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“The Woman Who Would Be King” Madusa Autobiography Set To Be Released In April 2023

The impending book of Debrah Miceli, commonly known as WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze or Madusa in WCW, has received additional confirmation from ECW Press.

On April 18, 2023, Slam Wrestling’s Miceli and Greg Oliver would publish “The Woman Who Would Be King: The MADUSA Story.”

The book’s foreword was written by Paul Heyman, who collaborated with Michael when they were both members of the Dangerous Alliance in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Per ECW Press:

Through four decades of entertaining, in the wrestling ring and on the monster truck circuit, Debrah “Madusa” Miceli never could sit still. But her desire to learn, grow, and inspire legions of followers masked deep secrets … Her upbringing was a lie from the start, and the dark truths of her childhood, revealed here for the first time, are the earliest examples of Debrah’s determination to persevere.

Professional wrestling may have been an odd choice for a nursing student, but Madusa went all-in, toughening up in Japan before conquering WWE as Alundra Blayze. She held the WWE Women’s belt … until being fired. In the rival WCW, Madusa infamously tossed the WWE belt in the garbage on live TV.

Then, in 1999, Madusa changed lanes and revolutionized the monster truck world. At meet-and-greets, girls in pink “Queen of Carnage” t-shirts would wait alongside ogling fanboys. By 2004, she was the world champion in a sport dominated by men.

Only one thing has eluded her: motherhood.

This is the spellbinding story of how one woman survived child abuse, financial disaster, death-defying injuries, heartbreak, and chaos to emerge triumphant.

More details about Miceli’s latest WWE TV appearance as Blayze may be found here. She is also engaged in covert work for the NWA.

Check out our interview we did Madusa below.


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