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WOW Superheroes: Season 1, Episode 52 Finale Recap

Season 1 of WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes was full of twists, turns, dark magic, high emotion, and dreams coming true. With their varied stories as to how they found wrestling, the audience related to the athletes' journeys that led them to find glorious purpose at the promotion founded by David McLane in 2000. After one of the most dominant stars in WOW history The Beast sustained an injury from a mystery assailant and had to relinquish the WOW World Championship, the entire roster sought to write their name in glory.

In the end, Penelope Pink would rise above them all to set the tone for the rest of the season at Los Angeles Comic Con in 2022. With her alliance with WOW OG The Fabulous Lana Star, the Tulsa enforcer Vickie Lynn McCoy, and Lindsay and Laurie of Miami's Sweet Heat, Pink proceeded to run roughshod over the locker room. But there was resistance from those who wanted to stand up to the Fab 4 and take away their gold in the process. Who ultimately stepped up in the end and found victory? Get into the Championship-themed, Season One finale recap of WOW Superheroes!

The WOW Journey of Princess Aussie

The episode starts with WOW play-by-play commentator Stephen Dickey narrating the story of Princess Aussie and her journey through WOW. As a young lady from Darwin, Australia, she was raised by a single mother who tried to make ends meet by teaching in Indonesia. Aussie would stay behind with Aboriginal/Indigenous Australians and Indonesians who embraced her as family though she was different from them.

After standing up for herself against a bully with a stick, she paid homage to her upbringing by making her entrance with the magical sticks to represent the unity her family had. But since those were taken and possessed by Siren the Voodoo Doll as a means of controlling Aussie, she realized that the fighting spirit lived within her and Aussie left the sticks behind.

The WOW Journey of Penelope Pink and The Fabulous Lana Star

Next up, we get a recap of the arrival of the WOW World Champion Penelope Pink. She described herself as "five foot two and full of Detroit sass." WOW icon and former champion Lana Star met Pink at a show and was intrigued by her beauty. Star made Penelope her protege and took her to Rodeo Drive to show her how beautiful people live. Lana would then take Pink to a meeting at CMG Worldwide, one of the biggest agencies in the world.

When signing the contract with Mark Roesler, agent to the stars, she stated that she was "a very big deal" just like CMG Worldwide. As an athlete, Penelope's motivation is to "embarrass every girl in front of her" and she expressed (or manifested) that with her toughness, she would be the WOW World Champion. Confidence or arrogance? You be the judge.

Match Replay: Princess Aussie vs. BK Rhythm from Season 1, Episode 20

This was Princess Aussie's first match after recovering from a stomach flu! She did not seem to skip a beat in this match against the brash BK Rhythm though. She was a resilient spirit. Since BK is the resident emcee of WOW, she dropped a couple of bars on Aussie stating her distrust of the Princess and her intentions to make her suffer with "kicks to her body." With WOW referee Paige Prinzivalli, the match starts with a traditional lock-up and Aussie works Rhythm down a headlock as they struggle for power.

BK targeted the wrists of Aussie, but the gorgeous royal broke the hold and reversed into another headlock. Rhythm shifted her body out of the lock and tried to target Aussie's wrists again, but she slapped BK's hands away. The woman locked up again, but this time BK took advantage by utilizing her strength to push Aussie into the ropes and elbow her in the face. Aussie and Rhythm then run the ropes until Rhythm runs into a dropkick and BK escapes a pinning attempt.

The emcee from New Orleans starts to play dirty by whiplashing Aussie's head and neck into the ropes and by stomping her chest in the corner of the ring. Rhythm kept the momentum going by kicking her chest and back. Aussie tried to fight back with a kick, but BK kept battling back with submissions and kicks. Princess Aussie found her second wind with a series of clotheslines and an astounding Indian death lock! After BK attempts to hit her Mic Drop finisher, Aussie breaks the full nelson pre-requisite, executes an arm drag, and hits her patented Cutter from Down Under and a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Princess Aussie

The WOW Rivalry Between The Tonga Twins and Miami's Sweet Heat

The storied rivalry between The Tonga Twins and Miami's Sweet Heat was a vital part of this season of WOW. The WOW Tag Team Championship tournament kicked things off in a major way as some of the best women on the roster put their heads together to win the vacant silver belts. Even WOW OG Jessie Jones had a whirlwind of a time as she traded tag partners left and right! But two teams rose to the tournament finals with a very special quality. The Tonga Twins (Kaoz and Kona) and Miami's Sweet Heat (Lindsay and Laurie Carlson) are twin sisters and this was herstory in the making as there had never been two sets of twins to face off in the ring before.

At first, the competition was friendly and fierce between the women, but The Fabulous Lana Star and Penelope Pink ruined an amazing match by hitting the Tongan powerhouses with mirrors! The Carlson Twins took advantage and became the WOW Tag Team Champions. Since that fateful day in November 2022, The Tonga Twins scratched and clawed their way to contender status. Miami's Sweet Heat aligned themselves with Star, Pink, and their enforcer Vickie Lynn McCoy to form The Fab 4: a team that prides themselves on glamorous living, bullying behavior, and underhanded tactics to keep their weight in gold.

