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WOW Superheroes: Season 1, Episode 51 Recap

WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes made an astounding impression on the wrestling world with their rebooted show on CBS affiliated networks in the United States and other platforms around the world. We have watched the best in women's wrestling take their skills to the purple mat and give their all. A year after WOW's reboot, the competition has gotten deeper for both the WOW World and Tag Team championships. Last week, we saw the dominant reign of Miami's Sweet Heat come to an extreme end by way of The Tonga Twins in a Falls Count Anywhere match. With The Fab 4 reeling from the Carlson Twins's loss, how will WOW World champion Penelope Pink change her game in the main event against Princess Aussie? Get into it with the WWT WOW Superheroes recap!

Tormenta (w/Sophia Lopez) vs. Chantilly Chella

Tormenta is an absolute force of nature as an iconic and accomplished luchadora from Guadalajara, Mexico. In this season of WOW with "The World's Greatest Attorney" Sophia Lopez, she has been in contention for the WOW World Championship and had barn burners with the likes of Princess Aussie and Jennifer Florez. This match with Chantilly Chella is no different. Being the straightforward warrior she is, Tormenta did not take too kindly to Chantilly's playful attitude and fun dance moves.

But as the match progressed, Chella proved that she is to be reckoned with her high flying and kick boxing abilities. Tormenta utilized her flexibility to escape a number of Chantilly's submissions, gave a series of clotheslines and executed double knees to Chella's abdomen. But the California bred superhero gained momentum after a series of kicks, a snapmare and a dropkick from the top rope. Though Tormenta fought back by wearing Chella down with a Boston crab and a body slam, Chantilly gained the upper hand by ducking Tormenta's knees from the top rope and hit a roundhouse kick for the win!

Winner: Chantilly Chella

BK Rhythm, Robbie Rocket and Gigi Gianni vs. Coach Campanelli, Randi Rah Rah and Ariel Sky; Gigi Gianni vs. Randi Rah Rah

This match was surprising due to the fact that BK Rhythm and Gigi Gianni had been carrying themselves well in singles competition over the past two weeks. But the idea of a six-woman tag match on WOW will always be exciting. As Gigi, BK and Robbie made their entrance with attitude, Randi Rah Rah made her entrance without her spirited team members. As she made her way to the commentary desk, WOW owner and commentator David Mclane asked Randi where Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky were to which she stated, "I don't know. I haven't seen them." With this development, Mclane decided to turn the six-woman tag match into a singles match between Randi Rah Rah and Gigi Gianni.

As the match got underway, color commentator and executive producer AJ Mendez kept teasing the idea of her helping Rah Rah which played with our emotions. Gianni tried to submit Rah Rah early by twisting on Randi's wrists, but Rah Rah used a cartwheel to maneuver out of the hold. But as she found a bit of a groove, BK Rhythm distracted Rah Rah, and Gigi took advantage by planting a second rope face buster on to the cheerleading coach from Florida. Randi's confidence was broken as she continued to look for Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky. Gianni added insult to injury by choking Rah Rah with her legs and the second rope before hitting her patented swinging sidewalk slam to end the match.

Winner: Gigi Gianni; Still no answer on the whereabouts of Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky

The Mother Truckers (Big Rig Betty & Holly Swag) vs. Las Bandidas (Sylvia Sanchez & Vivian Rivera) w/Sophia Lopez

A recap of the Mother Truckers' saga with "The World's Greatest Attorney" is shown as Lopez was responsible for bailing them out of jail after assaulting a man who had taken their precious Big Rig. Sophia told them that they would "owe her" something in return of her services. This match is the manifestation of that promise. Sophia came out with her tag team clients and the Los Angeles Police Department stating that if Betty and Holly do not lay down for the quick Las Bandidas victory, they would be arrested again. Just when it looked like Big Rig Betty was about to eat the pin for Vivian Rivera, her daughter Holly Swag kicks Vivian to break the count!

Swag executes an impressive hurricarana that threw Rivera out of the ring and led to both teams brawling outside. Sylvia Sanchez rained down clubbing blows to the Mother Truckers. As the action found its way back to the ring, Vivian and Sylvia isolated Big Rig Betty, and tried to submit her on multiple occasions, but her daughter Holly got the hot tag. Swag comes in hot with a savate kick and a clothesline to gain the victory for her and her mother. The celebration was short lived as Holly and Big Rig Betty were handcuffed. Free The Mother Truckers!

Winners: The Mother Truckers

Princess Aussie vs. Penelope Pink (w/The Fabulous Lana Star) for the WOW World Championship

A rivalry that stemmed from Penelope Pink and The Fab 4 bullying Kandi Krush, Princess Aussie stepped up to become the next contender for the WOW World Championship. As Penelope Pink made her entrance with mentor and WOW original Lana Star, her confidence did not seem shaken. Star was wearing black as she mourned the loss of the WOW Tag team titles, but Pink was locked in. Penelope immediately started a brawl with Aussie before the bell rang, and both women used pinning combinations to no avail. Pink then proceeded to attack Aussie by snapping her head into the mat and rocking her opponent with an electric chair maneuver on the apron. Penelope continued her vicious crusade by stretching and bending Aussie's legs across the ring posts.

It was an intelligent strategy as Princess Aussie's strength comes from her high-flying offense. Aussie shifted the momentum with chops to Pink's chest and a gorgeous cutter from down under from the top rope with a near fall. She even hit a reverse STO and another cutter from down under before Penelope Pink rolled out of the ring. The Fab 4's dastardly deeds took over as Lana Star distracted the referee to give Penelope the opening to use her WOW World title as a weapon against the Princess. After a hard-fought match, Pink retained her championship and celebrated with The Fabulous Lana Star before being interrupted by the return of The Beast! How will this pop off in Season Two?

Winner: Penelope Pink

For more coverage of WOW Superheroes, check out the Women's Wrestling Talk WOW Post-Show, hosted by WWT hosts Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller and I, Stephanie Hardy.

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