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Rampage Recap: Toni Storm Defeats Willow Nightingale

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another episode of AEW Rampage recap. This week former AEW Women’s Champion Toni Story goes one-on-one with the most cheerful woman in AEW, Willow Nightingale. 

The Match 

Storm showcases her new heel edge attacking Willow while her back is turned. However, Willow manages to turn things around, hitting her running senton. Storm regains control and takes the match out of the ring, flinging Willow into the ring barrier.  

There is excellent momentum exchange as Storm hits her hip attack into a tornado DDT for Willow to respond with a cannonball and a Death Valley Driver. Willow looks close to earning a victory until a distraction from Saraya provides the perfect opportunity for Storm to hit a quick chop block setting up the Storm Zero to steal the win.  

The Aftermath 

After the bell, both Storm and Saraya jump Willow. As the duo go to spray paint Willow, Rancid hits, and Ruby Soho comes to the rescue. The AEW Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter soon follows, wanting to get her hands on Saraya before their match at Revolution next week. Soho and Nightingale stand tall at the end, heading into their final week before the Revolution Pay-per-view. 

Final Thoughts 

An entertaining match that, while nothing spectacular, did what it needed to do. Unlike my complaints in last week’s Rampage recap, this match got plenty of time. I will also give a special shout-out to Saraya, who did a great job on the outside, adding another dimension to match. 

Ultimately, it is great to see some connectivity in an AEW show for once. Wrestling is at its best when it mimics real life, where people and issues overlap. The post-match shenanigans did just that. Although it is clearly building towards the triple threat match at Revolution, I never dislike it when there are overlapping feuds.  

So that wraps up another Rampage recap. But what did you think of this week’s Rampage? Are you excited about Revolution next Sunday? Let us know. We love hearing from you.  


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