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Willow Nightingale Is #AllElite

All Elite Wrestling is back to its old ways of signing up talent. This time it is the women’s roster. Earlier this week, Dynamite opened with the news that Renne Parquette had officially penned a deal with AEW. But the signings did not stop there. Last night it was made official on AEW Rampage; Willow Nightingale is All Elite. 

After beating Baddie Leila Grey, the announcement was made that Nightingale had signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling. While her celebrations may have been cut short by a frustrated Jade Cargill, Willow took to Twitter to share her joy. 

I’m going to show this to my parents and they’re gonna be so happy Thanks for the love everyone💖 — Willow Nightingale (@willowwrestles) October 22, 2022

Last November, Willow made her debut in AEW in a tag match against Tay Conti and Anna Jay. Since then, Willow has gone from enhancement talent being used every few months to a regular on AEW programming. Nightingale has even found herself sharing a ring with Jade Cargill battling for the TBS Championship twice this year. 

After constantly proving herself as a strong in-ring competitor Willow has captured the attention of the AEW audience thanks to her bubbly personality and trademark smile. In a roster full of serious, no-nonsense wrestlers, Willow straddles the line between fun and serious in a way few women dare to try, let alone succeed. It is a persona sorely missing from most wrestling shows, particularly in AEW’s women’s division. As Willow herself puts it, spreading smiles through slams and suplexes.  

Those are my thoughts. What do you think of Willow Nightingale? Is AEW the right place for her? Who do you want Willow to face next? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from you! 


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