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Lyra Valkyria v Jacy Jayne

Jacy runs over to attack Lyra as she is making her entrance, finding a way to take advantage. Jacy tackles Lyra on the apron as Lyra turns around, Jacy hits her with a centon from the apron. Jacy is in the ring, asking the referee to ring the bell thinking about her momentum while Lyra is finally able to take off her feather jacket. Lyra begins to take control, putting Jacy down on a few occasions, Jacy turns it around with knee strikes. Jacy should tackle Lyra to the corner a few times, when she goes to do it once more, Lyra avoids her and kicks her to that same corner.

Jacy runs outside, Lyra hits her with a cross body, Jacy hits Lyra with a neck breaker and after her pin attempt, she goes after Lyra who begins to elbow Jacy, taking her down with a roll-up and Jacy reverses that roll-up for another one of her own. Jacy begins to slap and push Lyra away from her until Lyra is able to hold Jacy's leg, hitting her with several strikes and takedowns. Lyra ends up pushing Jacy outside, Lyra goes through the second rope to kick Jacy, bringing her inside the ring, Lyra climbs the post for her splash and suplex combo.

Lyra picks up Jacy to kick her several times, Jacy pushes her away, kicks her to create distance then picks up Lyra for a spine buster. Jacy should tackle Lyra and then runs for the attack, Lyra avoids her, and Jacy turns to kick Lyra. Jacy goes for her spinning heel kick, and Lyra ducks it, kicking her with a roundhouse kick, climbing the post for her splash for the win.

Astrid’s Point

I wasn't entirely a fan of this match, Lyra is supposed to show how much of a "badass" she is especially after meeting Rhea last week. I was hoping to see traces of this during this match, she should have done what Jacy did, attack Jacy from the beginning, take control, not let her take a breather, show what she learned from Rhea last week and I didn't feel like there was character progression during this, I would have preferred to see this instead. Now that she has hopefully moved on from Jacy, what's next for Lyra?

Dana Brooke & Kelani Jordan's segment

Dana is watching her match against Cora from last week, she said, "She brought something out in me, I went to a really, dark place and just kind of came out." Kelani replies, "But that's the side of you people needed to see." Dana continues, "As soon as I got that Kendo stick in my hand, I lost it. I saw red. But you know what? I liked it." Kelani says, "You're kind of a badass." Dana states, "All of the gymnastics training, it's been great and all, but you need some aggression. Get out there, call someone out. Find that killer instinct." Kelani says, "Killer instinct," contemplating it. Dana says, "You'll need it."

Astrid’s Point

I liked this segment because Dana did learn from her match last week, to gain that aggressive side and she's hoping Kelani learns about this too. I would like to see Kelani calling out someone for a match sometime soon to show progression.

Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon v Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez

Yulisa begins with several takedowns to Elektra, she pushes Yulisa to the ropes, she uses it to her advantage to take her down again until she tags Valentina. Yulisa gives Valentina a boost to land her splash. Valentina goes to bounce off the ropes but Lola distracts her, giving Elektra time to hit her from behind and gain momentum. Elektra tags in Lola, she throws Valentina to a corner, kicks her then goes for the hip attack.

Lola tackles Valentina to her corner, tags in Elektra, she hits Valentina with an elbow followed by a kick. Lola picks up Valentina who wiggles out to tag in Yulisa. Lola goes to kick her, Yulisa takes her down with a clothesline, Yulisa is fired up against Lola, and Elektra comes in to assist her partner but Valentina goes after her. Elektra takes Valentina out, Yulisa clotheslines Elektra down as Yulisa turns around to get kicked by Lola for the win.

Astrid’s Point

I was mostly disappointed that this match was less than five minutes. I was enjoying seeing how the ladies showcased each other, I would have liked for Yulisa and Valentina to keep their momentum from the Great American Bash but we also had Lola on the other side who is a newcomer and also needed to showcase herself and I don't think a loss this early would have been good for her character build.

Astrid’s Point

This week, Tiffany was shown on screen with a Get Ready With Me video, she reflects on her victory at the Great American Bash while also giving credit to Thea for giving it her all. I liked that even as a heel, she was able to show this praise to Thea, it was very well done. I am looking forward to next week and the story that will be built with Tiffany and her next opponent.

Oro Mensah & Noam Dar v Carmelo Hayes & Wes Lee

During the match, Jakara and Lash assist Noam and Oro with distracting Wes. Jakara blocks Wes as he is on top of the post so he's unable to hit Noam but Jakara moves out of the way. The ladies assist, and Oro and Noam are able to get the victory.

Astrid’s Point

I have been enjoying how the ladies are fitting as part of Meta Four and the progress they have made.

Andre Chase (With Duke Hudson & Thea Hail) v Baron Corbin

Due to an earlier interview, Baron goes against Andre Chase. When Andre does his Chase U stomps, Thea doesn't chant along as usual, she keeps playing with the towel, throwing it and taking it back reflecting Andre's action at the Great American Bash. She doesn't look as energetic as usual, she also leaves during the match, and Duke tries to stop her.

Astrid’s Point

I like the character progression from Thea here, the loss affecting her from her usual energy to even debating about throwing the towel during Andre's match the way he did it to her. It'll be interesting to see her distancing herself from Chase U, being on her own.

Cora Jade Leaves?

We see this footage from last week after the Kendo Stick match. Cora says, "I can't even believe this, I just lost to Dana Brooke, of all people, you know Dana the one that comes from RAW, tries to steal my spotlight, that one. Forget it, I'm done. I'm leaving. I'm sick of this place, why am I even here? I don't understand why I'm here. What am I doing? These fans, all they want to do is know my business, you know what? They can know that I'm leaving. Good luck without me, you're gonna need it."

Astrid’s Point

Cora begins to gather her belongings and throws the fan mail in the locker room as she leaves the locker room. I wonder where this leads to, a new character or a call up? It was super interesting that this happened last week but it wasn't show on screen until this week. How long will she be absent? And what is it leading to?


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