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  • King Bees in Your City: King Bees

    Charity King and Danni Bee are dynamic on their own, but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes vicious opponents of one another, many times supportive partners who will go to the ends of the earth for one another. Their shared history is already something to draw you into the world of this tag team. King Bees have been together for two years and have had some awesome matches on the indie scene with teams like Bougie Reality (Madi Wrenkowski and Rache Chanel) and Men’s Revolution, in Mission Pro Wrestling. The synergy, and chemistry that these women have together is must see and something that can make them one of the stronger tag teams going into 2024 and beyond. Charity King Known as both the beauty and the beast, hailing from Houston, Texas. A state that has been going back to their roots over the past three years and producing outstanding wrestlers. Charity King is certainly in that category. King has been trained by some of the best wrestlers from the great state of Texas. Legends like Jazz and Booker T. Even former ROH world women’s champion, Athena has given Charity a few tricks of the trade. So, it’s no surprise that she would have that gritty, hard-nosed style in the ring. With just three years under her belt, Charity is showing that she is a prime candidate for one of the most promising stars in wrestling right now. She’s also using that insane strength and agility to compete in intergender matches that are putting the men on notice. Danni Bee Hailing from Oklahoma and making her wrestling debut in 2020, Danni has that Midwest charm and warm smile but will hit a switch and take her opponent limit in the ring. She made her AEW debut, against the megastar Jade Cargill, during her TBS championship run in 2023. Danni's hard work has paid off as she is currently, the New Texas Pro women’s champion. A solid wrestler, that I believe can have a great run as a babyface in the future. King Bees NWA Debut At the request of NWA producer Jazz, King Bees were handpicked to take on Pretty Empowered. Pretty Empowered thought that it was a joke. Until they stepped foot in the ring with these ladies. Immediately the crowd was taken with the Killer Bees and erupted in a way that even the commentators had never seen for a debuting team. The cohesion that both women have is unmatched. The differences that they bring are refreshing, because it allows us to see what both women bring to the table. I see a bright future for King Bees as a tag team and it’s great for two reasons. One, it allows us to have a strong female tag team to draw from, which is not always easy to find. Especially on the indie scene. Two, this level of representation is not always easy to find in modern tag teams. Or to be honest, never for black female wrestlers. They’re not carbon copies of one another. Both women can and ARE thriving with their solo ambitions. However, when they choose to join forces, they move mountains.  Be sure to look out, because the King Bess will be coming to your city!! Check out this recent WWT interview with one-half of King Bees, Charity King.

  • Looks That Can Kill: Kaci Lennox

    Model and wrestler, Kaci Lennox has been on the wrestling scene since 2016. Born in Baltimore at the age of 18, she started training and then moved to Florida to take her skills to the next level. She trains out of Team Vision Dojo and she had matches at NXT, AEW and Impact (TNA Wrestling). Lennox has also held several championships including the most recent RPW women's championship. Not only is Lennox an amazing single competitor she is also part of a tag team called Vicious Vixxens with tag team partner Sahara Se7en. For any booking inquiries, please email Lennox at Check out our latest interview with Kaci Lennox: If you enjoy WWT content, you can donate to the site here.

  • A Jill of All Trades : Ariane Andrew

    Multi-hyphenate Ariane Andrew fka Cameron is a former WWE superstar, writer, director, actress and the creator of the wrestling promotion Pound Town Wrestling. She started on the 2011 season of Tough Enough and later partnered with fellow WWE superstar Naomi to form the tag team Funkadactyls. Andrew was also a cast member on the hit show Total Divas from 2013 to 2015. She was later released from WWE in 2016 after she made a move down to NXT. During her stint away from wrestling, Andrew started acting and directing. To a lot of people's excitement in 2020, we saw her return to the ring at AEW but that was only a one-time thing. We then saw her pop up again at the 2022 WWE Royal Rumble as well. Her latest business venture is Pound Town Wrestling (PTW) which debuted its first show in October of 2023. Check out our latest interview with Ariane If you enjoy WWT content, you can donate to the site here.

