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  • The Tonga Twins Are Free Agents & WOW Responds

    The Tonga Twins (Kaoz & Kona) announced via X that they are no longer with WOW (Women of Wrestling) They had been with the promotion since 2021and were at the last TV taping in December. The former tag team champions said in their post, that they will be giving details on their exit soon. WWT reached out to the WOW Team and they responded with, "No comment." Where do you want to see the Tonga Twins next? Check out our interview with The Tonga Twins below:

  • House of Style: Taya Valkyrie Edition

    Taya Valkyrie has always been gifted in the ring. However, she has another amazing talent. Her keen fashion sense always adds something special to her in-ring persona. Women’s Wrestling Talk wants to go down memory lane, to show the many looks that Taya has had throughout her journey in wrestling. How these looks always told a story. AAA Wrestling: Wera Loca Era During her time in AAA Wrestling, Taya had a lot to prove. She was the only woman in an all-male stable Los Perros del Mal and needed to prove herself as someone who was not to be messed with. She had a badass look with the signature bandana, blonde and red hair, a jeweled bralette and dark jeans. Very Chola and certainly made her stand out from the luchadors on the roster. Very quickly Taya earned her stripes and the nickname Wera Loca. Lucha Underground Era: Lucha Underground was a time for Taya to bring out more of a character-based gimmick, while still staying true to what made her popular in AAA. We start to see fur coats and boots during her time in Lucha Underground. Definitely fits the style of her tag partner in the company, Johnny Mundo. Impact Wrestling Championship Era: Elsa Inspired gear from Taya as a villain at this particular era in her career, Taya took on the role of an ice queen and wore the crown proudly. This also spelled a very successful first run in Impact. NXT Franky Monet: This NXT era brought on a new character and a new look. A glamorous, valley girl that came with her own accessories. Including a pocket-sized dog. Franky Monet was the Beverly Hills, Starbucks, Gucci purse wearing character that I’m sure Taya was excited to explore. Return to AAA: After her stint in NXT, Taya Valkyrie went back to her roots and walked back into AAA wrestling looking better than ever in the ring and proved that the Wera Loca was back. The over-the-top costuming was back with puffy robes that made her look larger than life and the belle of the ball. Taya was welcomed back by fans with open arms. Return to Impact: After dipping her toe back into AAA wrestling, Taya felt that something was missing, a little bit of gold that used to adorn her waist. Oh, that’s right, her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. So she had to go back to Impact Wrestling and get it. We see a serious, hair pinned back, blazer-wearing, Taya make her impact return and fulfill her mission to become a four-time Reina de Reinas champion. The Death Dollz faction After capturing several championships after returning to the indie scene and Impact Wrestling, it seemed like Taya wanted to take a break from the solo title hunt and have some fun. So she joined forces with Jessicka and Rosemary and became the Death Dollz and really took it to the other Knockouts. The brightly colored dressed, yet imposing team made you want to run off to Hot Topic and copy their look whenever they were on screen. MLW Featherweight Champion Era: Taya’s return to the indies with a stop in MLW and she quickly captured the featherweight title and dazzled in her amazing in-ring attire. Usually a singlet with a peek-a-poo look to the midsection accompanied by a badass jacket. AEW Era: It is no surprise that a lot of fans felt that Taya’s star had risen even more as she was dominating the indie scene and collecting more titles than Thanos was collecting gem stones. So when AEW signed her, it was no shock to the fans. Taya brought that amazing ring attire that we know her for and even added in some new looks with the long flowing black jackets covered in chains and rings and black body suits. Very bold attire to fit with that experienced, confident Taya who had her sights on taking the TBS championship from Jade Cargill. There’s no denying that Taya has a great sense of style. She studied fashion at the art academy based in San Francisco to give her all of the tools that she needed to start her own fashion line Loca. Regardless of what your favourite era of fashion Taya has showcased, one thing is for sure, there are so many more evolutions in Taya’s style still to come! Check out our interview with Taya and John Morrison from a while ago:

