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Ronda Rousey Looks To Turn Wrestling Revolver Into A Rowdy Affair


Ronda Rousey on a wrestling graphic that isn't from  WWE
Unreal is the perfect word to use

You'd be halfway right if you thought that Ronda Rousey’s match at this year's SummerSlam was the last time you’d see the rowdy one in a wrestling ring. It may be the last time we see her in a WWE ring, but it won’t be the last time she steps in a wrestling ring.

After making a surprise appearance at a Lucha VaVoom event a few weeks ago and teaming with her fellow Four Horsewomen Marina Shafir, Rousey may be looking at being a constant fixture on the West Coast independent scene. Wrestling Revolver announced on Twitter (its momma named it Twitter; we gonna call it Twitter) that Rousey would be headlining their upcoming Revolver Unreal event on November 16th.

What’s interesting is that not only is Rousey headlining the card, Wrestling Revolver is pulling out all the stops with the card. Names such as Jon Moxley, The Rascalz, Swerve Strickland, Chris Bey and others are set to appear and give us some unique, highly anticipated matchups; however, that’s not the biggest takeaway from this event.

The biggest takeaway is that Wrestling Revolver is putting a focus on women with this card. Ronda is probably the biggest mainstream name on the entire card. However, Wrestling Revolver is taking advantage of that star power and ensuring that they highlight multiple women. The main event is Rousey and Shafir teaming up against Ring of Honor Women’s Champion Athena and her “minion” Billie Starkz.

Ronda Rousey and Marian Shafir facing off with Billie Starkz and Athena
Nobody had this on their wrestling bingo card

Athena has been one of the most consistent performers in women’s wrestling over the past year despite the lack of promotion and accessibility to watch her work. Interestingly enough, Rousey and Athena have never squared off against each other despite both being in WWE at the same time. Athena also helped Rousey get back in ring shape for her most recent WWE run. Add in the two wildcards of Billie Starkz and Marina Shafir and we have the recipe for possibly the best tag team match of the week.

Also, Masha Slamovich will take on Jacob Fatu in one one-on-one action. Slamovich has proven that it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman she will step into the ring with anyone and put on one of the best performances of the night. Add in one of the most dominant forces in MLW’s history in the form of Jacob Fatu, and you have the recipe for a beautiful car wreck.

Jacob Fatu and Masha Slamovich
You want physicality? You'll get it with this match

Wrestling Revolver has teased many more appearances for the event. The one thing we know about pro wrestling is that anything can happen, and anybody can show up at any given moment. Tickets for Wrestling Revolver: Unreal are still available. If you’re not in the Los Angeles area on November 16th, then be sure to catch the event live on FITE TV.


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