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    NXT – Sept 5 Kiana James v Tiffany Stratton - NXT Women's Championship Tiffany knees Kiana's midsection, she bounces off the ropes for a leapfrog then a cartwheel to land on her feet. Kiana goes for a clothesline, but Tiffany does her matrix move to avoid it. Tiffany goes for Kiana's arm; Kiana works for an impressive reversal. Kiana has Tiffany's arm and just like Kiana, Tiffany goes for very unique reversal. Tiffany leans by the ropes causing the referee to have Kiana break it up, Tiffany uses the middle ropes as leverage to pin Kiana, the referee notices and stop the count. Kiana takes the opportunity to roll up Tiffany, using her gear as leverage which the referee notices too, he doesn't begin to count. Tiffany hits Kiana from behind, bounces off the ropes for the double knees to Kiana's back. Tiffany takes to kick Kiana in a corner several times, she goes to do it again, but Kiana reverses it, hitting Tiffany's face on the turnbuckle. Kiana goes for should tackles and a close clothesline. She knees Tiffany in the back, has her in place for a submission that Tiffany reverses it into a submission of her own. Kiana is able to reverse it, she holds on to the ropes as Kiana lands on her feet. Kiana goes for clotheslines; Tiffany gets closer to the ropes to have the referee separate Kiana from her. Tiffany takes advantage of it, throws Kiana to a corner, does her cartwheel elbow, when she goes for the stomp, Kiana has it scouted and pins Tiffany instead. Tiffany goes for a pin too, Kiana is able to do a bridge to break it, Tiffany throws Kiana towards the ropes, they both back to hit each other at the same time. Tiffany goes towards Kiana's bag; she kicks Kiana away from her. Tiffany goes to use the bag, she misses it, Kiana goes for her finisher to pin Tiffany, Tiffany rakes Kiana's eyes then goes for finisher and victory. The Man Becky Lynch showed up on the screen following the contest. She discussed her next goal, which is to win the one championship she hasn't yet. Next week's main event featured Lynch challenging Stratton for the NXT Women's Championship. Astrid’s Point It was refreshing to see the championship match opening the show, I did enjoy the dynamic between them, the reversals, the cheating one after the other and Tiffany being able to take advantage of it. I truly loved seeing Becky to announce the championship match for next week plus main evening the show. I am so excited for this match to happen and hopefully Becky works with a few of the ladies to help them grow. Thea Hail (with Jacy Jayne) v Gigi Dolin Earlier tonight, Jacy and Thea were backstage, Thea is excited for Becky's arrival next week. Thea has a new look; Jacy is telling her to look at herself in the mirror. This caused Gigi Dolin to speak briefly backstage, and Blair Davenport entered to add a few words of her own. Later that evening, Dolin would face off against Hail. Thea has a new attire; Jacy is instructing her to drop the megaphone and not to do the Chase U pose she usually does for her entrance. They begin with arm drags, Thea has Gigi on the mat, kneeing her arm. Thea has a submission; Gigi reverses it into a headlock. They begin for a leapfrog sequence; Thea stops Gigi who reverses it with a crucifix pin. Thea bounces off the ropes for a head scissors, Gigi runs the ropes to hit Thea with a hip thrust. Gigi runs the ropes again to hit Thea with a double stomp, but Thea had moved. Thea drops Gigi, runs to a corner after her, Gigi catches her. Thea elbows Gigi who kicks Thea three times. They are reversing each other's move, Gigi runs to the ropes, Thea swings around Gigi's body and settles for a Kimura lock. Gigi holds on, reaching for the bottom rope, she reaches the bottom rope and takes herself outside. Thea goes after her with another Kimura lock. Gigi throws Thea to the steel post, Gigi takes her down, pulls her inside the ring. Blair arrives with an assist, Thea returns to the Kimura lock, Gigi taps. Jacy celebrates with Gigi as Blair mocks Gigi for the loss. Astrid’s Point I like how we are already seeing changes in Thea's attire and wardrobe due to Jacy's influence; it was so weird to see Gigi losing the way she did due to Blair's interference. I would like to see what other changes we get from Thea's character due to Jacy. I can't wait to see Blair v Gigi one on one as I liked their chemistry during the number one contender match last week. Roxanne Perez, Kiana James Segment In the women's locker room, Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria are having a conversation. Kiana James arrived enraged following her defeat by Stratton at the beginning of the show. This resulted in James and Perez fighting. Astrid’s Point After the number one contender's match, I had a feeling we would get a mix between those ladies as per earlier, we are seeing Gigi v Blair and Roxanne v Kiana. This would get an opportunity for Kiana to learn from Roxanne's experience too. Kelani Jordan & Lyra Valkyria Segment Later, Kelani Jordan and Valkyria were seen conversing. Jordan was upset about losing to Dana Brooke the previous week. When Brooke showed up, she commanded Valkyria to stop inflicting negative thoughts on Jordan and to leave. Brooke and Valkyria have next week's schedules already. Astrid’s Point I like how Dana first is really upset about the loss last week plus now being jealous of Lyra teaching Kelani instead of her. I would like to see Kelani turn heel on Dana from the frustration she has grown on her and to see something different from Dana.