  • The Golden One: Cassandra Golden

    A talented woman who has been trained by Lance Storm and Action Jackson. With seven years of experience, Casandra Golden has held the CWFM women’s championship, the XIW women’s championship, bayou wrestling and the All-Caribbean women’s title. She is someone to keep your eyes on as a future star. Hailing from Little Rock Arkansas, Cassandra made her debut in 2017. Since her debut, Cassandra has been making the rounds on the indie scene. Memphis Wrestling Cassandra has been an important part of the recent women’s roster in Memphis Wrestling. Facing off against women like Nyxx, Diana Taylor, Amber Rodriquez and current women’s champion Mackenzie Morgan. Even holding the women’s title belt in 2022. Also having the honor of being the first woman to enter the Grind City Rumble in 2021. All Caribbean Wrestling In this promotion, Cassandra has shown that she can really win the fans over with her radiant personality that truly resonates with a crowd. While still bringing it as a dominant competitor. Even when she’s facing off against powerhouses like WOAD and Vanessa Kraven. Cassandra became the All-Caribbean Women’s champion when she faced off against Mazzerati this past September. All Caribbean Wrestling has showcased the golden one well and I see a noteworthy title run for her in this promotion. AEW debut Cassandra Golden was able to compete against one of AEW’s best in the women’s division, Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark in 2020. In this match, Cassandra really showed off her strength. With her height and stature, she has an advantage over Shida in many parts of this match. Even though she didn’t win the match, Cassandra showed that she was able to hang with the 2nd highest-ranked women in the company at that time. This great showing allowed Cassandra the opportunity to face off against Allie and Britt Baker a few months after. Impact Wrestling Debut Cassandra Golden was able to have some time in Impact when she made her debut in April 2020 against Kylie Rae. All of these accolades and victories prove that The Golden One is someone to watch!

  • The 5 Star Athlete: Ruthie Jay

    - The 5-star athlete is putting on high-flying matches that leaves the crowd gasping as they’re on the edge of their seats. Ruthie Jay is bringing an exhilarating fire to the indie circuit and allowing that to sprinkle over into the NWA. As a stable member of a very impressive women’s division. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Miami Florida, Ruthie Jay learned English at four years old, by watching wrestling and saw the universal language that pro wrestling can bring to any household around the world. She received her formal wrestling training from ex-WWE Superstar Gangrel. Beginning her in-ring career in 2020. Coastal Championship Wrestling Cutting her teeth in this Florida-based promotion,  Ruthie Jay now has grown confident in her abilities and has become THAT girl and has the cocky attitude to match. A transition from her babyface persona in NWA. She has faced off against rising stars like Amber Nova, Lindsay Snow and Freya the Slaya. Her cocky bravado paid off because she currently holds the CCW women’s title. She also received the honour of being ranked 2023’s Female Wrestler of the Year for the promotion. Missile drop-kick wrestling Ruthie Jay is making waves in the Missile Drop Kick promotion based in Michigan, where she holds the women’s title. Making her a two-title Champ!! NWA Under the tutelage of agents like Jazz, Ruthie Jay’s explosiveness and diversity of wrestling styles that she displays are improving and it shows that she has a solid foundation to become a premier wrestler. This was evident in her opportunity to face off against current NWA women’s champion, Kenzie Page at the Samhain PPV last October. This match was definitely must see, and Ruthie challenged Kenzie to keep her eye on her as the year went by. Seeing as they might meet again. Whether it’s in CCW, NWA or any other promotion, Ruthie Jay is making a mark and showing why she is a 5 star athlete.