  • Kick First, Ask Questions Later: MLW's Featherweight Champ Janai Kai

    Pro wrestler and martial artist, Janai Kai aka The Kick Demon started her wrestling career in 2017. She has wrestled for several wrestling promotions such as Game Changer Wrestling and Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling. Kai’s debut on MLW in 2023 put everyone on notice when she dethroned Delmi Exo to become the new MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion. Being managed by the “Empresaria of Lucha,” Salina de la Renta has proven to be a great choice for Kai. There are a few things for sure, Kai's kicks are deadly and this is only the beginning for her. Make sure you tap in and show her some love. Check out our latest interview with Janai Kai: If you enjoy WWT content, you can donate to the site here.

  • Daphanie LaShaunn: WWE's Trailblazing Referee

    Daphanie LaShaunn fka known as Aja Smith made history by becoming the first Black female referee to work a WrestleMania match. She also held the 24/7 title for a very brief time. Recently she was featured in the WWE 2K24 Video Game. LaShaunn started as a wrestler in 2013 and began her career at WWE in 2020. She became a ref and go her start at NXT. You can now see her on the main roaster breaking up fights, coming correct with the 3 counts and breaking barriers. Check out our interview with Daphanie before she become a WWE referee. Follow us on Twitter: @wwtalkpod If you enjoy WWT content, you can donate to the site here. You can listen to all of our podcasts by following us on Spotify and subscribing to our YouTube Channel, or any of your favourite podcast platforms. Listen to the podcast on… Apple & Spotify

  • A Damage CTRL without Bayley?

    At Crown Jewel, everyone was in shock as they saw the shocking return of Kairi Sane when she came to assist Iyo Sky in her title defence against Bianca Belair. This was none more shocking to anyone more than Bayley. She had a foolproof plan for IYO’s match and did not get the advance notice that Kairi would be back in the company. Let alone a part of Damage CTRL. So Bayley took this matter public on this week’s episode of Smackdown. Bayley felt a bit slighted by this plan to bring Kairi into the fold. Possibly a bit bewildered by the level of secrecy that Dakota Kai and IYO had to bring a whole new member into the group. Especially, a new member that was trusted to help assist in such an important for the faction Champion. A sense of guilt is running through Bayley as she reminds Damage CTRL that the last time that she’s seen KAIRI was when she brutally attacked her in July of 2020. Dakota Kai assures Bayley that Kairi has long forgotten about that attack and that they didn’t tell Bayley about the plan for Crown Jewel because they wanted to lighten her load. All the while Kairi looks like she definitely remembers the attack and is just waiting for the moment to strike. After this heart-to-heart, we later see a match between Damage Ctrl versus Charlotte Flair, Bayley and Asuka. Unfortunately for Belair, this is a repeat of Bianca being attacked again by her tag partner Asuka. We see a reunion between former tag members Asuka and Kairi. Something that is clearly another shocker to Bayley. How much does Bayley not know about the future of her faction? Could this be the foreshadowing of Bayley’s last days as the leader of Damage CTRL? Or is it just a happy family welcoming in a new member that acknowledges Bayley’s ranking within the faction? Time will tell what Bayley’s fate is. Check out all of the twists and turns from this shocking Smackdown involving the twists and turns of Damage CTRL If you enjoy WWT content, you can donate to the site here. You can also visit our Merch store You can listen to all of our podcasts by following us on Spotify and subscribing to our YouTube Channel, or any of your favourite podcast platforms. Follow us on Twitter: @wwtalkpod