  • Saraya Spills On The Outlook Of Her Championship Reign & More

    There's been much discussion about the decision to make Saraya AEW Women's champion, and what that means for the rest of the division. Many wonder how lengthy this title reign will be, and if the champ's health will prevent her from defending the title consistently. While Saraya will certainly aim to silence her doubters, she is still basking in her big victory at Wembley. WWT CEO TK Trinidad caught up with Saraya during Starrcast weekend as they spoke about what's to come as the new AEW Women's champion. "Hopefully long and entertaining for everybody. I mean, I don't know where it's gonna go. I don't know if I'll lose it in a week's time. I don't know. But I'm just really happy that after nine years I never thought I would ever hold a championship again. I never thought I would wrestle again. And so yeah, just having that moment in Wembley in the UK where I'm from. It's just, that it was special. So I can end tomorrow and I'll be happy that I had that moment." An unforgettable moment was for Saraya, almost a year later to her AEW debut. A year the champ feels prepared her for this title run after a nine-year layoff. Saraya very well could have been shot to the top of the card but is happier with her slow and steady build-up. She aims to gain as many title reigns as she possibly can and continue building the AEW Women's division. "A year ago, I definitely was not ready. I don't think that would be very fair for anybody either if I came in straight away and won the championship straightaway. From my standpoint, considering I've been out for five-plus years and then all of a sudden I'm just like, okay, can win a championship? Yeah, it wouldn't be too fair. I liked the way it started. I liked the slow build to it. I was very fortunate that I got to go into a big storyline with Britt Baker. I mean she was and is one of the top girls of the company, first ever signing with AEW. So yeah, I was very fortunate when it came to that, but I liked that it took me a year to get it. So it gave me a little bit more of a build and a fight, fight fight for it. And there were girls in between that got the championship. I felt like yeah, now was the perfect time." The champ discussed some passion projects in her future including hosting, reality TV, and a book on the way. However, her immediate attention is on accumulating more gold. Saraya even has her eyes set on other promotions and some notable champions outside of AEW. "Oh my gosh, well WAW (World Association of Wrestling) of course, I don't know about indy promotions. But I would love to go against Trin (Trinity Fatu). I mean, maybe I carry the AEW, and then take the Impact Championship off her, and then I'll go to New Japan take that championship too and I'll carry them around. I'm like Thanos with championship belts. Bring it on" Saraya certainly sounds ready to be swimming in gold and is already campaigning with Tony Khan to add Women's Tag Team or Women's Trios titles to the division. You can watch the full interview below and give us your thoughts in the comments on what you would like to see from Saraya's AEW Women's Championship reign.

  • #IMPACTRecap Episode 999 and Victory Road Results

    Before we get to Victory Road, the chaos on the 999th episode has been the talk for days. The conversation on social media continues to show no remorse for Eddie Edwards. Ahead of her match at Victory Road, Knockouts World Champion Trinity is smashed into a table by Edwards himself. Causing quite an uproar, many take to Twitter to bash the actions of Eddie Edwards. Some fans suggest that Trinity's husband Jimmy will not be too happy about it. Before the incident, Alisha Edwards refers to Trinity's husband and jokes that there is nothing he can do about it. These two Knockouts may have only been acquainted for a brief time but it feels that this feud cuts more profound than many were expecting. In the opening match, Deonna Purrazzo defeats Dani Luna. The Virtuosa gains a win ahead of her match at Victory Road. On the other hand, Dani Luna impresses the crowd yet again and becomes someone to watch. Gisele Shaw leaves a message to MK Ultra as Savannah Evans and herself look to take those titles. Unfortunately, Shaw and Evans come up short one more time. Victory Road Results MK Ultra retain against Shaw and Evans. As hard as Shaw and Evans fought, MK Ultra seem to be unstoppable. Is there any team that can break down the bond of the champions? As Jordynne Grace returns, Deonna Purrazzo calls her out for a fifth match. Going into this match, Grace has taken four losses to Purrazzo. Now, Grace needs to prove herself against her biggest rivalry After Victory Road, let the record books show that Jordynne Grace has finally defeated Deonna Purrazzo. 1-4. The feud between these Knockouts will be one of the greatest in history. These two find themselves on opposing sides as they gear up for #IMPACT1000. With the help of her husband, Alisha Edwards is looking to make her mark in the division. Unfortunately, Victory Road is not the place for The Edwards family. Trinity accidentally knocks out referee Allison as Eddie Edwards takes advantage. This time, Trinity is greeted with the help of Traci Brooks and Frankie Kazarian. Trinity gets her revenge on Eddie Edwards, smashing him into the table. Shortly after, Trinity retains defeating Alisha Edwards. As the division continues to heat up, who will be the next opponent for Trinity?