  • Ase Wrestling: Taking You Back, While Looking Forward

    Asé. A Yoruba philosophy that embodies the power that makes things happen and produces change. I certainly think that this is fitting for such a promising promotion as Asé. Started in 2023, and based in North Carolina, Asé Wrestling is a very exciting wrestling promotion that aims to become a territory that can help put North Carolina on the map, as a mecca for pro wrestling again. Asé Wrestling owner Darius Lockhart hopes to bridge the gap between wrestling legends and younger talent to create a proper ecosystem. A chance for fans to have some of the best wrestlers come together to showcase some good ole’ wrasslin. To bring back great storytelling and let the pops linger more with the people than the bumps. Recently, in an exclusive interview with WWT, Darius Lockhart talked about legendary storylines in wrestling that stuck with him. CM Punk and Samoa Joe during their ROH days was cited. I was excited to hear this because I miss storylines like that on the indies. This was a period in the industry when wrestlers were able to have the time and the fans' attention to really build a feud that took you through different cycles and acts. That left you full and satisfied as a viewer. Feuds that are studied, admired and talked about for decades to come. So this is refreshing to know that Asé wrestling is bringing this to the table and deems the pageantry and ebbs and flows of a well-crafted story to be a priority from its inception. Asé’s first show On December 1, 2023, started off with a bang. When it showcased two powerhouses like Trish Adora and Aja Kong as the main event for the inaugural show. The bar was set high, and I believe that Asé will continue to meet those expectations. This weekend, Asé prepares to put on their second show and has a card that will make you want to scream and shout! This black history month celebration show will feature: Movie Myk vs Ian Maxwell Mia Friday vs Jada Stone Women’s Tag Team Action King Bees vs Joseline Navarro & Brooke Valentine Sony Kiss vs Yahya Darius Lockhart vs Darius Carter AND The Main event Pan Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling championship match Suge D vs Caprice Coleman The winner of this match has to face off aganist O'shay Edwards the following night. So this is definitely going to be a battle for sure. Before the show, fans will be treated to a meet and greet with Ron Simmons and Teddy Long Also, a live performance from rising Charlotte artist CYANCA I can’t fail to mention that our very own Professor Gerard Bonner is the Asé correspondent and has been keeping up to date with everything that will be happening for Saturday's show. If you can’t be there in person, please do yourself a favour and stream the event online right here: Check out this awesome preview package, for this Black History Month Celebration, to get you revved up before the event And check out our interview with Darius Lockhart:

  • Spreading Smiles & Suplexes: AEW Star Willow Nightingale

    Debuting in 2015, Willow Nightingale burst onto the scene with a smile that lights up the room and a powerbomb like none other. She is definitely someone to remember. Hailing from New York, Nightingale was trained by Mike Mondo at the New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC) school and became very popular on the indie scene. In 2019, Nightingale went by the name EyeCandy and became a WOW Superhero for a short period before signing to AEW and ROH in 2021. One of the matches you should definitely check out is her match with Athena. Nightingale also held the NJPW Strong Women's Championship for 45 days before dropping it to Giulia in 2023. Nightingale is one to watch as she gains momentum on AEW. You can also check out our interview with Williow before she signed with AEW.

  • The Women Behind a Journalistic Revolution: Sojo Bolt

    Former wrestler, notably in TNA, Shine and OVW, Sojo Bolt faced off against wrestling titans like Awesome Kong, during the founding of the Knockouts division.  She also holds the record for the most reigns for the OVW women's title. With a whopping seven reigns. These were all amazing feats, but her work behind the camera, to create safe and professional platforms for female wrestlers is truly remarkable. In the 2010’s, Sojo put on her hosting hat and started up a brilliant series on entitled Diva Diaries. Which were in depth interviews with female wrestlers like Jazz, Jessicka Havok, Candice Lerae, Taeler Hendrix, and ODB. This allowed female wrestlers and personalities to have a comfortable space to be asked questions about the wrestling business that they’ve loved so much.  Questions that were filled with integrity and admiration for what these women accomplished. This was momentum due its timing. Right before the wrestling podcast boom where we were spoiled with interviews from women, this wasn't always the norm years prior. There weren’t any Conrad Thompson’s at the time to really break down memorable career moments in wrestling. Sojo took this on and helped to fill the need for female wrestlers not getting this insight into this his career. There was also level of understanding, compassion and comradry that Sojo Bolt had to really make her guests open up about all of the highs, lows and twist and turns they endured in the industry. Sojo Bolt, we thank you for the care and effort you put into showcasing your fellow female wrestlers. We here at Women’s Wrestling Talk salute you and your contributions to women’s wrestling!

