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Sasha Banks Shares How CBD Helped Her Improve Depression & Anxiety

Mercedes Varnado, also known by her WWE ring name Sasha Banks, has discussed the positive effects CBD has had on her life.

In the interview, Varnado describes how, prior to discovering CBD, she used ibuprofen for pain and drank alcohol everyday, but was subsequently able to function differently.

Varnado discussed her own experience with CBD while discussing the business and benefits of the supplement:

“Being a professional wrestler, it’s so draining. It’s so, so hard. We’re never home. We’re always banged up and always hurt. And once I got introduced to CBD my life just fully, fully changed. I noticed that anxiety I would get, once I took CBD it all just dissipated. I started to feel like myself again. I started [working] with Manny and Abby, and the more that we learned and grew, we just wanted to create our own project.”

Later, according to the former multiple-time women’s champion, she claims to have introduced CBD to a number of other celebrities backstage to rave acclaim.

“And there are so many people in the locker room that I gave CBD to and they’re just like, “Wait, what is this? Oh my God, this makes me feel good.” So you see, not even the culture in wrestling, the culture all over the world is changing.”

Since Naomi and Banks publicly left the company due to scheduling issues with the now-retired Vince McMahon, Banks has been missing from WWE programming for a number of months.

The fact that their roster sites have been reinstated on the WWE website is a major signal that the pair is returning to WWE, according to a number of recent stories.


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