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NXT – July 4

Blair Davenport v Roxanne Perez

Roxanne attacks Blair during her entrance, taking control of her, and bringing her into the ring before rushing the referee to ring the bell. Roxanne kept that momentum going, barely Blair any room to breathe but Blair was able to gain control. Davenport began to counter Roxanne's moves very often. Roxanne is able to dodge Blair at one point as she comes down from the top rope, Roxanne sets up for Pop Rocks but Blair moves. Roxanne is attacked by the steel steps, Blair hits Roxanne with two knee strikes before pinning her for the victory.

Astrid’s Point 

From the start, I knew that even with her game plan Blair would be victorious as it is the first time they face each other and Roxanne would need the motivation to come in stronger. I did like Roxanne's plan before the match began, having the upper hand on Blair at first and taking advantage of her speed against her too. I can't wait to see how motivated Roxanne is to get revenge on Blair.

Ivy Nile Interview

McKenzie interviews Ivy about the match the Creeds have against Dyad, with the loser team leaving NXT. Tiffany interrupts to ask why Ivy is being interviewed over her especially when she successfully defended her championship for the first time last week. Ivy responds, "Everyone saw you tap out." Tiffany replies, "Everyone saw me tap out? I'm sorry, did the ref see it? Didn't think so, so not everyone saw me tap out." Ivy says, "Well if I was there, you bet your ass the whole world would see you tap out." Ivy leaves, Tiffany asks McKenzie, "If they lose, she goes too, right?" McKenzie replies, "Actually only Julius and Brutus just like the Dyad in Schism."

Kelani Jordan v Tatum Paxley

Tatum begins with knee strikes to Kelani's face. Kelani is able to show off her gymnast background quite often as well as her speed especially when she hits Tatum with a takedown followed by a drop kick. Tatum slows her down for a moment but Kelani picks up the pace again, Tatum shows off her strength and power. Dana is at ringside cheering on Kelani. Kelani reverses Tatum's move into a stunner, pins, and is victorious. Dana enters the ring to celebrate with her.

After the match, Cora comes out to congratulate Kelani on her victory then says, "You must be doing something right if you already have Dana Brooke in your corner, gymnasts sticking together, how cute. Look, I know you're new here and everything, but let me say this real slow for you, a friend of Dana Brooke is an enemy of mine. I don't need friends, I don't need mentors, I certainly don't need any of you. You people have absolutely zero effect on me whatsoever." Kelani interrupts her, "Okay, Cora, you seem hyped up and ready to go, I have another match left in me tonight, how about we settle this right here, right now." Dana encourages it, "What do you say, Cora?" Cora mocks, "Oooh, what do you say, Cora? I say don't tell me what to do ever," before leaving.

Astrid’s Point

I loved Kelani's performance, she highlighted her gymnastics background there quite nicely and I also loved the stunner coming out of nowhere. I disliked Cora's lines here, the way she delivered them didn't give me "mean girl" vibes, I haven't been enjoying her character lately. Plus we already have some instances of "mean girl" characters such as Kiana James, Tiffany Stratton, and Jacy Jayne who do a better job at having me believe their character.

Jacy Jayne v Lyra Valkyria

Jacy quickly goes for strikes to Lyra but Lyra is quickly able to take over the match. She goes to hyperextend Jacy's elbow, focusing on Jacy's arm and elbow during the match. Lyra tries to bridge while Jacy has her in a submission but Jacy strikes her abdomen so she comes down again. Lyra goes to dive, but Jacy catches her and drops her on the floor. Jacy bends Lyra in half with a submission, and Lyra reverses it very nicely. Lyra is focused on a roll-up somehow on several occasions.

Jacy goes for a cannonball, and Lyra moves and begins to gain momentum with several strikes. Lyra bounces off the ropes and holds on to them before kicking Jacy. Lyra climbs the top rope, Jacy had it scouted and moved before going with a centon. Jacy is frustrated she isn't able to take Lyra out, Jacy goes for a kick, but Lyra avoids it and hits her with a kick of her own followed by her finisher and victory. Jacy stomps on Lyra grabs Lyra's feathers, and begins to hit Lyra with them and tear them apart before leaving.

Astrid’s Point

I did enjoy this match, I only disliked that after the match how quickly Jacy recovers after the kick from Lyra that won her the match, it didn't make sense to me how quickly it happened.

Kiana's Office

Kiana is on the phone as she walks to her office which has a "Wet Paint" sign on the door. She hangs up, and walks in only to find it covered in plastic with paint on the plastic. The office is destroyed, the word "Phony" written in paint, and there's a note that says, "You can never outrun your past, Gigi." Kiana says, "Okay, Gigi, gloves come off."

Astrid’s Point

The only thing written in pain on the wall was "Phony," other than that, the office was covered in plastic and the paint was on the plastic itself not the wall, so the "Wet Paint" sign didn't make much sense to me.

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