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Top 5: Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch possesses unsurpassed confidence to match her finely homed athleticism. When she stands atop the ramp and the smoke comes up, you know Becky is serious. Becky is also a part of one of WWE’s most iconic yet legendary factions in the making “The Four Horsewomen” with Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte Flair. Having announced her pregnancy in April 2020, Becky stepped away from the ring to be a mom to her daughter Roux. Now that “Big Time Becks” is back and is champion, only time will tell if she can ever be beaten for the title she never lost. Here are my top 5 moments of Becky’s Career.

5. Becky Lynch wins the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble

Credit: WWE

Becky Lynch would look to capture the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Asuka this night as WWE looked to highlight Lynch as Asuka as one of the best female feuds the WWE universe would see that year. The match between Lynch and Asuka would eventually lead to Lynch taking an injured Lana’s spot in the women’s royal rumble that year and eliminating Charlotte Flair in the process to win the match and be the first woman main event WrestleMania that same year.

4. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair Last Woman Standing Match Smackdown Women’s Championship- WWE Evolution 2018

Credit: WWE

Becky Lynch looked to add layers to her “The Man” character as her feud with Flair was highlighted and the best thing going for WWE leading into WWE Evolution 2018. Flair and Lynch went to war in this match with each other using various weapons. This match highlighted a few important spots, including Flair locking in figure 8 to Lynch in a ladder, Becky landing a leg drop off a ladder, sending Flair crashing through a table. The match ended with Flair getting power bombed through a table ringside, giving Becky the Win. I do believe this match should have closed out WWE Evolution that year.

3. Becky Lynch Vs. Sasha Banks- Raw Women’s Championship- WWE Hell In A Cell 2019

Credit: WWE

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have squared off plenty of times on the main roster; however, this time, it was different as the newly reinvented “Blue Print” Sasha Banks was on the path of destruction, wreaking havoc on the Raw Women’s locker room at the time. However, when it came to Hell in A Cell, she made it clear that Lynch was her target. This was the best main roster match between Banks and Lynch today. Many of the WWE Universe, including myself, that Lynch was going to drop the title to Banks, but Lynch would prove that she was now “The Boss” of the Raw Women’s locker room as she retained her title in the match of the night.

2. Becky Lynch Vs. Charlotte Flair Vs Ronda Rousey – WWE Wrestlemania 35

Credit: WWE

While it may not be her greatest main roster match, it’s certainly the most important. The women got the chance to main event the biggest show of the year for the first time in history Wrestlemania 35. Fans wanted to just see Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey but Charlotte Flair was added to the mix which added more depth to the match considering her history with both women. The three women went out and put on a hard-hitting battle that was fitting of the main event slot. It did have something of an abrupt ending, as Becky’s rollup of Rousey fell kind of flat. Still, the whole match had the crowd on the edge of their seats despite coming at the end of a lengthy show. It also marked a historic night for Becky by becoming winner take all and becoming Becky 2 belts.

  1. Becky Lynch Becomes the 1st ever Smackdown Women’s Champion – Backlash 2016

Credit: WWE

The landscape in WWE for the women in 2016 was starting to get better as the women now called “superstars” were finally getting the same respect as their male counterparts. With the WWE draft happening in 2016 and Charlotte Flair getting drafted to Raw with the only women’s title, the Smackdown women were all on the hunt for gold. On August 23, 2016, Shane McMahon and then Gm Daniel Bryan would unveil the new Smackdown Women’s Championship and announce that the Smackdown Women at the time (Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, Naomi, Carmella, Natalya & Alexa Bliss) would also be competing in the first-ever women’s six-pack challenge. While the match might have only been 14 minutes, these six women proved why Smackdown’s women’s division was at its’ peak. Despite being overlooked and coming up short at her previous title opportunities, Becky Lynch would go on to make history by becoming the first-ever WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion by tapping out “The Princess of Staten Island” Carmella.

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