  • The First Lady Of PROLIFIC : Ruthless LaLa

    She goes by many names; the First Lady Of Prolific, MzWhatThatLariatDo, and Mz International, however, most people know her as Ruthless LaLa who hails from Beat A Hoe, NY. Lala has been in the game for over 20 years and has wrestled Jordynne Grace, Savannah Kiah Dream, Nicole Savoy, Tasha Steelz, Diamanté, Mercedes Martinez and so many more. Not just handing out beatings to women she also beats up on the men as well. Ruthless LaLa may have the most lethal lariat in wrestling and her brawling style has brought many to their knees. As the First Lady of PROLIFIC, she commands your respect. Make sure to check out our interview with Ruthless LaLa and check out her Twitch channel. Follow us on Twitter: @wwtalkpod If you enjoy WWT content, you can donate to the site here.

  • The Metallic Voice of NXT: Alicia Taylor

    The former drummer for Kelly Osbourne, Tracy Chapman and Selena Gomez, Alicia Taylor brings all of the rock ’n’ roll feels that you need when you tune into NXT. Her razor-sharp voice sends chills down our spines when she introduces the up-and-coming talent in WWE today. From a very young age, Alicia wanted to be either a musician or a wrestler. Memories of her taking her to wrestling matches when she was four years old still linger. Taylor signed with WWE in 2018 (after having a successful Youtube channel, where she interviewed wrestlers called Heavy Wrestle) and started working on NXT, as a post-show host. In 2019, Alicia replaced Kayla Braxton to become a ring announcer for the brand and the rest is history. When she’s not using her voice to to announce matches, Alicia has been known to pick up the drumsticks and open up a PPV with a kickass solo. Or compose drum covers of wrestlers' theme songs During the NXT 2.0 era, Alicia Taylor hosted the What’s Next WWE Youtube show, alongside McKenzie Mitchell. Further showing how she is truly a Jill of all trades!! Her gravity defying hairstyles and sparkly suit jackets, always makes the former goth teenager in me smile and remember why I fell in love with wrestling. It’s a place for the rebels, the rogues and badasses like Alicia Taylor. Keep rocking on and giving us some more of your metal style!!

  • The Women with the Golden Voice: WWE's Samantha Irvin

    As the voice of WWE’s red brand RAW, Samantha Irvin has captured the WWE audience. A singer, flutist, and avid Michael Jackson fan, this self-proclaimed longtime wrestling fan has been showing us how magical WWE can feel when the right voice is capturing the action. She signed with WWE in 2021 and moved up to the main roster in 2022. Samantha is a ring announcer for this generation who revs up the crowd with her distinct voice that gears us up for every match. She has built up a reputation for announcing some of the bid dawgs on the roster like the head of the table, Roman Reigns like no other. Recently, there was controversy over her distinct style for introducing Chelsea Green. It was taken away, but the fans demanded that this unique announcing of Chelsea be brought back. That truly goes to show how much influence Irvin has on bringing a certain energy to entrances of beloved WWE superstars. Her giant, bold voice has made such an impact on fans, that they look forward to seeing WWE release footage of her announcing wrestlers online. Or seeing her reaction to legends coming back like The Rock. Samantha Irvin has made an impact in WWE, and we will continue to look forward to hearing her get the crowd pumped for some of the best events in wrestling for 2024!

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