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Rampage Review: Taya Valkyrie Victorious Over Marina Shafir

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another AEW Rampage, and with that, another AEW Rampage Review. This week’s dose of women’s wrestling on TNT sees Taya Valkyrie take on Marina Shafir.

The Match

The two women work well together. They both play into Shafir’s strengths of grappling and strikes. This sort of mat-base chain-wrestling isn’t something you see much in AEW’s women’s division and allows for Valkyrie’s Lucha Libre experience to shine.

It isn’t long before Jade Cargill makes her presence known. Posse in toe, including legal processor Tutti. This week on Dynamite, Jade declared she had filed an injunction against Taya preventing her from using her finisher, the Road to Valhalla, the same move as Jade’s Jaded. Now the TBS Champion watches on from the top of the ramp.

Throughout the match, the commentary team does a great job of introducing Taya to new fans. They mention her years of experience, the fact she was trained by Lance Storm and has spent time in Mexico too. To anyone who has never heard of or seen Taya, you get an excellent summary of who she is and why she’ll soon be challenging for the TBS Title.

Ultimately Taya gains the advantage and hits Shafir with her now illegal Road to Valhalla to score the victory.

The Aftermath

The action continues after the bell rings. Smart Mark sends Tutti to serve Taya her papers. Once Sterling delivers the line “you’ve been served,” Taya responds by hitting another Road to Valhalla on the helpless legal processor.

Losing her cool, Jade storms down to the ring but is eventually held back by Lelia Gray and Smart Mark Sterling as Taya stands tall.

Final Thoughts

While the match was relatively short, Valkyrie and Shafir put on a good match in a style not seen in AEW.

But the whole point of the match was what took place after. While it is interesting to see Jade being one-upped. The lightheartedness of it all seemed out of place against a story that involves potential legal action. Overall, the post-match spot did what it needed to do, further progressing the rivalry between Jade and Taya.

Those are my thoughts. But what do you think? Did you like the Shafir Valkyrie match? Is Taya going to be the woman to dethrone Jade? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from our readers.


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