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NXT – September 27

The first women’s segment of this week’s episode of NXT is Mandy Rose vs. Fallon Henley in a non-title match.

Mandy Rose (c) vs. Fallon Henley – Non-title match 

In the backstage area, we see Mandy alongside Gigi and Jacy, making her way to the ring to face Fallon Henley.

Mandy pins Fallon to start the contest. Fallon faces Mandy, who backs away. Henley submits Rose with a headlock. Mandy pulls Fallon to the ropes, then leapfrogs. Rose clutches Fallon’s foot to disrupt her takedown of Mandy.

Mandy jumps off the ropes with a cartwheel, low dropkick, and pin attempt after Fallon kicks her from behind. Rose kicks Fallon’s face and bounces it on the mat while calling her “nothing,” which infuriates Fallon, who chops Mandy’s chest.

Mandy reverses Fallon’s attempt to drag her off the ropes, so she elbows her. Henley bounces off the ropes, Mandy takes a shot, and Henley ducks it, bringing Mandy to the mat with a kick. Henley exits the ring, shoots Rose, then attempts a pin.

Fallon tries to stop Rose by elbowing and jumping on her, but Rose catches her and throws her over her head. Rose runs to a corner to tackle Henley like prey. Mandy tackles Henley twice before the referee tells her to leave. Rose shoots Henley from the ropes. Rose elbows and pins Henley.

Henley, while celebrating Rose’s suplex, elbows Henley’s arm to seize control, setting up Henley for submission. Henley elbows Rose’s leg and abdomen to break it up. Rose knees Henley’s abdomen and flips her for a pin attempt. Henley grabs Rose’s foot and swings her around to break up Rose’s submission to Henley.

Fallon hits Mandy, then turns Rose into a clothesline. Rose recovers in a corner, Fallon elbows her in the face and flees to the ropes, but Rose catches up and elbows Fallon in the face. Rose pushes Henley off the ropes, and Fallon pins Rose as she returns. Henley hits Mandy, Rose returns fire, and Henley kicks Rose in the face. Rose reverses Henley’s maneuver, pushes her down, and knees Fallon’s face for her finisher, pin attempt, and victory.

.@WWE_MandyRose turned her lights out! 😲💥#WWENXT @FallonHenleyWWE — WWE (@WWE) September 28, 2022

After the match, Mandy tells Alba, “I know you’re jealous that I conquered two continents and unified two titles while you were too busy throwing another log on a fire. You may keep the fire going, but you’re looking at the woman who starts them. So this is your last chance.” Alba shows up on the titantron to respond, “Mandy, you may be women’s champion but I don’t do verbal warnings. I am more of a visual woman,” as the bat she has is on fire, she brings it down to light up the words on the ground “#ANDNEW” as Mandy is speechless in the ring.

Astrid’s Point 

I knew Mandy was winning since the match was announced but one important aspect to take from this match was Fallon’s performance, she has grown so much and she has been loved by the fans too and this performance really showed that. I loved the promo exchange between Mandy and Alba after the match too, it really shows how different they are in their characters.

Sol Ruca vs. Amari Miller

Sol twists Amari’s arm and she reverses her lock-up. Amari pins Ruca after she uses her flexibility to escape. Ruca kicks up, reversing everything, and taking Amari’s arm for a pin attempt.

Amari grabs Ruca’s waist, but she breaks free and turns to kick Amari. Miller grabs Ruca’s leg and helps her land on the mat. Amari drives Sol to the ropes, but Sol wraps her legs around her neck for leg scissors. Miller reversed it, preparing up for her move, but Sol is about to reverse it, demonstrating her gymnastic ability, and nailing Amari with a facebuster and pin attempt.

Amari pushes Sol twice and smacks her abdomen with her head. Miller pushes Sol to the ropes, where she bounces and lands to roll up Amari, but Amari aims for a pin, which Sol reverses. Miller kicks Sol’s midsection and pulls her to a corner, where she climbs as Amari aims at Sol, who flips and lands behind her. Sol drops kicks and pins.

Amari wraps Sol’s hand around her leg while kicking her face and attempting a pin. Sol reverses Amari’s straight-jacket capitulation. Amari kicks Sol, who dodges, then drags and tackles her. Sol ducks Amari’s shot and drop-kicks her. Sol cartwheels to Miller, hits Amari with an elbow, then tries a finisher and pin.

Astrid’s Point 

Amari has been great at giving a few of the ladies a great performance for their first match but Soll could have done better. She seemed exhausted during the match and focused heavily on her gymnastics over wrestling, she could learn a lot from Katana who does very well at balancing her skills and wrestling ability in her matches. I hope Sol is able to learn more as this debut wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.

