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NXT – November 22

Toxic Attraction Promo 

“After last week without my girls all by myself, I was the Last Woman Standing,” Mandy says. “Now NXT has to create this first-ever revolutionary match just to figure out who my next opponent is going to be… The Iron Survivor Challenge, you know actually I am a little bit jealous that I won’t be able to get another title added to my collection,” Mandy states.

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“I can’t wait to see who is willing to go to war just to share the same ring as me because we all know after Deadline, the last woman won’t stand a chance in hell of taking this title off of me,” Mandy mentions. “Now that Fyre Bat is out of our hair and clearly has her own new drama to deal with, Mandy can sit upon her throne and await her next victim while Gigi and I refocus on becoming the first-ever three-time NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions,” Jacy said. “With every passing day, it’s become intolerable. Kayden and Katana, I hope you’re listening because unlike Nikita and Zoey, who face it, are a train wreck waiting to happen, we are a real team. And everyone can agree that Golden Attraction is where the money…” Gigi said as she was interrupted by Kayden and Katana’s theme music.

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“I’m so sick of the three of you thinking you can say what you want and demand what you want,” Kayden starts. “Oh, honey, when you are as good as the three of us, you can do whatever you want,” Mandy responds to her. “You are so phony, standing up there saying I did this all by myself when the only reason that you’re still champion is because of Isla Dawn,” Katana said.

“You two spend all your time protecting Mandy because you know that if Mandy loses that NXT Women’s Championship, you two lose all meaning, all equity, and have no use for Mandy,” Katana continues. “Last time I checked, we made you two relevant, and seeing you with our titles, makes me sick, it’s disgusting but doesn’t worry once we get our championships back, you’ll go right back to being irrelevant just like you were before,” Jacy tells them.

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Kayden jumps Gigi, Katana jumps Jacy, and Mandy is standing in the background until her ladies need an assist. Mandy holds Kayden while Gigi and Jacy focus on the hi-low to Katana. Mandy takes her championship to raise it above with Gigi and Jacy beside her.

Astrid’s Point 

I didn’t realize until HBK announced the Iron Survivor Challenge that Mandy wouldn’t defend her championship on Deadline, meaning she’ll probably defend it next year at NXT’s first Premium Live Event.

Every week, I wonder why Toxic Attraction isn’t on the main roster when they’ve proven themselves in NXT. They’ve defeated everyone alongside Mandy Rose and won NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships twice. The way the SmackDown Women’s Division is going, they need fresh faces to give us new feuds and stories.

Cora Jade vs. Wendy Choo

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“You think I went too far bringing up Wendy Choo’s past? If you never go too far, you’ll never go far enough in life but you don’t know anything about that because you, too, sat alone at the lunch table,” says Cora on her way to the ring.

Wendy begins with a headlock, Cora pushes her to the ropes, and Wendy returns with a tackle, taking down Cora. Jade goes to a corner, Wendy hits her with her forearm then pulls her to another corner, followed by a chop. Wendy pulls Cora to another corner, giving her another forearm to the chest and another chop. Choo pulls Cora to the ropes, and Cora returns by pulling Wendy to the ropes, Choo hits Cora with a double forearm shot.

Choo focuses on Cora’s arm and pulls her while spinning until she dropped her arm on the canvas. Wendy is holding on to Cora’s arm, and Cora breaks free with elbow shots to Wendy’s face. Cora runs to the ropes, returning with a tackle to take down Wendy. Jade bounces off the ropes, Wendy ducks while Cora jumps over her, and Jade returns while Wendy takes her with a slingshot.

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Cora kicks Wendy as she approaches the ropes to create distance. Jade pulls Wendy to the middle rope, runs to the ropes, and elbows Wendy’s neck. Cora runs to Wendy in the ring, hits her back, and hits her head on the mat.

Jade hits Wendy in the back, picks her up, and Wendy rolls and kicks. Choo runs to a corner and kicks Cora, dropping her on the mat and giving her a sleeper elbow when she avoids it. Cora runs, bounces off the bottom rope, and lands on Wendy, who moved out of the way, on her knees. Jade runs to Wendy, who throws her on the concrete floor.

