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The Protagonist Of Pro-Wrestling: Kidd Bandit

This Nightmare Factory alum is an up and coming wrestler from the Philippines with high-flying moves and an in ring style inspired by martial arts is taking the indie scene by storm. Described as the protagonist of pro-wrestling, Kidd Bandit is a name you will remember one way or another.

Before they started training, Bandit said they were consumed by mental health issues and struggled with obesity. Suffering from depression and addiction, Bandit fell into a dark place mentally. Once they decided to start training, Kidd Bandit began to feel a sense of direction and purpose.

Training to be a pro wrestler is hard, stressful, and taxing on your mind and body. As a way to cope, Bandit watched a lot of anime. These characters and stories helped inspire them to continue pursuing their dreams and eventually, their character. Watching My Hero Academia, Bandit realized how similar they were to the main character, Midoriya.

If you’ve never seen My Hero, Midoriya can be summed up as a boy that feels small in a world full of super powered beings that transforms into a badass fighter. This character ark inspired Bandit to continue fighting for what they want, both for themselves personally and professionally in the ring.

If you’ve come across Kidd Bandit’s Twitter, you may have seen that they go by he/she/they pronouns. As supportive as wrestling fans can be, there are still a lot of hateful people in the world. Despite this, Bandit has continued to be open and authentic with their personality and show their true self.

Standing up to internet trolls, kicking ass in the ring, and having a wicked sense of fashion (doesn’t matter if they are in a more femme “Waifu” fashion or masculine style, they slay either way) is a great example that being true to yourself is powerful.


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