Match Replay: The Tonga Twins vs. Miami's Sweet Heat: Falls Count Anywhere for the WOW Tag Team Championship from Season 1, Episode 50

After their many battles over the past year, The Tonga Twins and Miami's Sweet Heat finally sought to end their war with a Falls Count Anywhere match for the coveted WOW Tag Team Championship. The pink and black team made their entrance without Lana Star to everyone's surprise, but David Mclane mentioned that she and Vickie Lynn McCoy believed that they could get the job done on their own. As the match got underway, each set of twins traded blows back and forth as Miami's Sweet Heat stood on the apron. The Tonga Twins (Kaoz and Kona) then flipped Lindsay and Laurie over the top rope and slammed them on the mat! The imposing Tonga's would then clothesline the Carlsons out of the ring. The Miami starlets would gain a second wind, however, by throwing Kaoz and Kona into the barricade. This main event was a back-and-forth affair as both tag teams sought to destroy each other!

At a certain point, things even got extreme as Miami's Sweet Heat brought trash cans and steel chairs to punish The Tonga Twins! But Kaoz and Kona took the trash can lids and fought back viciously outside of the ring. It was enough to make a die-hard ECW fan happy! After Lindsay and Laurie got the upper hand with a series of double clotheslines, they tried to set Kaoz up for a mystery maneuver, but Kona beat them to the punch and saved her sister. The Tonga Twins threw Laurie over the top rope and dropped Lindsay's face into the steel chairs! As Laurie wobbled back into the ring, she met a savat kick from Kaoz and the Island sisters executed their patented Tonga Twist on the steel chairs onto Laurie for the well-earned victory!

Winners and new WOW Tag Team Champions: The Tonga Twins

The WOW Rivalry Between Princess Aussie and Penelope Pink

As Princess Aussie was gaining her confidence back, she befriended WOW Superhero and boxing expert Kandi Krush. They shared the unique experience of being possessed and tortured by Siren the Voodoo Doll, so they both decided to look out for each other. They even vowed to assist one another in their fighting expertise. Kandi Krush would then get the opportunity of a lifetime from WOW owner David Mclane to face Penelope Pink for the WOW World Championship. After she sadly lost, the Fab 4 attacked Krush to add insult to injury. Princess Aussie fought in Kandi's defense and vowed to personally beat the Fab 4 in order to teach them a lesson and take Pink's WOW World title. As Aussie and Kandi Krush defeated Vickie Lynn McCoy and Penelope Pink in tag team action, the royal beauty gained momentum in her journey. She would then go out to defeat McCoy in singles action in order to become the number one contender for the WOW World Championship. As Princess Aussie put it: "Vickie Lynn was my glass ceiling, and Penelope Pink is my reward."

Match Replay: Princess Aussie vs. Penelope Pink for the WOW World Championship from Season 1, Episode 51

After all the smoke had cleared and all the words were said, Princess Aussie was able to get her opportunity to prove that she is championship material against Penelope Pink. With The Fabulous Lana Star reeling from the loss of the WOW Tag Team titles the week before, Penelope Pink was focused and prepared to do whatever it took to keep her world title on Star's mantle. The Detroit bombshell brawled with the Princess early in the match and made various pinning combinations. Throughout the match, it was evident that Pink and Aussie studied each other in preparation for this high stakes bout. Penelope Pink was not in the mood for games as she executed a snap German suplex to Aussie through the ropes and gave her an electric chair to the ring apron.

Though Penelope kept being vicious to the royal one's legs, knees and confidence, Princess Aussie remained resilient after kicking out of Pink's rope assisted pin and hitting Pink with multiple chops and a cutter from Down Under from the top rope! Aussie almost won her reward with a series of clotheslines and a superkick, but Penelope would not give up that easily. Aussie also hit an impressive STO and another cutter from Down Under, but just when it looked like the title was in her hands, Pink used her ring awareness to roll out of the ring! A devastated Aussie watched as the referee argued with The Fabulous Lana Star to distract them, and Pink used the WOW World title as a weapon to attack the courageous Princess from behind and retain her gold.

But as Penelope and Lana celebrated the dirty win, the WOW fans were surprised with the return of the woman who never lost the WOW World Championship The Beast! She gave a double spear to Pink and Star and lifted the title over her head.

Winner and Still WOW World Champion: Penelope Pink

WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes Season 2 starts this weekend on Saturday, September 16th and Sunday, September 17th! Please visit to check your local listings and watch the episodes on YouTube as well!

And if you enjoy the action of WOW Superheroes, tune in to the WOW Post-Show hosted by WWT hosts Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller, and I, Stephanie Hardy live every Monday night! Our latest episode is posted below!


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