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Ricky J. Kuron | WRITER

Ricky J. Kuron is a fan of professional wrestling and a former writer for “The Kid’s Korner,” a blog about professional wrestling. As Ricky “The Kid” Kuron, he had experience in the wrestling industry as a commentator and ring announcer for North Carolina-based local wrestling companies. Now he has relocated from North Carolina to Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area, where he competes in independent wrestling.

Outside of DMV Wrestling, he is an actor with Artstream Inc., a theatre company for people with disabilities. He has starred in several of their productions, including “The Greatest Show Under the Sea” and “Journey Home: A Space Story.” He writes poetry. began writing poetry while in high school. He read “Injustice,” a poem about his support for the Black Lives Matter protests, on the breakfast club morning show.

He has been a huge fan of women’s wrestling since the attitude era and continues to be one in the modern era.


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