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#TurnbuckleGlam Week 1 (Jan 30-Feb 5)

The first week of February and the love for looks in the air. Now, we know this is the month of love, and of course, love is on the brain. However, in this arena, we put looks over love. Catch the look, not feelings!

Glam Special

These looks are all about the glam! For the glamorous, to the flossy, glossy!

Gear of the Week

Calling all show stoppers!! Looking good while putting on for the crowd starts with the ring!

Selfie Queens

Serving looks while serving face, this category is all about the selfie game!

Gym Hotties

Working out and looking good! Let’s stop and take a pic!

Be sure to check out our Looks of the Week available here every Sunday! The looks from January Week 4 along with all the looks for this month will be discussed on #TurnbuckleGlam, Saturday, February 26 at 1 pm EST / 12 pm CST exclusively on Women’s Wrestling Talk!


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