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The Queen Speaks: Maria Kanellis Appears on AEW Unrestricted

Maria Kanellis is a wrestling force to be reckoned with. She has a lengthy history in the wrestling business, and her influence is undeniable. That legacy is still being built today, with her and The Kingdom appearing often on both AEW and ROH.

Recently, Kanellis sat down with the team at AEW Unrestricted to talk all things wrestling. Starting with the Women’s Division on ROH, Maria said:

“I know what I would do, I think I’d like to see some tag titles. I think that would be huge. I think we have enough women in the company that we could do tag titles. That was one of the goals that Bobby [Cruise] and I had with Ring of Honor was to have tag titles. And I think another is to have an authority figure just to give, especially some of the younger women, something to bounce off of.”

Those concepts seem fantastic coming from the Queen of Ring of Honor, but they also contribute to the fact that the current ROH is doing well overall. Interestingly, Kanellis stated that she would love to fight alongside AEW Pillar Britt Baker against the Outcasts. Kanellis said that is something that she just personally wants to be in on.

This was a brief yet enjoyable interview that demonstrated Maria’s continued generosity. Make sure to show your support for Maria on Ring of Honor and AEW television with The Kingdom/OGK, as well as her efforts with Women’s Wrestling Army. Thank you to AEW Unrestricted and Wrestlezone for the interview transcription.


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