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Raquel Rodriguez Prepares For First Royal Rumble

This week, former NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Rodriguez is a guest on WWE’s The Bump. In addition, she discusses her time in WWE and preparation for the Royal Rumble match. Some may not know, this is Raquel’s first time entering the Royal Rumble.

Nerves going into her first Royal Rumble match

“I’m feeling everything: nerves, excitement. Yeah, [I’m doing] my nervous dance. This is what I do when I get excited. I’m feeling everything because it’s my first-ever Royal Rumble, the first one I’ll be participating in. And it’s in San Antonio, which is just a couple hours north of where I grew up and where I was raised, so my whole family is going to be here. My cousins are going to be here. My teammates are going to be here. My coaches are going to be here.”

A message from her father

“He said, ‘I’m not going to cry now. I’m saving all the tears ’cause it’s the first time I’ll see you on one of them big shows.’ So, it definitely adds to the pressure for sure.”

The importance of having a support system

“I’m so humbled by [the support], so it’s actually given me a lot of excitement for the Rumble because I’m just so excited to get to Saturday, but I know that once we get there, it’s just going to fly by.”

Can Raquel successfully defeat the other 29 competitors and stamp her ticket to WrestleMania? Let us know what you think over on our Twitter @WWTalkpod.

The 2023 Royal Rumble takes place this Saturday live in San Antonio, Texas. Be sure to check out our post-show for the event following after.

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