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The Man & Mami Stand Tall At WWE Payback; Zoey & Trish End Their Alliance

The Man gets her payback on Trish Stratus.

Lynch used a massive top rope Manhandle Slam to win the opening match at WWE Payback against Trish Stratus. Despite Zoey Stark's interference, Lynch was able to enter the steel cage before she did.

Following their loss of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship on April 10's "WWE Raw," Stratus immediately turned against Lynch, starting their ongoing feud. Due to the appearance of a new ally in the form of "WWE NXT" call-up Zoey Stark, Stratus pinned Lynch at Night of Champions in May. Lynch's subsequent two attempts to defeat Stratus resulted in a disqualification and a double count-out, consequently, before she finally won on Saturday night.

Following the match, Trish shoved Zoey while screaming at her to leave the ring. After closing the cage and confronting her, Zoey executed a Z360 and threw her "Thank You Trish" shirt to the ground.

Rhea Ripley Def. Raquel Rodriguez

(WWE Women's World Championship)

Rodriguez's knee had previously been injured (by Ripley backstage weeks earlier), and Ripley controlled the first part of the match by putting her in submission holds. Ripley was knocked off of her by Rodriguez as she attempted to turn the situation around. She was able to block a Riptide from the champion, and after setting Ripley up for a powerbomb, Ripley changed her balance to block the move.

Rodriguez managed to free herself from Ripley's submission hold as she again went for her knee, but the champion continued to attack with the usual brutality. Ripley was struck by Rodriguez into the barrier and ring post. Dominik Mysterio came out to the ring to assist Ripley after being knocked through a table by Owens when he interfered in the Tag Team Championship match. Mysterio was hit by a running slam from Rodriguez, but the distraction allowed Ripley to successfully deliver a Riptide to retain the Women's World Championship by hitting her in the injured knee once more.

Check out our WWE Payback After show below.


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