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WWT Rankings: 1st Quarter 2021

The world couldn’t wait to change their collective calendars from 2020 to 2021. The wrestling world was no different. The first quarter of 2021 was an exciting time. The WWE was preparing for WrestleMania, AEW added a new show, Impact Wrestling was being taken over by AEW, and more independent wrestling promotions were starting back up again. Check out these women’s wrestling rankings from the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast. Leave your comments down below and follow us on Twitter for even more women’s wrestling rankings, news, interviews, and more.

WWE Women’s Wrestling Rankings

These rankings are for all WWE promotions combined. Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and NXT UK women have been grouped together. The WWE women’s wrestling rankings include the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and Fastlane along with all the weekly television shows leading up to WrestleMania.

#1 Sasha Banks

Bleacher Report

The Boss held the top spot in the WWE and in women’s wrestling overall for the first quarter of 2021. As the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, she is set to square off with Bianca Belair at WrestleMania. Her only losses came with Belair as a tag team.

#2 Asuka


Asuka held the WWE Raw Women’s Championship but was disrespected and didn’t wrestle very often in January, February, or March. Her tag team with Charlotte dissolved, but she remains near the top because of her abilities.

#3 Io Shirai


The NXT Women’s Champion holds down the #3 spot. She took on all comers and proved why she belongs at the top of the NXT Women’s division.

#4 Bianca Belair


Bianca Belair won the Women’s Royal Rumble match and had a great start to 2021. She failed to capture the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships with her WrestleMania opponent Sasha Banks.

#5 Kay Lee Ray


The NXT UK Women’s Champion deserves some respect. She defeated the veteran Meiko Satomura to hold onto her title and is a legitimate contender.

#6 Alexa Bliss


Little Miss Bliss has gone to the dark side. She didn’t wrestle much because she was dealing with a social media stalker, but when she returned she defeated future Hall of Famer Randy Orton. She should have had a title match at WrestleMania .

#7 Xia Li


After getting a new gimmick, Xia Li went on a tear at the beginning of 2021. She was winning almost every week and probably deserved a title shot against Io Shirai.

#8 Charlotte Flair

Cageside Seats

The Queen had a lot of losses in the first quarter of 2021. After the angle with Lacey Evans and her father Ric Flair, she ended up getting COVID-19 just when it looked like she was in line for a title shot at WrestleMania.

#9 Meiko Satomura

What Culture

This Japanese legend signed with WWE’s NXT UK brand. Her reputation speaks for itself although she did suffer a loss to NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

#10 Raquel Gonzalez


This big bad Texan is a force to be reckoned with. She mostly wrestled as a tag team with Dakota Kai, but she was granted a title match against Io Shirai at WWE NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver after winning both of her singles matches.

AEW Women’s Wrestling Rankings

All Elite Wrestling had one of the busiest first quarters of 2021 with their Revolution pay per view, AEW Dynamite on Wednesday, AEW Dark on Tuesday, and now AEW Dark: Elevation on Monday. We also had the Women’s Eliminator Tournament on top of all that. This is one of the strongest women’s divisions in wrestling.

#1 Hiraku Shida


The AEW Women’s Champion went undefeated in the first quarter of 2021 until the very last day when she lost a tag team match. Shida successfully defended her title against Ryo Mizunami and Abadon. She is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world.

#2 Thunder Rosa


Thunder Rosa is one of the most impressive athletes in wrestling. She racked up several wins in AEW and also competed in the NWA and had a time limit draw in a steel cage match in the company she owns, Mission Pro Wrestling. Her lights out victory against Britt Baker was epic. Rosa is not an official part of AEW’s rankings system, but she is worthy of this spot.

#3 Tay Conti


Now an adopted member of the Dark Order, Tay Conti was on a tear in the first quarter of 2021. She was a member of the 10-win club and rose to the top of the AEW women’s division.

#4 Red Velvet


Red Velvet has been stirring it up ever since Brandi got injured and Velvet had to replace her in the match with Cody against Shaq and Jade. She went 9-1 in the first quarter of 2021 with her only loss coming in that match.

#5 Ryo Mizunami


This Japanese superstar won the AEW Women’s Eliminator Tournament to make a big statement. She didn’t beat Shida for the title, but racked up several wins after coming to AEW from Japan this year.

#6 Penelope Ford


Penelope Ford was a force to be reckoned with. She went 4-0 in singles competition in AEW and also got married to Kip Sabian on Dynamite.

#7 Jade Cargill


Jade Cargill demanded attention before she ever set foot in the ring. She teamed with Shaq to defeat Red Velvet and Cody in her debut match and then followed that up with an impressive singles debut.

#8 Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.


Britt Baker has established herself as one of the best wrestlers in AEW. She lost in an epic lights out match to Thunder Rosa, but gained a lot of respect at the same time.

#9 Big Swole


Big Swole went undefeated in AEW in the first quarter of 2021. She picked up wins in singles, tag team, and trios matches.

#10 Nyla Rose


“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose had mixed results in the first quarter of 2021. She lost in the finals of the women’s tournament, but still looked impressive.

Impact Wrestling Women’s Rankings

Impact Wrestling has been holding their regular events without fans. They have a competitive women’s division with a few ladies even going undefeated in the first quarter of 2021. These rankings include the weekly programming and the PPV Hard to Kill.

#1 Deonna Purrazzo


Deonna Purrazzo has held the Impact Wrestling Women’s Championship since late 2020. She has looked impressive in singles and tag team competition.

