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Savannah Evans Is The Ally You Need

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

When faced with enemies, it is always good to have a few allies. Ultimately, these connections help protect you from those that want to bring harm against you. In some cases, those same allies turn into enemies while new allies unexpectedly emerge.

In the world of wrestling, having a few allies in your corner can take you a long way. Factions continue to reign supreme in the wrestling industry and help some champions keep their reign longer. Having the power of numbers is a benefit that is sometimes hard to find.

Many look for different attributes such as power, dominance, awareness, and endurance. At the top of my list is dominance. One may have all the power in the world with the lack of knowledge to use it properly. Being able to dominate your competition goes beyond physical ability. Getting in the mind of your enemies is the main goal in order to truly destroy them within.

In the Knockouts division, Savannah Evans is the friend you want. In addition, Evans absorbs all of the above attributes. Since her debut in IMPACT! Wrestling, Evans becomes a protection blanket to others within the division.

WWT got the exclusive when Savannah Evans decides to sign with IMPACT! Wrestling. Be sure to check out that interview available now.

The Cannibal

At first, Evans is paired with former Knockouts World Champion Tasha Steelz. During her time with Steelz, Evans finds herself in the line of fire. In doing this with no problem, Evans becomes one of the most notable threats in IMPACT! Wrestling. Helping Steelz during her first solo reign, Evans uses her dominance to create fear in others who got in the way.

Nevertheless, her matches with Deonna Purrazzo, Mickie James, and Jordynne Grace continue to impress the IMPACT! Faithful. Many fans take to social media to request a solo run for Evans. However, I believe Evans is in the best position for her career.

The Quintessential Connection

More recently, Savannah Evans finds a new home to offer her protection services. After splitting with Tasha Steelz, Gisele Shaw pitches a new start for Evans. However, this is not their first run-in. It was Evans who listened to Shaw during the Fort Lauderdale tapings to join forces at the time.

Unfortunately, that did not go as planned. Evans seemed to take in to Shaw and now they have created something of their own with the help of Jai Vidal. In many cases, Evans has been the one leading Shaw to victory.

“It’s always good to have a crew to watch each other’s back…and the numbers game comes in handy. Anyone that wants to step to this, or any of us, will find out the hard way.”

Savannah EvansTweet

As we gear up for Slammiversary, the team of Savannah Evans, Gisele Shaw, and Jai Vidal becomes one of the most dominant factions in professional wrestling. Announced this week, the trio takes on Jody Threat and the Death Dollz this Saturday.

#TheSaltShakkas will give their predictions on this match and the rest of the card for Slammiverary tonight! Stream live on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live.


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