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The Women with the Golden Voice: WWE's Samantha Irvin

As the voice of WWE’s red brand RAW, Samantha Irvin has captured the WWE audience. 

A singer, flutist, and avid Michael Jackson fan, this self-proclaimed longtime wrestling fan has been showing us how magical WWE can feel when the right voice is capturing the action. 

She signed with WWE in 2021 and moved up to the main roster in 2022. 

Samantha is a ring announcer for this generation who revs up the crowd with her distinct voice that gears us up for every match. 

She has built up a reputation for announcing some of the bid dawgs on the roster like the head of the table, Roman Reigns like no other. 

Recently, there was controversy over her distinct style for introducing Chelsea Green. It was taken away, but the fans demanded that this unique announcing of Chelsea be brought back. That truly goes to show how much influence Irvin has on bringing a certain energy to entrances of beloved WWE superstars. 

Her giant, bold voice has made such an impact on fans, that they look forward to seeing WWE release footage of her announcing wrestlers online. 

Or seeing her reaction to legends coming back like The Rock. 

Samantha Irvin has made an impact in WWE, and we will continue to look forward to hearing her get the crowd pumped for some of the best events in wrestling for 2024! 


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