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WWT Celebrates Black History Month | Those Wrestling Girls

Queen PR and Krista B, known as Those Wrestling Girls, have built a wrestling community with 10K Twitter followers and 1.05K Youtube subscribers. They also highlight women’s wrestling, especially Black women wrestlers.

As Krista states, “Being Black means everything! It’s a powerful thing to be Black especially a Black woman in this wrestling community. Being able to be a voice of representation for those who didn’t know a voice existed like ours is a beautiful thing.” It’s amazing to see representation on screen with female wrestlers but it’s also important to see that representation in the community too as it has helped fans like myself to realize that the community is also inspiring.

Queen_PR states, “It is an honor to provide a platform like Those Wrestling Girls to uplift Black women and give a space to support Black wrestling as a whole. It means a lot to bring more of us into wrestling. Black girls of all ages reach out to us and thank us for making them feel seen as fans, wrestlers, etc. We will continue to bring more of us to a world that is mostly white and male.”

Queen PR undertook WWE media during the Royal Rumble, including the post-show conference with WWE superstars. While Krista B had the opportunity to be there for the Survivor Series press conference too. In October, they celebrated their 4th anniversary with a celebration event as well which is a great accomplishment to highlight. I love how they advocate for women’s wrestling, highlighting past, present, and future female wrestlers and wrestling fans. If you haven’t already, check out their content on your favorite platforms.


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