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The Missing Challenger

Photo Credit | AEW

This month, I took the time to visit a few AEW shows. During my experience at AEW Collision, I enjoyed the production and presentation of each show. I traveled to Greensboro, North Carolina, and Lexington, Kentucky to catch a different glimpse of what each city was giving.

With all the talk surrounding the AEW women's division, I have found myself missing Mercedes. No, not Mercedes Moné who was sitting up real pretty at AEW All In. I am talking about former ROH Women's World Champion, Mercedes Martinez.

After the loss to Kris Statlander, Mercedes Martinez finds herself working with Diamante. The two have had quite the issue with Willow Nightingale and current TBS Champion Kris Statlander. Even with this loss, it seems that Martinez is not giving up that easily.

Mercedes Martinez and Diamante get a tag team victory, pinning Willow Nightingale to defeat her and the champ. Not to mention, Mercedes Martinez was attacked by the champion on the August 19th episode of AEW Collision after all of the back and forth.

However, it was announced that Ruby Soho will be next in line to get a shot at the TBS Championship. For Ruby Soho to get the title opportunity was, for me, out of nowhere. Yes, Kris Statlander did attack Ruby Soho recently and they have a history.

I could be wrong, however, it felt like there was a clear build and feud between Mercedes Martinez and Kris Statlander...for weeks. I am just not finding much of a reason for Martinez to be halted from that opportunity.

I must say, I am confused. Now, I know she got her opportunity earlier in the month and suffered the loss. However, after that loss, Martinez attacks Statlander with the help of Diamante and the feud seems to just be beginning. Nevertheless, we have seen this plenty of times. Why have them continue their feud? Personally, I got invested and feel as if this feud helps progress the women's division as a whole.

With that being said, it is important to understand this. At this moment, I am speaking as a fan. I understand that stories do not necessarily guarantee anything. For one, this is the world of professional wrestling. Things change at all given times. Also, my views do not reflect the views of Women's Wrestling Talk.

Many may say this is just another layer that adds to the problems within the women's division. I disagree and I have hope that the division can move in the right direction.

Now, if there is an issue or situation that is taking Martinez out of action that I am aware of, I can understand. No report that I have read states that Mercedes Martinez is not able to compete. Lastly, it is not too late for her to be involved with Statlander and Soho.

Mercedes Martinez is very important to the world of wrestling. I hope this gives more attention along with the growing storylines in AEW for women. As someone who can not always catch the AEW programming, I have enjoyed seeing Mercedes Martinez and hope down the line she is given that opportunity.

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