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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | DivaDadd-e

DivaDadd-e empowers WWE Divas fans like no other. Latrell Felix, known online as DivaDadd-e, is one of WWE 2K’s most famous women’s wrestling CAW creators. His lifelike creations of female wrestlers, mostly from the Divas era, on Community Creations have inspired women’s wrestling fans to play the annual WWE 2K games despite the game’s lack of playable female legends.

DivaDadd-e’s gaming channel has been up for a year, but he’s been making quality content since WWE 2K. He mostly posts game reviews and patch updates, which may include new clothing and hair options in the creation suite, which he likes as a creator.

He also teaches viewers how to create renders for custom superstars and CAWs as he becomes familiar with WWE’s games. Latrell occasionally hosts live streams to simulate Women’s Royal Rumbles and interact with his subscribers when he’s not uploading his creations.

Latrell idolized former WWE Divas Champion Maryse growing up. He also likes Saraya and AJ Lee.

Besides wrestling, he likes to show off “Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion,” a game based on the show he watched as a kid. He also has an older YouTube channel under his real name where he reacts to various types of music as a music enthusiast. He likes many genres, but avant-garde musician Allie X is a favorite.

DivaDadd-e’s content is great for wrestling fans, gamers, and music lovers as he grows his audience.


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