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Nyla Rose Discusses AEW TV’s Recent Transphobic Sign

Former Women’s Champion Nyla Rose was interviewed by about her time with AEW and her thoughts on the company’s women’s section. The fact that Nyla is the first and only trans wrestler working for a major American organization has not gone unnoticed, but she has encountered some opposition. In the December 22 Dynamite episode when she faced off against Ruby Soho, it was arguably more clearer than ever.

“Nyla Rose is this guy’s father” was written on a transphobic placard exhibited by a member of the crowd as Nyla Rose made her entrance into the arena. After seeing the visitor, Rose flipped the person off, and her wife got them evicted from the building.

“For the most part, people understood why that sign was wrong,” Rose says. “Maybe that person didn’t quite understand the gravity of what they were doing. You want to boo, that’s cool. But there is a line. People might feel it’s a conflict of their beliefs by simply respecting someone else, but it’s not.

“You don’t have to understand or even agree with somebody’s situation to show them simple respect and kindness, like respecting their pronouns and respecting their way of life. I’d love for people to be cool with it, but if that’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. But shouldn’t people want to treat their fellow humans with a little respect and kindness?”

A continuum of sexuality and gender may be observed, and Nyla Rose decided where she would fall on it.

“My transitional journey might be completely different from somebody else who grew up in the same conditions as I did, or grew up in totally different conditions,” Rose says. “The transition is completely different for every single person. That’s one of the things that gets lost on a lot of people. You hear this umbrella term of transgender and you think it’s supposed to be black-and-white, and that’s not the case.

“For me, I am a binary trans woman. I identify with everything that is femme and female. That’s where I’m comfortable, that’s where I live. I personally believe it is a broad spectrum, and anyone can fall anywhere on it.”

Fans should pay attention to their signs since they may influence the actions of these wrestlers based on the harsh remarks they’ve made about them.

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