Nikkita Lyons with Zoey Stark vs. Kayden Carter with Katana Chance

Ladies are about to lock up when Kayden ducks while Nikkita is running towards her, Kayden slaps Nikkita’s butt. They lock up, Nikkita wrapping her hands around Kayden’s waist, taking her down, Kayden focusing on breaking free but Nikkita takes her down again.

Kayden breaks free, Nikkita is about to wrap her arms around Kayden’s head but Kayden does it instead. Nikkita pushes Kayden to the ropes, but Kayden leaps with a cartwheel and shakes her butt. Kayden ducks as Nikkita swings then kicks Nikkita. Nikkita pulls Nikkden to the ropes, but Kayden slides under her and Nikkita goes to stomp her.

Nikkita falls, and Kayden kicks her with a pin attempt. Kayden grabs Nikkita, and she breaks free, Kayden is ready to fight back but Nikkita kicks her and then goes for a few shots and a forearm shot. Nikkita does a spinning kick and then picks up Kayden who breaks free for a pin attempt but Nikkita kicked her instead.

Lyons kicks Kayden back then as Kayden is in a corner, Nikkita uses her gymnastic ability to wrap her legs around Kayden’s neck, and as Carter lands, Lyon goes for a pin attempt. Nikkita is trying to set up a submission, and Kayden trying to get up while Nikkita brings her back down again. Kayden takes Nikkita’s hands to throw her over, Nikkita runs towards Kayden who kicks her to slow her down then kicks the back of Nikkita’s head.

Kayden sets up a crucifix cover and runs towards Nikkita who kicks Kayden to separate from her. Nikkita kicks her again, and Kayden bounces off the ropes, Nikkita grabs her for a Michinoku Driver, having Kayden land on the mat and go for a pin attempt. Katana is concerned at ringside, Nikkita trying to take a few shots at Kayden who ducks each one. Kayden kicks the back of Nikkita’s knee, taking her down then kick the back of Nikkita’s head. Nikkita is laying on the ropes, Kayden runs to the ropes to knee Nikkita’s face then rolls her over for a pin attempt.

Kayden chops Nikkita and goes to the ropes to take her down, but Nikkita sweeps her off her feet. While Kayden is getting up, Nikkita kicks her and applies the split finisher for the pin.

Astrid’s Point 

Since the match was announced, I knew this was going to be Nikkita being victorious to set up a future NXT Women’s Tag Title shot for herself and Zoey. I think they’ll set up Katana vs. Zoey in the next coming up to solidify the title shot. The pacing of the match was so well done that I didn’t realize the match itself was less than 10 mins long, the ladies delivered with their performances.

Wendy Choo/Lash Legend Promo 

Wendy says when Lash speaks it’s similar to listening to nails on a chalkboard and won’t apologize for standing up for herself. Choo also said, “she won’t have Lash’s ego interrupt her interview” as Lash appears on screen to say, “when Lash Legend has something to say, you gotta get out of my way.” Wendy says Lash thinks she can pick on her, ” is it because I’m smaller? not as loud? not as obnoxious as her?”

Choo says, “I proved in my Lights Out match that when I get pushed and pushed, I can tap into my dark side and that’s what Lash Legend is going to get next week.” Wendy said, “Listen, I get it, when you have a natural ability that Lash has, it’s hard to be humble but next week, I’m going to teach Lash humility.” Lash responds, “Wendy is an athlete but she’s no athlete like Lash Legend.”

Astrid’s Point 

I loved having the back and forth between these two especially on a promo/interview aspect as they are great at it, I hope they’re able to have a great match next week.

Zoey Stark, Nikkita Lyons, Alba Fyre, and Toxic Attraction backstage segment 

Nikkita is congratulated for her victory over Kayden, Zoey says, “with her power and my experience, we’re unstoppable.” Gigi, Jacy, and Mandy arrive to mock them for thinking they have a shot, Zoey reminds them they lost the titles. Gigi tells them “the titles look good on us,” Mandy reminds them they have the upper hand as they are three versus two of them. A fire starts, drawing a line between the teams, they all step back, Alba arrives to say, “it seems to me like the odds are even” as Toxic Attraction retrieves.

Astrid’s Point 

I loved that Gigi and Jacy are still shown as possible contenders for the titles too while also having Alba literally draw the lines between the teams, looking forward to this 6 woman tag match next week which I believe might end with Alba pinning Mandy before their title match.

.@GraysonWWE is nervous after seeing @WWEApollo’s vision, but he won’t let it stop him from hosting another edition of “The Grayson Waller Effect.” #WWENXT — WWE NXT (@WWENXT) September 29, 2022

Grayson Waller Interview

Grayson announces that next week he’s having another edition of the Grayson Waller Effect with special guests Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez.

Astrid’s Point 

I am hoping this segment is used to show more aggression from Roxanne and perhaps announce their match, making it official for Halloween Havoc.


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