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The Importance Of Friendship And Togetherness

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Growing up, most of us have a best friend or even a couple. Some stay close until the end of days while others separate as time progresses. With Kaci Lennox and Sahara Se7en, friendship is everything!

In a WWT Exclusive, the pair is coming out as a tag team: The Vicious Vixxens!

Our first-ever tag team at WWT, The Salt Shakkas, sit down with The Vicious Vixxens. In addition, they discuss a few of their favorite matches and the importance of friendship while outlining the future of The Vicious Vixxens.

Friendship And The Importance Of Understanding

“I think it’s fun. It’s like more, you’re going to more protective mode, like, especially when you’re out in the ring. It’s like you’re protective of what you got going on because that’s your best friend. And it’s like, you don’t want nobody to like hurt your best friend. And you also want to like make your best friend proud. You want to like carry your weight so that your best friend is not being overloaded. So, it’s just kind of like one of those things where it’s like, you got my six I got your six like we run would you what you’re trying to do is like you want her you got to go through me right.”

Alongside friendship, having the ability to understand your tag team partner puts you on a different level. In the world of tag team wrestling, you are as strong as your teammate. The components of friendship, understanding, and togetherness give you a better chance for a team victory.

On top of all that, one must stay true to themselves.

Staying True To The Game!

“I see the fakers and the pretenders I’m sorry, I’m not going to pull out no name – the pretenders. They get zero respect from me like I’ll still say ‘hi’ and I’ll still be hospitable, but I see what I see how you move in. And you that’s why you don’t get mentioned on the list that you get mentioned on it like I see how you move. I do see some of these young girls that are coming in hitting the door and they’re like coming in hot and they’re trying and those are the ones that I would give my last spot away to as people I want to wrestle.”

The Vicious Vixxens end by showing love to a few of their favorite women in wrestling making some noise.

Showing Love To Lash Legend, Willow Nightingale, And Athena

“[Lash Legend] comes across very real, like it doesn’t seem – like obviously it’s a script. But she has that ability to make it feel like she’s literally just talking like you, and I are. Lash, we love you! Shoutout to Willow and Athena for doing their thing in that match. So those two matches I’ve been really like, like cheerleading for it. And I like love talking to other people about it. because those two matches are just, I wish I could just capsulate those maybe like you're this. was a moment here and this was a moment there.”

Be sure to check out the full interview with The Vicious Vixxens available now.


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