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NXT – May 9

Before it is announced that Tiffany Stratton will face Gigi Dolin to open the show, the women competing in the tournament are lined up by the entrance ramp.

Tiffany Stratton v Gigi Dolin – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

Tiffany played the part of the heel very well, focusing on the arm and shoulder of Gigi that had been bandaged earlier in the match. Gigi attempted to retaliate, but Tiffany instead hit her with the prettiest moonsault ever and her stomp.

Astrid’s Point

I was disappointed because I was looking forward to this game and then it ended. Tiffany did a great job playing the heel during this, especially when she concentrated on Gigi’s injury. I also adored Tiffany’s Matrix move. Instead of costing Gigi the match as I had anticipated, I now wonder if Gigi will deprive Jacy of her chance. I’ve known Tiffany would triumph in this match ever since the bracket was revealed.

NXT Anonymous? Parking Lot Attacks?

Who is this????#WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 11, 2023

We had a hooded person watching the past parking lot attacks, admiring their work

Astrid’s Point

I truly wish I had an idea as to who this is, I can only think of Blair Davenport for the moment but I hope they reveal it soon and let us know if they are connected to NXT Anonymous on Twitter too.

Kiana James Interview

Kiana says she has the “most difficult first-round opponent” and “whoever put this bracket together did me no favors but luckily I thrive under pressure. My last 12 months speak volumes, especially the last five to six, I have laid out every single thing that I’ve wanted to do here, and one by one, I’ve checked them off my list except for the NXT Women’s Championship.”

Astrid’s Point

I liked Kiana’s interview but I disagree that she has the “most difficult first-round opponent” when Tiffany, Gigi, Jacy, and Roxanne are also part of the tournament.

Lyra Valkyria v Kiana James – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

Before the match, we have a video package from Lyra. Valkyria made it clear that she will become NXT Women’s Champion and Kiana James is standing in her way.

The match had a back-and-forth with both competitors being able to ship. At one point, they had too many pin falls happening too quickly, the best part there was Kiana being able to show her strength by pushing through a pin when Lyra was on top of her. Kiana also dragged Lyra to hit her arm with the post, great way to sell it Lyra. Kiana also did great work as a heel, focusing on Lyra’s ribs throughout this match especially when kneeing her midsection.

Astrid’s Point

This match wasn’t what I expected it to be, I was hoping Kiana would win as I felt she was doing a lot of work here, building her character and doing great work. I wasn’t a fan of how it went from Kiana kneeing Lyra to Lyra hitting a move out of nowhere for the victory. I also would have preferred if Tiffany v Gigi would have had more time instead of this match.

Next week: We have Roxanne Perez v Jacy Jayne and Fallon Henley v Cora Jade as part of the tournament. Below is a graphic of the tournament standings after this week’s NXT.

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