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#TurnbuckleGlam – Week 1 (Jan 1-Jan 8)

We’ve arrived! It’s just been a week into the new year, and the looks just keep on coming! Let’s get started with Week 1!

Glam Special – These looks are all about the glam! For the glamorous, to the flossy, glossy!

Selfie Queens – Serving looks while serving face, this category is all about the selfie game!

Gear of the Week – Calling all show stoppers!! Looking good while putting on for the crowd starts with the ring gear!

Gym Hotties – Working out and looking good! Let’s stop and take a pic!

I almost didn’t make it this morning but I got it in💪🏾. Just working on this Vanity frame 💕#vanitytwins — Jaida Vanity (@JaidaVanity) January 9, 2022

All of the looks from this week and every week in January will be discussed once a month on our new fashion show: Turnbuckle Glam! The panel will include host Driune, Emily, Katrina, and myself! Stream Turnbuckle Glam Live exclusively here on Women’s Wrestling Talk!


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