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Rampage Recap: Penelope Ford Takes Out Willow Nightingale

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another episode of AEW Rampage. In this week’s women’s action from Albany, New York, Superbad Penelope Ford continues her momentum since her return by taking on Willow Nightingale. 

The Match

On paper, this match may feel very by the numbers. Let’s throw two women into the ring to fill some time. But actually, what could be considered a throwaway match proved very entertaining. 

Despite their differing styles, the duo of Willow Nightingale and Penelope Ford are a great combination. The two women are opposites. Nightingale’s fun-loving bouncy, smiley nature shines bright against the darker edges of Ford. 

It was this style clash that dominated the back and forth of the match. Willow uses her power to dominate in the early going while also taking time to entertain fans. Those moments would come back to haunt Willow as they provided the perfect opportunity for Ford to seize control. 

Continuing to go back and forth, Willow hits a devastating spinebuster and a lethal pounce, shoving Ford across the ring. Yet the power of Willow proved ineffective. After a pump kick, Ford quickly locks in the Indian DeathLock, forcing Willow to tap out. 

The Verdict

A fun match from start to finish, the pairing of Penelope Ford and Willow Nightingale really brought out the best in both women.

Also, both women are on good paths. Ford looks to be positioned as more of a threat upon her return from injury. On the other hand, Willow, despite losing, showed how strong of a presence she is in the ring. Nightingale is a unique talent in modern wrestling. She has the rare ability to make fans smile. The way she conducts herself in the ring and her movements and mannerisms never fail to cheer me up, which is rare in major promotions.

Those are my thoughts. But what did you think? Let us know. We love hearing from you. 


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