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  • Rhodes to the Top Aftershow Season 1 Episode 6| WWT Network

    It’s the Season Finale of Rhodes to the top and Leslie Colon @lesliecolon_ & Emily Mae @emilymaeheller are here to break everything down! Grandma Rhodes is excited to meet her new granddaughter and has some special holly water for her. Meanwhile Brandi is working on her come back and getting back into the ring. Cody is unsure of what is next for his career and we are left with so many questions. Stay tuned as we celebrate this big ending!

  • On The Scroll 📲 With Ayla 💃🏾 Ep 5

    Ayla Fox keeping you up to date on all women’s wrestling social media buzz This week: shining, lost luggage, a return, new clothes, and a boss baby

  • Mickie James For The Win! IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021 Full Show Review Podcast | WWT

    Hosts TK Trinidad & Cain McCoy break down Impact’s Bound for Glory

  • The IInspiration Wins Big At Bound For Glory

    The IInspiration are the new Knockout Tag Team Champions after defeating Rosemary and Jessica Havok of Decay at IMPACT’s Bound For Glory. Formerly known as the IIconics in WWE, they teased their arrival at Knockouts Knockdown last month, and the duo made their debut tonight. Cassie Lee (Peyton Royce) and Jessica McKay (Billie Kay) have not been on the wrestling scene since their WWE release earlier this year. The pair have been highly present on social media, leaving fans questioning which promotion they could show up. Lee and McKay have been side by side since their NXT run and taking over the tag team division on the main roster. The IMPACT Wrestling locker room went crazy after the news broke out, as they are ready to shake up the entire Knockouts Division in the company. Before their release from WWE, the duo spent their last months in the singles division. After losing to Riott Squad, they separated themselves from the tag team division. Instagram: @JessicaMcKay During an interview with IMPACT’s Press Pass, Lee and McKay spoke about their new team name and why they signed to IMPACT Wrestling. “So, I will say, Chelsea [Green] was so helpful because she is everywhere,” said Lee. “We were able to bounce ideas off her and ask how everywhere was like. She was a huge help for us because she is just in everyone’s locker room, which is so great.” McKay added that IMPACT’s tag team division was the most significant factor in helping their decision. “The Knockouts tag team division is just on another level. They take care of the women in Impact. They are showcased. There is a tag team division with multiple tag teams, which Cassie and I pride ourselves on being a cohesive tag team. So that was a big factor, but it also had to feel right. That was a big thing for us. We wanted it to feel like the perfect fit, and Impact is the perfect fit for us.” As far as choosing their tag team names, McKay shared that it was difficult trying to figure which name would fit them. “There were many names thrown around. Some of them were good, some horrible, but it was about balancing stuff bizarre and seeing what sticks. Cassie, I will give props to her. She produced The IInspiration from Bring It On, a classic film. We have seen it a million times,” McKay uttered. “They called themselves ‘inspiration leaders,’ and she loved that and told me about it. Furthermore, I was like, ‘That is amazing.’ It stuck. It felt us, and it was so crazy. Now we say ‘inspire’ one hundred times a day, and I never knew that. So, of course, we are saying the word all the time. It fits for us.” Now that The IInspiration are tag team champions, their reign could seamlessly be IICONIC! #CassieLee #ImpactWrestling #JessicaMcKay #TheIInspiration

  • Legend Mickie James Talks About EmPower and Who Her Possible Opponent Will Be At NWA 73

    Women’s Wrestling Talk catches up with 9x Women’s Champion, Executive Producer, and Singer/Songwriter, Mickie James. We talk about the first thing she did after she was released from WWE, her game plan for an opponent for NWA 73, and who look out for in EmPower, the all-women NWA card which will take place on August 28 th at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis. #wrestlingblog #prowrestling #womenswrestling #wrestling #womenswrestlingtalk

  • Sasha Banks Dream Opponents & Deonna Purrazzo Wants To Match With Britt Baker / WWT News : 10/

    Hosts Stephanie Hardy & Ella Jay breakdown the latest in women’s wrestling news for the week.

  • WWE Crown Jewel Watch Along

    Join hosts TK Trinidad & Driune Santana as they watch WWE’s, Crown Jewel.

  • Bell To Belles & WWT Presents : PWI Women’s 150

    Co-owner of Bell To Belles and Contributor for PWI Kristen Ashly breaks down PWI Women’s 150 with hosts Emily Mae, Katrina Blake, TK Trinidad, Driune Santana & Ella Jay.

  • Rhodes to the Top Aftershow Season 1 Episode 5

    We’re one episode away from the season finale of Rhodes to the Top and Baby Liberty has made her debut! Join hosts Leslie Colon @lesliecolon_ & Emily Mae @emilymaeheller as they break down episode 5. Brandi has her in laws over to watch dynamite but there is a lot of tension between them. Tune in as we break down all of the moments that happened in this episode.