#2 Rosemary


Rosemary went 4-0 in Impact Wrestling in the first quarter of 2021. Outside of the promotion she holds the Smash Women’s Championship and wrestled for SWE.

#3 Jordynne Grace


The small but mighty Jordynne Grace went undefeated in singles competition in Impact Wrestling during the first quarter of 2021. She has also competed on the independent circuit.

#4 Jazz


Jazz made an impressive return to Impact Wrestling in 2021 and has faced just about every woman on the roster. She finally got her shot against Deonna Purrazzo but suffered a loss.

#5 ODB


ODB is another veteran who returned to Impact Wrestling’s women’s division with mixed results. Her reputation earns her this spot, but she will need to use her experience to climb Impact’s rankings.

Independent Women’s Wrestling Rankings

2020 was a rough year for independent wrestling. Some promotions held events without fans and now fans have slowly been returning to more promotions in early 2021. There are hundreds of independent women’s wrestlers out there working their booties off and it’s good to see more and more of them returning to the ring.

#1 La Rosa Negra


Until the NWA makes a bigger comeback and ROH brings back their women’s championship, Mission Pro Wrestling is considered the premier destination for independent women’s wrestling. As Mission Pro Champion, the Black Rose went undefeated in the first quarter of 2021. Be sure to check out her feisty interview on WWT.

#2 Ivelisse


You may know her for her tag team success in AEW, but Ivelisse is the Shine Champion as well. She defender her title against Allysin Kay in January 2021 and lost by DQ to Deonna Purrazzo to keep her Ladies Night Out Title in February.

#3 Haley J


“Hollyhood” Haley J may not be a household name, but she holds the OVW and IWA Mid-South Women’s Championships. With more than a dozen wins in the first quarter of 2021 she had more official wins than any woman in the business.

#4 Serena Deeb


The NWA Women’s Champion only competed in AEW in the first quarter of 2021. She went 2-1 including a successful defense of her title against Tay Conti. Serena became injured but will have to face the intimidating Kamille for the title at some point.

#5 Christi Jaynes


This talented Brazilian superstar went undefeated at 6-0 in the first quarter of 2021. As SWE Women’s Champion, she successfully defended against many legitimate contenders, including Amber Nova, Malia Hosaka, Miranda Gordy, and Su Yung.

#6 Su Yung


Most fans know Su Yung (or Susie or Susan) from Impact Wrestling. She is also the FSPW Jewels of Wrestling Champion, the ICW Women’s Champion, and the ARW Bombshells Champion.

#7 Labrava


Labrava has not received enough national attention. She is the OCW Women’s Champion and the POW Ladies Champion. Labrava is a member of Controversial Inc. and competes in CCW. She recently had a ladder match and some hardcore matches.

#8 Vicious Vicki


Vivacious Vicious Vicki is the TCW Goddess Champion which is a strong name for a title. She went 3-0 in the first quarter of 2021 and successfully defended her title against Gabby Ortiz and Dani Grey. She proves there is room for more than one Vicki(e) in ladies wrestling.

#9 Mazzerati


Mazzerati had a rough start to 2021, losing the OVW Women’s Championship to Haley J. Mazzerati held onto the FSW Women’s Championship and competed in the Say It Loud event.

#10 Masha Slamovich


When she’s not busy on Pro Wrestling Pets, this Russian superstar is the only woman besides Haley J to have at least 10 wins in the first quarter of 2021. The GSW Soul of Syndicate Champion competed in 10 separate promotions from January to March, which may be another record.

It was tough to narrow down the list to just the top 10. Here are #11 through #20. Check out #21 through #30 exclusively on Twitter at @WWTRankingsDude.

#11 Mickie Knuckles – Girl Fight Championship

#12 Kamille – #1 contender, NWA Women’s Championship

#13 Skye Blue – ZERO1 USA and CSW Women’s Championships

#14 Selina Rose – ALW Ladies Championship

#15 Nina Monet – Anarchy Women’s Championship

#16 Promise Braxton – ROW Diamonds Division Championship

#17 Kacee Carlisle – BCW Women’s Championship, Queen of Valkyrie Championship

#18 Brooke Valentine – ZOWA Women’s Championship

#19 Tina San Antonio – NYWC Starlet Championship

#20 Evelyn Carter – SOAR Women’s Championship

Women’s Tag Team Rankings

The first few months of 2021 saw the return of the Impact Women’s Tag Team Championships and the inaugural NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Not many independent tag teams have had a lot of matches this year so these rankings are heavy on the bigger promotions for now.

#1 Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler


Nia and Shayna have been on a roll this year, going undefeated in tag team competition even though their singles careers have both been lacking. They seem to be past having to worry about Charlotte and Asuka and now they won’t have to defend their titles in NXT either.

#2 Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz


After winning the Impact Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament, the team of Fire N Flava has stayed hot. The only other consistent tag team in Impact has been Havok & Nevaeh, but they couldn’t get the job done and broke up at the end of the quarter.

#3 Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon


In March 2021 William Regal decided to create an NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship and award it to Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai. That team lost those titles in their first defense to Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon, after defeating them in the finals of the Dusty Cup.

#4 Diamante & Ivelisse


After winning the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament in 2020, the team of Diamante & Ivelisse remained red hot in 2021. Their only loss came to the random but successful pairing of Red Velvet and KiLynn King.

#5 Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai


The team of Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai won the inaugural women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament on Valentine’s Day. They were awarded the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships by William Regal, but lost them the same night to Shotzi and Ember.


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