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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

NXT – July 11

Andre Chase & Duke Hudson with Thea Hail v Charlie Dempsey & Drew Gulak

Towards the end of the match, Thea jumps on Gulak, locking the Kimura Lock on him, the referee isn’t able to see as Gulak falls to the ground, Andre and Duke are able to get the victory due to this.

Astrid’s Point

I liked how Thea got involved here as it’ll cause a rematch in the near future and it was well timed spot when the referee wasn’t able to see it since Gulak was falling.

Gigi Dolin Promo

“Everyone has a dark side, I put my demons on front street and I never let them keep me from being me. Kiana James spends all her energy holding everything in because she’s afraid of who she really is. Kiana, you said we aren’t that different. Kind of hurts, doesn’t it? You dislike me because I’m the part of you that you wish you could still be. After you gave me a fresh coat of paint. Your office was redecorated, courtesy of HGIGI TV to remind you of what you desperately want to forget,” Gigi says. “Okay, Gigi, the gloves come off,” Kiana’s voice is heard through a voice over from her office segment last week. “The gloves come off? Yes, I’m begging you, take the gloves off. Tear down your hypocritical walls while you’re at it. We aren’t so different but the one thing that separates us is I embrace who I am while you live a lie.” Kiana is seen watching the promo backstage, whispering to herself, “Where’d she get that?” directed towards the pictures that were on screen as Gigi did her promo. Kiana’s pictures showed her partying and spray painting a wall as if it was a part of her past. The ladies in the background, Dani Palmer, Brooklyn Barlow and Tatum Paxley are discussing it among themselves as Kiana checks that she had archived those posts from her Instagram account. “What are you guys looking at? That’s not even me anymore, anyways.”

Astrid’s Point

I loved how Gigi delivered this promo, it was powerful and I missed her delivering her promos this way, I hope she continues to do it. I liked the progress that has happened in this storyline so far, looking forward to what stipulation will be added to the match once it happens again.

Cora Jade v Kelani Jordan with Dana Brooke

Cora begins by slowing down the pace of the match but Kelani is able to pick up the speed. She begins with arm drags, drop kicks, Cora slows her down momentarily. Cora has Kelani wrapped up on the ropes, she runs the ropes to hit her with a drop kick. Kelani is fired up, showing off a lot of her gymnastics background, Kelani jumps the ropes but Cora kicks the back of Kelani’s leg causing her to lose the momentum she had started. Cora takes advantage for her finisher and the victory.

After the match, Cora grabs her kendo stick to hit Kelani who is able to avoid it, Dana enters the ring, drops kicks Cora then clotheslines her twice before attempting to hit her with the kendo stick but Cora is able to slide off to the ground to avoid Dana.

Astrid’s Point

I did love Kelani’s performance but I didn’t like Cora’s performance here, I hope there’s a change coming for her soon. Kelani fortunately was able to showcase her arsenal and her wrestling style which was my favorite part.

Tiffany Stratton v Ivy Nile

Ivy starts with a fast pace, combined with her submissions. Tiffany runs for the double stomp, Ivy reverses it into a submission, Tiffany reverses it into her own headlock there. The Chase U section chanting “You tapped out,” to Tiffany. Stratton working on her cartwheel back elbow, Ivy avoids her and hits her with a kick. Nile begins to do moves the Creeds have done, she sets up her submission on Tiffany who pushes her to the turnbuckle. Tiffany picks up Ivy for the roll through then the Pretties Moonsault Ever, Tiffany wins.

After the match, Tiffany says, “You are all so annoying, I am the NXT Women’s Champion. I don’t need to explain myself to you peasants. I didn’t tap out. I beat Thea fair and square. I didn’t tap out. Leave me alone.” The Chase U section yells “You tapped out,” louder and louder.

Thea is backstage with Andre, talking about how she placed Drew in the Kimura Lock earlier. “They’re horrible people but they taught me the awesomest move in the entire world. I can tap anyone out. I tapped Tiffany out. Duke arrives, “It’s safe to say they booed Tiffany out of the building. I think our uncrowned NXT Women’s Champion is really starting to get to her.” Andre says, “Listen, you’re not done with Tiffany, it’s not one and done for you because you made her ass tap out. And we do believe that you can make her tap out again and you can become the NXT Women’s Champion.” They all begin to chant “Rematch,” in unison.

I’ll bounce back — ivynile_wwe (@ivynile_wwe) July 14, 2023

Ivy is backstage after her match, Schism walks by. “Oh, look who it is, Ivy Nile, the lone survivor of Diamond Mine, once a great faction now all but extinct,”Gacy says. “I guess I didn’t recognize you without your loaded mask, if it wasn’t for you, Julilus and Brutus would have beaten those two,” Ivy says. “Me? How could it have been me? I was kicked out of the arena. How would I make my way back in?” Rip Fowler says, “Ivy, take a look around.” Jagger Reid says, “The Schism tree is blossoming, stronger than ever.” Ava Raine says, “And there’s always room for one more.” They all leave but two yellow mask figures stay a bit behind Ivy, looking over her who look a lot like Brutus and Julius.

That was 100% The Creed Brothers that stared at Ivy Nile in the Schism masks there as they all walked away 🤔 Interesting… #WWENXT — Rony Mac (@TheRONYBrand) July 12, 2023

Astrid’s Point

This match reminds me why we don’t see Ivy like this more often, she was able to showcase so much during this, I wanted more in this match and more Ivy on a weekly basis. I loved seeing the audience get to Tiffany as that’s so rare, I’d like to see that rematch and if they add any stipulation due to what happened last time. It was also super interesting that the Creeds lost their match, I like seeing them as part of the Schism perhaps to destroy them from within?

Blair Davenport Interview

Blair is asked about her match last week against Roxanne Perez. “Are you going to ask me how I could brutality destroy such a sweet, innocent little girl like Roxanne? How I jacked her jaw? How I picked up her lifeless body and drove my knee into her skull again and again? You know Roxanne was a decorated champion until I arrived, now this division is for grown ass women, not fragile little girls who wear ribbons in their hair. I know Roxanne is gonna want another crack at me with her never say die spirit and you know give it everything she has, but girls like Roxanne, they don’t beat people like me and when she comes at me again, I’m going to leave her like I did with Nikkita, Wendy and Sol on the shelf for good.”

Astrid’s Point

Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz Interview

They are being interviewed about noam being too distraught to do the Super Nova Sessions. Valentina says, “One word…pathetic.” Yulisa agrees, “What Noam is doing is just annoying.” Humberto Carrillo arrives, “Señorita, que paso? Why the long faces?” Angel Garza says, “How about both of you join both of us for the rest of the evening and we will see. We can put some smiles back on those beautiful faces.” Yulisa says, “How about next time you introduce yourself before trying to hit on us?” Dragon Lee says, “Everything okay?” Nathan also arrives, “We got a problem?” Dragon Lee and Nathan check on the ladies as Angel and Humberto exit.

Astrid’s Point

I was not expecting this segment but it seems Dragon Lee and Nathan will face Humberto and Angel some time soon. I wonder if the ladies will turn on them as this is happening.


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