Cora runs to Wendy on the middle rope with a back elbow, but Wendy dodges. Wendy kicks Cora again, pulls her to the ropes, and hits her with a belly-to-belly suplex. Wendy cartwheels and forearms to Cora, who is leaning on a corner, then climbs the middle rope with a crossbody and cover.

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Choo picks up Cora, and she wiggles out, pushing Wendy to the ropes, they do a roll through, Cora rolling up Wendy. Cora kicks her then while setting up her next move, Wendy reverses it, and Choo turns it into a suplex brain buster. Wendy climbs to the top rope, noticing that Cora moved, and she jumped down. Cora kicks her, and runs to get her kendo stick, she swings it but misses it, and Wendy kicks her. Choo grabs the kendo stick, arguing with the referee about it while Cora is grabbing Wendy’s drink in the corner. The referee grabs the kendo stick, and Cora splashes Wendy’s in her face, followed by a DDT and cover for the victory.

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Astrid’s Point 

Through this match, I noticed how much offense Wendy put in only for Cora to get that victory. The way Cora has been winning lately, I see her being one of the participants for the Iron Survivor Challenge. Also, this match made me think how much this character change is something Cora needed to grow.

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Kiana James Interview

Kiana is being interviewed about her match against Ivy Nile. “There is not a woman who I sit across the board room from or stand across the ring from who intimidates me. I don’t count my wins, only my losses because there are so few.” McKenzie asks about the loss when Kiana offered money for Fallon Henley’s family bar. “That deal fell through due to stupidity and they paid for it with interest last week,” says Kiana refereeing to the loss Briggs and Jensen had against Schism.

Kiana James vs. Ivy Nile with Tatum Paxley

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They lock up until Kiana is taken to the ropes, then break it up but Kiana pushes Ivy who pushes her. Ivy escapes Kiana’s headlock and defeats her. Kiana pursues Ivy, who moves out of the way, and Kiana falls with her arm first on the canvas.

Ivy rolls Kiana after Kiana attempts a Full Nelson. When Kiana gets out, Ivy pulls her hair and does a backbreaker, and shot to the back of her head. Kiana kicks Ivy’s arm and sets up for a submission, then covers her and switches to an inverted backbreaker.

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James pulls Ivy to a corner and picks her up for a side slam and cover. Kiana knees Ivy’s back while holding her, slamming her head on the canvas and covering. Kiana locked in a submission, Ivy screaming in pain, Kiana countered with a headlock, Kiana reverses it with a belly-to-back suplex and another cover. Ivy wraps her leg around Kiana’s head while she fights back and takes her arm back for submission. Kiana escapes, and Ivy does a roll-up, kicks, and a head scissors takedown.

Ivy goes to the ropes and hits Kiana with a shoulder tackle and a gut-wrenching suplex. Kiana is by the ropes, Ivy hits her with a drop kick and Kiana lands outside. James signals that she’s done with Ivy while reacting to Fallon’s arrival.

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Ivy goes to the ropes and hits Kiana with a shoulder tackle and a gut-wrenching suplex. Kiana is by the ropes, Ivy hits her with a drop kick and Kiana lands outside. James signals that she’s done with Ivy while reacting to Fallon’s arrival. Kiana tries to escape her by entering the ring to face Ivy. Kiana is about to take a shot but is caught by Ivy with a submission, Kiana taps.

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Fallon enters the ring, taking a few shots at Kiana until she’s down and tries to leave but Fallon follows her outside the arena.

Astrid’s Point 

This was such a good back-and-forth between both competitors, I missed having Ivy in the ring. I liked that Fallon waited until the match was over to start her attack on Kiana which made me wonder how their rivalry is going to end.

Isla Dawn Promo 

“Light of your fire Alba was met by the dark of the unholy Enchantress,” Isla begins. “I did give a fair warning of my approach but you did not heed it. No one saw the ethereal being materializing before their very eyes,” Isla says referring to the technical difficulties in the arena recently during women’s matches. “Listen to the seem spirit voices have guided me straight to you. Alba, we’re gonna have so much fun together.”

