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Renee Paquette Comments On Sasha Banks & Naomi

Renee Paquette recently discussed Sasha Banks and Naomi on her podcast Throwing Down with UFC Bantamweight Miesha Tate. Since their establishment in 2019, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have been controversial.

At the time there were some legitimate tag teams, although not a plethora. WWE tried splitting up and combining teams to preserve face for a non-existent division, but it hasn’t succeeded.

For the first time in their existence where the titles are vacant for the first time with the last champions. Sasha Banks and Naomi suspended indefinitely due to walking out of Monday Night Raw over contractual issues. WWE announced a tournament will be coming up to crown new champions without a division to fight for the gold.

Renee Paquette, who was with WWE when the titles were created, had the following to say about the history and current status of the championships “The women’s tag titles have only existed in WWE for a couple of years and as soon as they were brought into the fold, they were important for about 30 seconds, and then nobody cared. There was no true women’s tag teams and they just, they lost their luster really quickly. The best case is that they finally let these women do what they want to do and start really working on the tag division.”

Paquette’s statements would prove to be right as WWE cannot properly book the women’s tag team division correctly. Time will tell whether WWE takes Women’s Tag Team wrestling seriously and books it adequately in the near future.


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