  • Ronda Rousey Looks To Turn Wrestling Revolver Into A Rowdy Affair

    debut You'd be halfway right if you thought that Ronda Rousey’s match at this year's SummerSlam was the last time you’d see the rowdy one in a wrestling ring. It may be the last time we see her in a WWE ring, but it won’t be the last time she steps in a wrestling ring. After making a surprise appearance at a Lucha VaVoom event a few weeks ago and teaming with her fellow Four Horsewomen Marina Shafir, Rousey may be looking at being a constant fixture on the West Coast independent scene. Wrestling Revolver announced on Twitter (its momma named it Twitter; we gonna call it Twitter) that Rousey would be headlining their upcoming Revolver Unreal event on November 16th. What’s interesting is that not only is Rousey headlining the card, Wrestling Revolver is pulling out all the stops with the card. Names such as Jon Moxley, The Rascalz, Swerve Strickland, Chris Bey and others are set to appear and give us some unique, highly anticipated matchups; however, that’s not the biggest takeaway from this event. The biggest takeaway is that Wrestling Revolver is putting a focus on women with this card. Ronda is probably the biggest mainstream name on the entire card. However, Wrestling Revolver is taking advantage of that star power and ensuring that they highlight multiple women. The main event is Rousey and Shafir teaming up against Ring of Honor Women’s Champion Athena and her “minion” Billie Starkz. Athena has been one of the most consistent performers in women’s wrestling over the past year despite the lack of promotion and accessibility to watch her work. Interestingly enough, Rousey and Athena have never squared off against each other despite both being in WWE at the same time. Athena also helped Rousey get back in ring shape for her most recent WWE run. Add in the two wildcards of Billie Starkz and Marina Shafir and we have the recipe for possibly the best tag team match of the week. Also, Masha Slamovich will take on Jacob Fatu in one one-on-one action. Slamovich has proven that it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman she will step into the ring with anyone and put on one of the best performances of the night. Add in one of the most dominant forces in MLW’s history in the form of Jacob Fatu, and you have the recipe for a beautiful car wreck. Wrestling Revolver has teased many more appearances for the event. The one thing we know about pro wrestling is that anything can happen, and anybody can show up at any given moment. Tickets for Wrestling Revolver: Unreal are still available. If you’re not in the Los Angeles area on November 16th, then be sure to catch the event live on FITE TV.

  • The Eventual Turn of Billie Starkz: ROH’s Twisted Allyship

    Over the past few months, we’ve seen Billie Starkz in Athena’s corner. This organic friendship turned into a twisted, manipulative allyship when Athena announced that she would be turning Billie into her minion in training. The bubbly, joyful Billie had to be broken down and ripped apart to become what the Women’s World Champion wanted. There has been progress with this, Billie even fully embracing becoming a minion for Athena. Thinking that Athena would provide that mentorship that she’s seeking. However, I don’t think that Billie thought that it would get to the point where we see Billie lose that beautifully optimistic spirit that we know her to have. Last week, when Athena berated Billie to the point when she was at the edge of tears and needed consoling from Lexy Nair, you could see something snap in Billie. Even though Billie provided an assist in helping Athena retain her title against Mercedes Martinez last week, you can see that Athena’s disapproval has broken her. With the complexities of Starkz still seeking the approval to make her feel like she belongs on the ROH women’s roster. However, this brokenness in Billie shows that she doesn’t just want to regain the trust of Athena again. She wants to use that trust against Athena later. You can see that Billie is putting on a face to mask her newfound disgust for the tyrannical Athena. Who has admitted that she will yell, scream, hit and humiliate Billie if she needs to to get Billie to become the violent monster that she craves. The thing that Athena may not be counting on, is that this killer that she might be trying to create will come for that title and destroy her creator to obtain it. Do you think Athena will figure it out before it’s to late? Check out our interview with Billie Starkz:

