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NXT – November 15

WWE Photo

Zoey Stark Promo 

“Oh man, does my back feel so much lighter, not having to carry Nikkita for another week.” Zoey discusses her journey returning from injury a few months ago then getting called to a meeting, pairing her and Nikkita for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament. Zoey says how they were chosen for the tournament when established teams such as Toxic Attraction and Katana Chance and Kayden Carter weren’t. She says they couldn’t make it to the tournament because of her injury after her match against Mandy Rose. She says that when she wasn’t cleared, Nikkita told her, “Zoey, it’s okay, accidents happen. I’m not mad at you.” To Zoey, when Nikkita said it, it was as if Zoey was the weak link in the team.

Zoey goes further by saying, “No. I did not get injured doing training or doing stupid videos on social media. I got injured wrestling, working with one of the top dominant females in NXT, one of the best champions we’ve had, Mandy Rose. What did I do when I returned? I put Nikkita on my back. I carried her ass. Carried her through the training, the tape study. All I asked — I asked for one simple thing, take a fraction of the work. Lighten the load off of my shoulders just a little bit but no. All I got was endless apologies instead of endless results.”

“When I held those tag titles in my hand last week, which should be mine, I knew exactly what I needed to do.” We get a recap from Zoey’s attack on Nikkita after their rematch against Katana and Kayden. “I tried my hardest to help Nikkita Lyons, not only that, I tried helping the new recruit, helping the new athlete. The more I helped and the more time I gave then, the more they clung and leached off of me.”

“You see, I didn’t get famous posing on the beach, I did not get famous doing some stupid, ridiculous dance on social media. I did it all in this ring. I busted my ass in this ring.”

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point 

I enjoy Zoey’s character and now her change, I do like how she is portrayed as the veteran when she took Nikkita under her wing since they got paired up. However, this wasn’t her best performance, the promo was lacking her natural ability there, it seemed like she was reading script there. Not only that but also barely getting any reaction from the crowd until they showed the attack from last week, even the crowd could tell it wasn’t genuine. I wish the promo would have been different or perhaps waited until next week for the promo to keep the fans waiting for an answer from her.

Wendy Choo Interview 

Wendy is asked about Cora’s words last week, “she said things that aren’t true. She did say something about me that I haven’t heard since high school. She’s trying to open old wounds. The fact is, I am a little wacky. I like to be fun and not so serious. Cora and anyone else who disagrees needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror.”

Astrid’s Point 

This interview made Wendy’s character more relatable to me, I am only afraid there’s no direction now for Wendy, she’s given random short rivalries at the moment.

You're looking at a 1-in-a-BILLION Superstar! 🔥#WWENXT @WWE_MandyRose — WWE (@WWE) November 16, 2022

Mandy Rose Interview

“For the last year, I have heard every prediction in the book. Mandy’s not ready, the stage is too big. Mandy can’t wrestle, she’s outmatched and the best one, Mandy can’t carry this title. Every flash in the pan, flavor of the month, one hit wonder, international ring, and every cliche you could think of that has been thought of and promoted as the women to beat me.”

“You’re looking at a one in a billion superstar. I know Alba Fyre is going to bring it tonight, with or without my girls, this title is staying with me because after tonight, I will be the last woman standing.”

Astrid’s Point 

I didn’t think about it later but once Mandy said, “with or without my girls, this title is staying with me,” made me realize that it wouldn’t make a difference with Gigi and Jacy being absent as she had some kind of assistance.

Dyad (Rip Fowler & Jagger Reid) with Ava Raine & Joe Gacy vs. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen with Fallon Henley

Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs were joined in the ring by Fallon Henley for their match against the Dyad of the Schism. Ava Raine joined her stable of Schism. Kiana goes after Fallon during the match, but Fallon moves and shoots Kiana, who falls on Brooks’ lap. Briggs is distracted by it; Dyad takes advantage to do their finisher and victory.

Astrid’s Point 

I was confused how this went from Fallon refusing Kiana’s proposal to her wanting to attack her? I am curious to what happens next between them.

HBK’s Statement 

HBK announces the first ever Iron Survival Challenge for the Premium Live Event: Deadline in December. We will have two, one for the men and one for the women, five superstars compete in this 25-minute match. Two superstars begin the match, every five minutes a new superstar enters until all five have. The match is won by pinfall, submission, or disqualification. When a superstar wins a fall, they get a point; when they lose, they’re penalized for 90 seconds. The superstar with the most falls after 25 minutes is the Iron Survivor and the top contender for the NXT Championship or NXT Women’s Championship. In the next coming weeks, they’ll announce the participants of this match.

Astrid’s Point 

It seems like a mess based on the instructions, but I like the combination between a Gauntlet, King/Queen of the Mountain and an IronMan match, I am interesting to see how it plays out during the live show.

