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Nyla Rose Finally Gets Her Chance to Shine

Nyla Rose joined AEW in February 2019 as one of the first women. She should be one of the company’s most decorated women since she’s been around for so long, but she hasn’t. Nyla defeated Riho to become the second AEW Women’s Champion and the first US transgender woman to win a major world championship. Hikaru Shida defeated her three months after winning the championship at Double or Nothing 2020. After losing the championship, she is pairing with Vickie Guerrero, who has a lot of experience and can draw heat from live crowds. Fans thought Nyla would continue to dominate the AEW women’s division. Unfortunately, Nyla is limit to AEW Dark or AEW Dark: Elevation, with a few matches on Dynamite and Rampage, with no real storyline.

Nyla has rarely been able to show her hilarious side to AEW fans because Vickie usually talks for her and portrays her as a looming figure over the women’s division. She has had several feuds and tag team partners on Dark and Dark: Elevation. Nyla Rose fans are upset about her booking because they know she can do more. She is one of the funniest people on Twitter and has something to say about everything. AEW awarded her “Best Twitter Follow” twice (2021 and 2022). Rose is hilarious in other AEW side projects. She regularly plays games on the AEW Games YouTube channel. She also appears on Ethan Page, Danhausen, Evil Uno, and other AEW wrestlers’ vlogs. Attack of the Show on G4 featured her!

Nyla Rose’s AEW storyline with TBS Champion Jade Cargill has allowed her to be herself. Jade retained her TBS Championship earlier this month after defeating Willow Nightingale. Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse Me!” distracted Jade, allowing Nyla to steal the Championship. After running out of the ring, she declared herself the new TBS Champion in interviews and on social media, angering Jade. Nyla defeated Anna Jay AS to “defend” the championship. Marina Shafir has been helping Vickie Guerrero protect Nyla and the stolen championship from Jade and the Baddies. AEW explained on social media that Jade needed a replica TBS Championship to pose for pictures and attend events.

On Dynamite this week, Jade threatened to take over Rampage and the entire hour if Tony Khan didn’t do something about Nyla and the stolen championship. When Jade took a seat in the ring, Nyla, Marina, and Vickie appeared on the big screen with the TBS title and revealed that they had gotten Jade’s keys from the valet and were going to take her car for a cruise. Nyla’s menace character is one of the funniest moments in recent women’s division history.

Nyla is clearly enjoying this storyline, and as a fan, it’s great to see her personality finally come through in AEW. The plot has been enriched by her Twitter behavior. I’m excited for more Nyla Rose antics and to see how long the stolen TBS Championship story lasts. I hope fans and AEW management will see Nyla’s natural charisma and how well she does when she’s herself. Since the company’s founding, the women’s division has been serious, so her comedy has been a welcome change. Nyla is talented, and I wouldn’t mind her dethroning Jade and becoming the real TBS Champion.


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