Astrid’s Point 

This was a simple promo that hit everything we needed, an introduction to Isla for those that didn’t know her, why she attacked Alba and giving us a continuation of the story. I am looking forward to watching these two together.

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Sol Ruca vs. Zoey Stark 

Zoey grabs Sol’s waist for a takedown as they lock up. Sol picks up Zoey to reverse it, but Zoey still has it locked in. Sol stands on her head to escape, Zoey tries to take her down, but Sol sweeps her off her feet and submits. Zoey plans to defeat Sol but does a handstand to land.

Stark runs to Sol and knees her abdomen, planting Sol’s face on the top turnbuckle. Zoey grabs Sol’s head to hit it on the mat, but Sol reverses it. Stark runs after her, but Sol leapfrogs to avoid her, Zoey hits the ropes, and Sol drop-kicks her in front of her. Zoey kicks Sol, who kicks her back. Zoey uses the referee to delay her superkick to Sol’s face and cover.

Stark is outside, Sol slides, Zoey moves the apron skirt, Sol is caught in it, and Zoey fires at her. Zoey kicks Sol outside as she enters the ring. Stark holds Sol’s head in the ring for a cover, takes a few shots to her throat and neck, and submits. Zoey elbows Sol to break up the submission.

Stark corners Sol runs after her, and Sol rolls up, elbows, and tackles her. Sol bounces off the ropes with another tackle and a dropkick, Zoey chases her but Sol avoids her, Zoey runs to her but Sol pushes her over her head to break the momentum and a cover.

WWE Photo

Sol climbs the top rope, Zoey kicks her, and she lands on the apron, Sol shoulder tackles her, then jumps over for a roll-up. Ruca pulls Zoey to a corner, does a cartwheel elbow combination, and power slams and covers her. Sol climbs the top turnbuckle to kick Zoey, but she moves and Zoey knees her. Zoey covers and wins.

After the match, Zoey picks up Sol for her finisher until she sees Nikkita and lets go of Sol. Nikkita and Zoey battle it out on the outside, and Zoey slides into the ring. Zoey goes to kick Nikkita but is caught by a right hand from Nikkita. Lyons goes for her spinning kick but Zoey avoids it, sliding out of the ring.

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Astrid’s Point 

This was a better match for Sol as Zoey helped showcase her ability, her athleticism, and gymnast experience, only I didn’t like that Sol had a lot of offense for someone going against Zoey that not only turned heel recently but also someone who shows a lot of power and agility week in and week out. I also liked the continuity between Zoey and Nikkita here, giving us a glimpse of when they actually face off.

Katana Chance, Kayden Carter and Nikkita Lyons segment

Katana and Kayden are discussing the earlier attack from Toxic Attraction until they run into Nikkita backstage. “I said a lot of things leading up to our title match that I don’t regret,” Nikkita says. Kayden agrees that they don’t regret them either. “You guys are right. Zoey and I were never a real team and I know everyone is saying we weren’t partners for long, I looked up to her and admired her. Can you blame me? I guess I didn’t meet the real Zoey until she hit me with that title.” Katana replies, “Tag titles can make or break friendships around here.” Kayden tells her, “You are a badass. If Zoey can’t see that, that’s on her.” Katana says, “What matters is you staying true to who you are.” Nikkita offers to be the third person against Toxic Attraction next week.

Astrid’s Point 

This segment was such a great and easy way to include Nikkita for the 6 woman tag as someone who has had issues with Toxic Attraction as well. I do see Zoey perhaps taking out Nikkita during this match leaving Katana and Kayden in an unfair situation.


HBK alongside Molly Holly, Alundra Blayze, and Road Dogg will be announcing the competitors for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

  1. Indi Hartwell vs. Roxanne Perez

  2. Toxic Attraction (Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne, Mandy Rose) vs. Katana Chance, Kayden Carter, and Nikkita Lyons

  3. Fallon Henley vs. Kiana James.

Looks like @ShawnMichaels has ANOTHER huge announcement next week on #WWENXT ahead of @WWENXT Deadline! — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) November 23, 2022

Check out last week’s NXT Aftershow below!

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