it because Roxanne is such a fan girl that she buys her flight from Japan? Then, hey, let’s go ahead and throw in a title match, shall we?”

McKenzie replies, “I believe it’s because Meiko Satomura is a living legend and one of the most recognizable women’s superstars in history.” Zoey says, “That is my match, McKenzie, not Meiko’s, mine. And then, on top of that, all of the women in the locker room are kissing her ass to earn her respect. There is a reason why that some of the best minds in this business respect what I do. But I can tell you this, if Meiko steps into the ring with me, I’ll show you who the real final boss is.”

Astrid’s Point 

I loved McKenzie’s answer when Zoey asked why Meiko received a title match and also how she still included Sol Ruca’s earlier vignette.

Stevie Turner’s Stream 

“This week, I’ve been getting questions in on the NXT locker room, so I want to debut my Stevie Randomizer.” The randomizer shows Alba Fyre, Amari Miller, Ava Raine, Cora Jade, Elektra Lopez, Fallon Henley, Indi Hartwell, Isla Dawn, Ivy Nile, Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, Kiana James, Lyra Valkyria, Sol Ruca, Tatum Paxley, Thea Hail, Tiffany Stratton, Valentina Feroz, Wendy Choo, Zoey Stark.

Stevie says, “Lyra is a woman of mystery but she’s not a match for my first fingers. Lyra follows the way of the Morrigan, a shape-shifting Irish deity associated with war.”

“What’s with Lyra and her feathers?” a user asks, Stevie replies, “It links back to the Morrigan, they take the form of a raven in battle. Apparently, every feather Lyra wears represents a battle she’s won.”

“How far do you see Lyra going? another user asks. Stevie replies, “Well, Lyra is talented, but eventually, she will have to cross paths with me. And we know how that would go. She is no match for my forward secret.” Vic is going to ask a question, Stevie tells him the stream is over and she removes herself from the show.

Astrid’s Point 

It’s ironic how I thought this was a better introduction to Lyra’s character the vignettes we received before her debut, looking forward to their face off.

Nikkita Lyons Interview 

McKenzie states that Nikkita is on the road to recovery yet no one “has claimed responsibility” for her attack, wondering if she remembers anything about that night. “The doctor said I’ll be out for probably 11 or 12 months, but my goal, I’m gonna be back in that ring, before a year, it’s happening. As for that night, I wish I could tell you who it was, but I was clipped from behind. One moment I was walking out, the next I was down. I know there’s a lot of suspects, but -” Nikkita is interrupted by Tiffany Stratton.

“Why is anybody still talking about you? All this is wasted TV time when it could be dedicated to the center of the universe,” Tiffany says. “You sound real sus right now,” Nikkita says. “Sus, me sus, please. On the list of important things to do with my life, attacking you in the parking lot ranks at the bottom. Actually, you’re below the bottom. What’s below the bottom? Besides, if it were me, you wouldn’t be on the shelf for a year, you’d be out permanently. I just had a Tiffany Epiphany. What if you vanish from NXST for a full year? Ready? Go, toodles,” Tiffany says as she exits.

Astrid’s Point 

I believe Tiffany is one of those heels to take credit when she does something, I don’t see her being Nikkita’s attacked, but I did enjoy their interaction as Tiffany continues to grow with her character on screen.

WWE Photo

Ivy Nile (with Tatum Paxley) v Alba Fyre (with Isla Dawn) 

Before the match, Ivy asks Tatum, “Any sign of Nikkita?” Tatum says, “They don’t know who attacked her.” Ivy says, “Well, we know who didn’t attack her.” Ivy says she’s warmed up and Tatum wishes her luck, but she stops to ask, “You are not coming?” Tatum thinks she had a point, so Ivy asks if Isla is getting to Tatum. “Tatum, you’re my tag team partner, she’s doing this on purpose to put doubt in our heads, we’re a team.” As she looks at the Diamond Mine banner in the dojo, Tatum nods, “We’re a team.”

WWE Photo

Alba takes Ivy down, her face on the mat, but Ivy picks Alba up on her back and Alba escapes. Ivy runs to Alba, chops her, grabs Alba by the neck and throws her to a turnbuckle, keeps her in the corner while she hits her with a few shots, Alba pushes her away, and Ivy punches her in the face and throws Alba to the middle of the ring for a pin attempt.

Alba leans on the ropes, Ivy pulls her but Alba holds on, Ivy throws a punch, and Alba throws her toward the middle rope. Alba kicks and pins Ivy after stomping her several times.

WWE Photo

Alba wraps Ivy’s arm on her back and clotheslines her in a corner while she recovers. Alba headbutts Ivy’s back as she tries to escape with her arm wrapped again. Alba throws her to a corner, Ivy reverses it, and Alba chases her, and she blocks it with shots to Alba’s face, but Alba knees her midsection. Alba pulls Ivy to the ropes, and returns with a takedown, Ivy runs to Alba in a corner with a kick, and picks her up but reverses it, Alba sets up for the Gory Bomb but Ivy rolls her up.

WWE Photo

Ivy has her submission finisher locked in on Alba, Isla is on the apron, Tatum is on the apron as well, and the referee is distracted with Isla. Alba backs up, and Ivy hits Tatum, knocking her off the apron. Alba super kicks Ivy than the Gory Bomb and pin, and Alba is victorious.

Astrid’s Point 

I was also disappointed that the second women’s match was really short but I did like how Ivy asked Tatum if Isla got to her and Tatum told her Isla had a point. To another point, Tatum looking at the Diamond Mine banner because she hasn’t been officially a member which Isla highlighted and I have a feeling Tatum will bring this up later to Ivy as she only called her tag team partner. Also, seeing that Ivy accidentally knocked Tatum off the apron because Alba was pushing her back, it seems like something that will come up later.  The team of Alba and Isla keeps getting more interesting.


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