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ROH To Introduce Women’s Tag Team Titles

ROH made significant achievements for women’s wrestling in 2021 before going on hiatus at the conclusion of the year.

With a weekly Women’s Division Wednesday show and a tournament to determine the next Women’s World Champion, the ROH women’s division gained prominence. Rok-C (now Roxanne Perez in NXT) becomes the company’s first and youngest women’s champion. On April 1, 2022, the corporation intended to return with the Supercard of Honor event. Before AEW’s inaugural concert comeback, the promotion’s owner, Tony Khan, claimed to have ambitious intentions.

Women’s Wrestling Army is a new promotion that focuses only on women’s wrestling and aims to cultivate industry heavyweights. Kanellis-Bennett and Cruise are actively developing the Women’s Wrestling Army (WWA). The first WWA tournament was held in May, and the second is slated for 26 June. When asked whether WWA will add titles, Cruise said that ROH was planning to introduce tag belts for women.

We will get there,” he said. “We are open to working with other promotions. We’ve already announced for the June 26 show, in conjunction with Warrior (Wrestling), Thunder Rosa’s promotion, Mission Pro, Holidead is their champion, and she will be defending the title against Janai Kai We had another title defense we did on our first show. We’d love to work with other promotions and have titles. We want to establish our talent. We had a great following with our Ring of Honor women’s division in 2021.

However, we also know that there are a lot of people that may check out Women’s Wrestling Army that never saw any of that. So, we almost feel like we’re starting from scratch and reintroducing the talent. We expect it to take some time before we get into titles. I can already think about doing a women’s champion and women’s tag team champions, which we had talked about with Ring of Honor if we had the time in 2022, we would have done that.”

It is currently uncertain when ROH will resume weekly programming and what the status of the women’s division will be at that time.


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