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Trinity Feels “Seen & Valued” In Her Career After WWE

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

IMPACT Knockout Trinity (formerly Known as Naomi) who debuted for the promotion last month spoke out about her walking out of WWE over creative differences.

In May of last year, Trinity walked out with her then-partner and best friend Mercedes Monè whilst holding the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship both of them were aggravated by the day’s events.

Once known as “The Boss,” Monè later changed her title to “The CEO” when she attended NJPW & Stardom promotions in Japan. This Saturday at Slammiversary, Trinity will face off against Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo for the knockouts championship.

Trinity was speaking to The New York Post promoting Slammiversary and was asked whether she could see herself working with Mercedes Monè again.

“I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else other than her, Whatever it is. I’ll always do what’s best for her, what’s best for me, and what’s best for business. If something comes up that makes sense for the both of us, hell yeah.”

In addition to highlighting Mercedes Monè, Trinity also mentioned people like Bayley and Tamina, a former Team B.A.D. teammate who frequently checked in on both Trinity and Monè.

“Other than Tamina & Bayley checking in on us regularly, that was it. We just had each other going through that. Nobody understands the magnitude of what happened and what really went on. And why we feel the way we feel and where we are but me and her and the people were involved that day. It just goes to show how real our friendship is and how real all of this is.”

What would the Glow’s future hold? The Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship may present a fantastic opportunity—possibly even in the mind of fans. We’ll find out on Saturday night.


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