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This Week in WWT: 3-8-21

This was another big week at Women’s Wrestling Talk, the #1 women’s wrestling show on the planet. Our women’s wrestling podcast is hosted by TK Trinidad, Emily Mae Heller, and Sarah the Rebel who bring you women’s wrestling interviews with some of your favorite wrestlers and superstars. This week we had Pro Wrestling Pets with Ray Lyn and we also had our weekly WWT News on Thursday on Instagram Live. This week’s special guest was Ring of Honor’s World Famous CB.

Pro Wrestling Pets with Ray Lyn

This week Emily Mae interviewed Ray Lyn and lucha dog Starlord. Ray Lyn is a former OVW Women’s Champion who has competed for just about any promotion you can imagine and even spent a minute in the WWE. She told us she became a pro wrestler because she couldn’t be a Ninja Turtle and that she would probably be a jaguar if she was an animal.

This Week in Women’s Wrestling History

Here’s some interesting women’s wrestling history and trivia. Back in March 2009 Survivor: The Amazon winner and Playboy cover girl Jenna Morasca joined TNA. Her match with Sharmell Sullivan (Booker T’s wife) at Victory Road later that year was considered one of the worst matches in wrestling history.

Match of the Week: Ray Lyn vs. La Rosa Negra

This week we bring you the WWT Match of the Week. If you’ve never seen Ray Lyn wrestle you’re in for a treat. Check out her match against current Mission Pro Champion La Rosa Negra from the Title Match Network on YouTube. Mission Pro’s Empty Promises takes place on March 20.

WWT Raw Rankings for February 2021

Our inaugural Women’s Wrestling Talk rankings looks back on the month of February for the ladies of WWE Monday Night Raw. A lot of the focus the past month has been on the tag team division. Check out the Top 5 women’s wrestling rankings for Raw last month. Follow @WWTRankingsDude on Twitter and feel free to send your feedback.

#1 Asuka


Asuka holds down the #1 spot only because she is the WWE Raw Women’s Champion. In the past month she lost two tag team matches with Charlotte Flair and did not have a singles match.

#2 Naomi


After returning at the Royal Rumble Naomi has been undefeated. She beat Shayna Baszler and earned a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match with Lana.

#3 Alexa Bliss

TV Insider

Alexa has been absent after having issues with a stalker on social media. She has been in an angle with Randy Orton remotely but still deserves a title shot.

#4 Shayna Baszler


Baszler has retained her WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship with Nia Jax. She defeated Lana after losing to Naomi.

#5 Lana

Wrestling News

Lana and Naomi earned a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship opportunity. She defeated Nia Jax in the infamous “my hole” match before losing to Shayna Baszler.


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