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Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah Crowned Women’s Tag Team Champs

In the main event of Raw, Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez defeated IYO SKY and Dakota Kai to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

In the finals of the event, all eyes were on these four women to determine who would claim the gold for the first time since May. Over her seven-year stint with WWE, this is Aliyah’s first championship. Rodriguez has previously held the titles of NXT Women’s Champion and NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion twice. 

In the last minutes of the contest, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair arrived at ringside to chase Bayley away. Aliyah had been put down at ringside for the duration of the second half of the contest, leaving Rodriguez to fight Kai and SKY on her own. Aliyah would return to the apron after receiving the tag from her teammate and Bayley’s exit from the ring.

Kai and SKY were unaware that Aliyah was their legal rival, so they continued to focus on Rodriguez. Aliyah would sneak up on Kai and roll him over to win the match and the championships.

Damage CTRL was left fuming on the ramp as Bliss, Asuka, and Belair joined the winners in the ring. This Saturday, Damage CTRL will meet Bliss, Asuka, and Belair at Clash at the Castle.

The tandems of Dana Brooke and Tamina, as well as Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop, observed the match from backstage. Additionally, Nikki is exchanging her cloak for a leather jacket.

My heart will go on…@AnthonyCairo 🎥 😟 @DoudropWWE — Nicola Glencross (@WWENikkiCross) August 30, 2022

Earlier in the evening, Bliss, Asuka, and Belair defeated three enhancement talents in a “warm-up” tag-team match. Dani Mo, Kayla Sparks, and Katie Arquette constituted their opponents.

This week, Edge was defeated by the return of Mysterio. Beth Phoenix was not present for the conclusion of Raw like she was last week. The encounter between Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio is displayed below.


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