  • Sukeban Signs Saree to Multi-Year Contract

    This week has already started off on a surprisingly exciting note, as the newly formed US based Joshi Wrestling promotion, Sukeban has announced that they have signed another amazing wrestler. Regarded among the most talented wrestlers in the world, Sareee joins the star-studded Sukeban roster. Sareee will make her Sukeban debut at the company’s second event in Miami, this December after choosing to join the Cherry Bomb Girls stable. According to the press release from Subekan: Sukeban, a Japanese female wrestling league, today announced that it has signed Sareee to a multi-year contract, with the world-class performer set to debut at Sukeban’s second event, which will take place next month in Miami. Sareee today announced that she has chosen to join her longtime friends in Sukeban’s Cherry Bomb Girls stable. In her Sukeban debut match, Sareee will take part in a Special Attraction Four Way Match pitting one member from each of Sukeban’s four stables. The match will see Sareee (Cherry Bomb Girls) take on Countess Saori (Dangerous Liaisons), Atomic Banshee (Vandals), and Babyface (Harajuku Stars), with one fall to a finish. Joining Sukeban’s roster marks the return to the United States for Sareee, a former WWE performer who is widely regarded as one of the most talented and underutilized pro-wrestlers in the world. Sareee epitomizes the spirit of All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, serving as a link to the glory days of Joshi pro-wrestling. The announced card for Sukeban's Miami event so far includes: Sukeban World Championship Match Ichigo Sayaka vs. Commander Nakajima Special Attraction Four Way Match Sareee vs. Countess Saori vs. Atomic Banshee vs. Babyface Sukeban will release more details about the upcoming Miami event in the coming days. For more information, visit and follow Sukeban on Instagram, Tik Tok, and X at @sukeban_world.

  • All Caribbean Wrestling Presents Mobay Bash

    On November 4th, the promising upcoming promotion, All Caribbean Wrestling had another blazing hot show, Mobay Bash, which was held in tropical Montego Bay, Jamaica. Women’s Wrestling Talk’s own Gerard Bonner was on commentary alongside Caprice Coleman to call this stacked card. After throughly enjoying this match, I think that it would be a disservice, to not the discuss the women’s matches for this event. Vanessa Kraven vs Savannah Evans In this match, that is certainly a testing of power and brute strength between Vanessa Kraven and Savannah Evans, we have ACW Women’s champion, Mazzerati at ringside; rooting on her pal Kraven. The fans are in for a surprise when Red Velvet comes out as the guest referee for this match. Definitely a good call for a match that needs a referee that won’t be intimidated by the giants in the ring. Both women start off this match sizing each other up and trying to knockout one another down, even Savannah picking Kraven up doesn’t work. Vanessa pulls off a very impressive Samoan drop, that puts the power in her hands. A crazy effective cannonball drop knocks the wind out of Savannah. However, it doesn’t completely take out the tough as steel Savannah. Both go blow for blow with each other and even hits each other with a boot to the face to knock both women off of their feet. Mazzerati tries to interfere and gets on the rope to hit Savannah, but accidentally hits Kraven instead and Savannah gets a quick pin to get the win. In the future, this may create dissension between Mazzerati and Kraven. Especially, considering the strong desire that Kraven has to hold that title. I’m very interested to see how their friendship looks after this loss for Vanessa Kraven. Cassandra Golden vs Mazzerati Cassandra getting that love right off the bat was cool to see. Certainly a fan favorite on the roster. The ACW women’s champion, Mazzerati doesn’t care about getting the fan’s approval, she has been able to hold that title for 300 days and she just wants to walk out of this match as champ. Cassandra is happy go lucky in general, but doesn’t allow herself to be taken advantage of in the square circle. She’s honestly mopping the floor with Mazzerati. Vanessa Kraven comes out to be at Mazzerati’s side, but realistically, to also observe how the champ does in this match. Mazzerati takes time out of the ring to gain her bearings and comes back strong. Using quick moves to take it to her bigger, taller opponent. Mazzerati bringing a bit of strong style maneuvers into this match was very impressive. Cassandra makes a comeback and has the fans on the edge of their seats. Will we see a new champ? Mazzerati pulls off a northern lights suplex that puts her back into the game. But doesn’t get the pin. A frustrated Mazzerati grabs her belt. This shows to be a grave mistake, as this gives Cassandra time to recover and pull off a spine buster to get a pin. Quite a shock to the fans, but it didn’t stop them from showing their excitement. Congratulations to the new women’s champion “The Golden One” Cassandra Golden! Be sure to check out everything that All Caribbean Wrestling has to offer on their Youtube channel And check out our interview with the creator of All Caribbean Wrestling JB Cool and AEW star Red Velvet!

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