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Wendy Choo Is A Keeper! WWE Cements Her With New Deal

Wendy Choo has been active with WWE since 2019. She has had a few different gimmicks during that time, including Mei Ying and Karen Q. According to Ringside News as reported from Fightful; It was in 2021 when Wendy signed a new contract with the corporation. After fracturing her left lateral malleolus, WWE gave her a new contract. It took Wendy two years to recover after she was hurt at an NXT house show in July of 2019

“Fightful learned that Choo was offered a new deal well before returning to WWE television as a member of Tian Sha, and the deal wasn’t signed until much later. The Mei Ying gimmick and the Tian Sha character were said to have been personal favorites of Triple H and had the backing of Shawn Michaels”

Tian Sha was dropped a few months later after Triple H lost his NXT authority and began having health problems. WWE Upper management felt Wendy Choo would thrive if given a chance, and they were pleased with her overall performance. WWE also did not provide any information on the length of the contract that was signed.

After watching Wendy Choo’s new gimmick, recently teaming with Dakota Kai, and the mischief she has been causing at the expense of Toxic Attraction, it is very easy to see why Wendy Choo was a favorite and was signed to an extension, even through an injury. We are excited to see where the Wendy Choo character goes in the future!


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