  • Top 5: “Smiley” Kylie Rae

    There’s something for everyone when it comes to wrestling; the stories, the epic matches, or the characters/gimmicks themselves. The industry has a plethora of different gimmicks, ranging from muscular ruffians, sexy badasses, and comedic characters. Then there’s ‘smiley Kylie Rae’, who somehow is a perfect mixture of a fun loveable badass. During her time in the wrestling business, Kylie Rae has made a name for herself in larger promotions such as AEW and Impact. However, I’d understand if wrestling fans have forgotten this fun character. As lovely and amazing as she is, her run in these larger promotions was cut short per her wishes. After taking a break to focus on herself and mental health, “Smiley Kylie Rae” has recently returned to the wrestling world. For those that haven’t kept her on their radar, or maybe don’t know of her at all, I’d like to highlight my personal top five Kylie Rae moments. 5. Kylie Rae vs. Jordynne Grace (Title Match Wrestling – Ladies Night Out 2) I never expected Jordynne Grace to be a perfect opponent for the small Smiley Kylie Rae. Looking at these two women individually, you’d believe that Jordynne would absolutely destroy Kylie. However, this match was continuously neck and neck, with both women pulling out all the stops to get ahead. Uncharacteristically, Kylie Rae even began taunting the crowd and her opponent once she started to lose momentum. This match allowed both women to showcase their athletic power and ultimately ended with Jordynne powerbombing Kylie Rae to defeat. WATCH IT HERE: 4. AEW Debut Early in 2019, at AEW’s Double or Nothing Pay-per-view, Kylie Rae made her Debut. Her debut match included Britt Baker, Awesome Kong, and Nyla Rose, unfortunately ending in a losing effort. Kylie’s first AEW match itself is not the reason that this moment made my list, however. I have a personal connection to this particular event. My first introduction to the wrestling industry was my boyfriend showing me Rae’s Double or Nothing entrance. Not the match, not the media scrum, not even the highlights. Just her entrance. Her positivity and contagious smile filled me with excitement and anticipation. I wanted to see more. Not to mention, Kylie Rae debuting at an event like Double or Nothing allowed more eyes to see her, and thus expanding her wrestling career. 3. Kylie Rae vs. Orange Cassidy (Beyond Wrestling) A match between two comedic-style gimmicks might not always make the most entertaining fight. However, Kylie Rae and Orange Cassidy were able to make it work to their advantage. They started the match off with comedy while not overdoing it, then moved seamlessly into a more serious, competitive style to finish. Both wrestlers were able to showcase their incredible athletic ability and comedic, fun characters. This match is definitely worth a watch. WATCH IT HERE: 2. Kylie Rae vs. Thunder Rosa (Warrior Wrestling 2021) Anyone who has watched wrestling recently knows what an absolute monster Thunder Rosa is inside the ring. She’s driven, athletic, and very competitive. While Kylie is bubbly and sweet, she also has a competitive streak when it comes to wrestling. Booking these women against each other was a perfect decision. Their chemistry was unmatched compared to other matches I have watched of Kylies. Their athleticism shined in a new light and allowed both women to go at it in the ring. Their match included perfectly executed maneuvers, moments of Thunder Rosa’s sass, Kylie Rae’s “Happy to be here” mentality, and a plethora of brutal chops. I can say with 100% certainty that this match delivered on all accounts and is a perfect example of how women’s matches can, and are, as entertaining as the men. WATCH IT HERE: 1. Kylie Rae retains her Warrior Wrestling Championship On Saturday, June 5th in the Windy City of Chicago Illinois, Kylie Rae made her return to the ring after a 7-month hiatus from leaving Impact Wrestling. Her scheduled opponent was none other than Thunder Rosa. However, this perfect matchup would not come to fruition as Kylie Rae would instead face Holidead. This change of competition did not lower the excitement for this match. The setup was perfect. Kylie Rae made her return to wrestling in the Windy City, her hometown. The moment her music started fans erupted with ear-piercing screams. I was lucky enough to view this event in person. There’s no way I could even begin to describe how wholesome this moment was. Kylie had the biggest grin as her eyes filled with tears. The fans were screaming and smiling as they laid their eyes on one of their favorite women return to her passion. Oftentimes, we forget that wrestlers aren’t just their characters. They are real human beings with feelings, emotions, and struggles. Kylie Rae has never hidden her struggles from the fans or media. All too often, I see comments or posts saying that Rae should leave the industry for good and that her off-and-on behavior is unacceptable and unprofessional. As someone that also struggles with mental illness, I do not condone that mentality. Kylie Rae has done the difficult, but necessary task of taking care of her mental health. #JordynneGrace #WomensWrestling #KylieRae #OrangeCassidy #NWA #AEW #ThunderRosa

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