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WOW Co-Owner Jeanie Buss Shares Why She Continued WOW After Several Reboots

Jeannie Buss, co-owner of Women of Wrestling, recently discussed the company’s upcoming rebirth.

WOW and ViacomCBS announced a multiyear partnership in October 2021, and the network’s return has been paused and resumed. David McLane created the promotion in 2000, but it has suspended television production many times over the previous two decades. Buss discussed the initiative, which will return on September 17th, in a podcast for Variety Strictly Business.

“If women listen to that, then there would be no women’s sports at all. It takes promoters who believe and are prepared to invest, and a sustainable concept. We found the appropriate partner in CBS Viacom, and we’re launching in September with 100% of U.S. outlets. We’re overseas and in Australia, we’re picking up markets as we go along.

It’s one of those things where, if you build it, they will come. We need to put up a flag, and now we have the appropriate partner to give us the visibility we need to prove that women can generate viewers and be the draw. This is my investment in women and athletics, a sustainable approach that can last decades.

Buss responded affirmatively when asked if she’s gained insight from previous versions, “The product has always been strong, the storytelling, the wrestling, it was just finding the audience and making sure the women were properly trained and finding those stars. I fully expect that we will find the female version of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or John Cena, that this will be a launching pad for stars that really needed an opportunity to gain attention and gain an audience.”

Buss explained how a girl becoming the next Rock or Cena would help WOW, “fresh faces and new opportunities for women.” She said women’s wrestling is a little part of the sport and an outlet for women. “I am capable of carrying out the requested action. I am capable of being a robust individual.”


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