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WWT Interview | Avery Jax

Our view own Nickie Booshie sits down with upcoming star, Avery Jax. They discuss what got Jax into wrestling, sexuality, and dream matches. In addition, Jax talks about her love for gaming and being the one to watch in 2023.

Getting Into Wrestling

“I’ve always been a fan of watching wrestling. And I didn’t have the dream of becoming a wrestler, actually, until recently, probably, I want to say 2018- 2018 I started really, I got back into watching and started really making a character for myself and everything, trying to come up with names and everything. And then once I got out of the military, I figured why not? I just searched up schools, and here I am.”

Military Background

“The discipline that comes with the military is very – it correlates to the ring very well. Because you have to listen in there, listen to the vet, listen to the ref, and a lot the crowd to feed off of their energy and the discipline to be humble and to take in that information and not show off and, you know, not getting into your head.”

Biggest Inspirations

Jax names RVD as a big inspiration, joking about stealing his pose. As far as women inspirations, Jax names Lita, Becky Lynch, and Mercedes Moné. Not only is Moné an inspiration but she is also at the top of the list of dream matches for Avery Jax.

“Definitely. [Mercedes Moné] is number one on my list for sure.” Next, Jax names Mickie James as someone on that list as well. Jax brags about her style, and energy, saying, “I love everything about Mickie James!”

In addition to Moné and James, Indie stars Trisha Adora, Gia Scott, and KiLynn King are placed on Jax’s list of dream opponents.

Toughest Opponent

My toughest opponent, I’ll have to give it to Billy Dixon. Because he pushes me – he pushed me to my limit every time, every single time. I’ve wrestled him twice so far.

Jax says that Dixon is always pushing them and they “always produce magic.” In addition, Jax goes on to name Damaris Dawkins and Jordan Blade as their favorite opponents.

Being Black and LGBTQ+ in Wrestling

“It’s very difficult because a lot of people are against you, I feel like you have a tougher hill to climb in a position like me and like other fellow wrestlers that are in my position as well. Because I look at it as having already two strikes against you. And then as a third strike with being a woman, so it’s always tougher for us, but I use it as motivation.”

Jax leaves some words of advice for those struggling with confidence and living in their truth.

“My advice is just to not worry about what other people think so much. Because I did that early on in my life and wasn’t able to live my true life and be my true self.”

Be sure to check out the full interview available now.


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