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There’s A New Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame

Documentarian Christopher Annino is helping launch the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame which is injunction with the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in Albany, New York. Annino spoke to SlamWrestling revealing that the new institution will include four categories like Olympians, NCAA Athletes, and non-wrestlers who left their mark in the industry. Categories are as follows:

Pioneer: for female wrestling trailblazers who helped pave the way Amateur: for female Olympians and female NCAA athletes who have made a significant contribution to women’s amateur wrestling Professional: for all female professional wrestlers who have made a significant contribution to professional wrestling Non-Wrestling: non-wrestlers which includes referees, coaches, managers, valets, promoters, executives, broadcasters, journalists, announcers, historians Former WWE Women’s Champion, former NWA World Women’s Champion, and ECW Original Jazz is headlining the new hall of fame during the Icons of Wrestling Convention on December 17th at the former ECW Arena. The Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame class of 2023 also includes:

Cora Livingston Mildred Burke Beverly “Hammer” Shade Babs Wingo Marva Scott Ethel Johnson Luna Vachon Toni Rose & Donna Christanello Susan “Tex” Green Rita Marie Chatterton The entire GLOW promotion Olympic Gold Medalist Iryna Merleni Even though it’s largely a virtual hall of fame, there’ll be physical aspects featured at the IPWHF inside MVP Arena in Albany. SlamWrestling reported that Annino built the website for the Women’s Wrestling Hall of Fame. Check the link here: ( The Hall of Fame is still established by Annino noting “we’re fine tuning at this moment.” Funding for the organization is said to be associated with the backers of Annino’s “in-progress women’s wrestling documentary,” as well as grant money. Co-founding members include Angel Orsini, Susan “Tex” Green, and Gary Wolf. The Board of Directors includes President Chris Bournea, Vice President Candi Capoferri, and Christina Marie, with Richie Sorrentino and Ken Raftery serving as advisory board members. What do you think? Comment below


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