Tatum Paxley with Ivy Nile vs. Indi Hartwell

Before women’s matches, technical difficulties occur on the screens. Indi uses the distraction to knee Tatum’s stomach and hit the turnbuckle. Tatum stops Indi from doing it again with her leg. Tatum pushes Indi takes Indi’s head, but Indi shoots her.

Indi slams Tatum on the mat, but Tatum pushes her towards the ropes. Paxley pulls back, but Indi holds on to the ropes, and Tatum falls. Tatum knees Indi, then low-kicks and covers her. Paxley shoots Indi, then goes to pull her, but Indi reverses, pushing Tatum onto the turnbuckle. Tatum does a high-flying reversal, and Indi clotheslines her as she lands.

Indi uppercuts, clotheslines, and covers Tatum. Indi submits Tatum, but Indi takes her down to continue. After Tatum kicks out, Indi returns to the submission. Indi shoots Tatum as she tries to escape, then ducks. Tatum fights back, but Indi responds with a kick and some shots to her face, which is still covered. Tatum slips out of Indi’s uppercut, sweeps her off her feet, and gets offense again. Indi grabs Tatum’s hair to take her down, but Tatum kicks her. Paxley successfully slams Indi’s face on the top turnbuckle. Tatum elbows Indi twice before a neck breaker, standing fault, and cover.

Tatum picks up Indi, who slips out and removes his face gear, kicks him, and then throws the face gear to Ivy Nile before pinning Tatum. Indi is focused, and Ivy is helping Tatum.

Astrid’s Point 

This math was fairly quick, but it seems like a way to give a push to Indi, giving her a reason to be in the Survivor Challenge match.

Indi Hartwell, Roxanne Perez segment

Roxanne stops Indi to congratulate Indi on her victory but is also concerned about Indi removing Tatum’s face gear. Indi tells her, “There it is. It can’t just be a congratulations from little miss perfect.” Roxanne tells her she could have broken Tatum’s nose again, Indi responds, “Do you think Tatum would care if my nose was broken? I’m doing everything I can to get into the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline.”

“If I need to break someone’s nose to get into that challenge, that’s exactly what I’ll do,” says Indi as she leaves.

Astrid’s Point 

I miss having Roxanne in the ring, but this made me realize this is their way to have a feud going into the Survivor Challenge match, bring some intrigue into it too.

Alba Fyre vs. Mandy Rose – Last Woman Standing for the NXT Women’s Championship 

Alba goes after Mandy who exits out of the ring as she yells, “I make the rules.” Fyre goes after her, Mandy enters the ring, but Alba holds her leg and sets up for the Gory Bomb, and Mandy slips out. Alba dives through the middle and bottom ropes onto Mandy, who is down by the commentary table. Alba removes the commentary table’s top to set up for the Gory Bomb, but Mandy escapes. Mandy pulls Alba toward the apron, but she hits her with the post. Fyre throws Mandy twice. Alba hits Mandy with a chair from under the ring. Alba hits Mandy with every tool she finds. Mandy reverses Alba’s steel chair slam and leaves for the referee to count. Mandy kicks Alba and tries to hit her with her signature knee, but Alba blocks it with the chair. Fyre drops Mandy and presses her knee while she’s in submission. She holds Mandy’s weapon to separate from her. Fyre clotheslines Mandy, then drops her and kicks her. Alba splashes Mandy and goes for a tornado DDT, but she escapes.

Fyre climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits Mandy with a reverse dive. Alba hits Mandy with a ladder, then pulls her towards it. Mandy reverses it, and Alba climbs it. Referee starts counting when Mandy drops the ladder on Alba. The referee starts counting again after Mandy slams the ladder on Alba by the barricade.

Mandy puts a trash can in the ring for Alba. She tries to lift Alba, but Alba lifts her instead, dropping her on the trash can as the referee counts. Mandy pushes Alba out while she recovers. Mandy pulls Alba to the barricade and holds her while trash-talking. Alba is setting up a suplex when Mandy pushes her and her back hits the steel steps.

Alba kicks Mandy as she jumps from the barricade. Fyre sets up the Gory Bomb, Mandy lands on the apron, Alba hits Mandy with her bat, and Alba puts Mandy on the commentary table. Isla Dawn from NXT UK spits mist in Alba’s face and drops her where Mandy was, Mandy escaping. Alba doesn’t respond to the ten counts while Mandy holds her ankle. Isla helps Mandy win again. Isla smiles as the arena’s screens and lights malfunction.

Astrid’s Point 

Although I liked how this match played out and that it was the main event, I wished it had lasted longer. I’m happy Isla is now establishing herself in NXT. Alba appeared to have a well-executed plan to defeat Mandy despite the absence of her girls, and she employed a similar strategy in Halloween Havoc, which also resulted in defeat. I am disappointed by the way they have treated Alba, but I wonder now if the winner of the female Survivor Challenge will be Roxanne who then will defeat Mandy.

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