  • Rampage Review: Tension Between Shida and Britt Baker Grows

    It's Friday night, and you know what that means? Time for another Rampage Review. This week's Rampage dishes out a triple dose of women's action as Britt Baker, Hikaru Shida, and Skye Blue team up to take on Anna Jay, The Bunny, and Taya Valkyrie. The Match As both teams make their way down to the ring, it is clear that one is more cohesive than the other. Skye Blue starts the match in complete control but is soon overtaken after The Bunny tags in Taya Valkyrie, who lands some devastating chops. The Final Girls dominate, showing some synergy, making quick tags back and forth, cutting Skye Blue from her corner. We return from the commercial to see Skye finally get the hot tag to Shida, who runs wild taking out. Skye Blue saves Shida from Falling Down the Rabbit Hole, allowing Britt to make the blind tag and nearly steals a win from The Final Girls' hands. Some slight confusion sees Britt collide with Shida, knocking her out of the ring. The Doctor manages to recover and slaps on the Lockjaw to get the submission victory for her team. They may have scored the win, but Shida leaves the ring alone, feeling slighted by Britt's actions. Final Thoughts A decent match, the trio's match continues to further the tension between Shida and Britt heading into their fatal four-way match at AEW Grand Slam in a few weeks. However, this is a superficial storyline at best, one that is probably only building as far as Grand Slam. Valkarie slotted nicely into the 'heavy hitter' role she played during the match. Honestly, it is something that I would like to see more of going forward. With the exception of Nala Rose and Jade Cargill being nowhere near TV since losing the TBS title, few people on AEW's roster are better suited to that dominant role than Taya. Those are my thoughts. But what did you think of this week's episode of Rampage? What are your thoughts on the Shida vs. Britt feud? Has it got you excited for the fatal four-way at Grand Slam? Let us know what you think. We love hearing from our readers.

  • WOW Superheroes: Season 1, Episode 51 Recap

    WOW (Women of Wrestling) Superheroes made an astounding impression on the wrestling world with their rebooted show on CBS affiliated networks in the United States and other platforms around the world. We have watched the best in women's wrestling take their skills to the purple mat and give their all. A year after WOW's reboot, the competition has gotten deeper for both the WOW World and Tag Team championships. Last week, we saw the dominant reign of Miami's Sweet Heat come to an extreme end by way of The Tonga Twins in a Falls Count Anywhere match. With The Fab 4 reeling from the Carlson Twins's loss, how will WOW World champion Penelope Pink change her game in the main event against Princess Aussie? Get into it with the WWT WOW Superheroes recap! Tormenta (w/Sophia Lopez) vs. Chantilly Chella Tormenta is an absolute force of nature as an iconic and accomplished luchadora from Guadalajara, Mexico. In this season of WOW with "The World's Greatest Attorney" Sophia Lopez, she has been in contention for the WOW World Championship and had barn burners with the likes of Princess Aussie and Jennifer Florez. This match with Chantilly Chella is no different. Being the straightforward warrior she is, Tormenta did not take too kindly to Chantilly's playful attitude and fun dance moves. But as the match progressed, Chella proved that she is to be reckoned with her high flying and kick boxing abilities. Tormenta utilized her flexibility to escape a number of Chantilly's submissions, gave a series of clotheslines and executed double knees to Chella's abdomen. But the California bred superhero gained momentum after a series of kicks, a snapmare and a dropkick from the top rope. Though Tormenta fought back by wearing Chella down with a Boston crab and a body slam, Chantilly gained the upper hand by ducking Tormenta's knees from the top rope and hit a roundhouse kick for the win! Winner: Chantilly Chella BK Rhythm, Robbie Rocket and Gigi Gianni vs. Coach Campanelli, Randi Rah Rah and Ariel Sky; Gigi Gianni vs. Randi Rah Rah This match was surprising due to the fact that BK Rhythm and Gigi Gianni had been carrying themselves well in singles competition over the past two weeks. But the idea of a six-woman tag match on WOW will always be exciting. As Gigi, BK and Robbie made their entrance with attitude, Randi Rah Rah made her entrance without her spirited team members. As she made her way to the commentary desk, WOW owner and commentator David Mclane asked Randi where Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky were to which she stated, "I don't know. I haven't seen them." With this development, Mclane decided to turn the six-woman tag match into a singles match between Randi Rah Rah and Gigi Gianni. As the match got underway, color commentator and executive producer AJ Mendez kept teasing the idea of her helping Rah Rah which played with our emotions. Gianni tried to submit Rah Rah early by twisting on Randi's wrists, but Rah Rah used a cartwheel to maneuver out of the hold. But as she found a bit of a groove, BK Rhythm distracted Rah Rah, and Gigi took advantage by planting a second rope face buster on to the cheerleading coach from Florida. Randi's confidence was broken as she continued to look for Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky. Gianni added insult to injury by choking Rah Rah with her legs and the second rope before hitting her patented swinging sidewalk slam to end the match. Winner: Gigi Gianni; Still no answer on the whereabouts of Coach Campanelli and Ariel Sky The Mother Truckers (Big Rig Betty & Holly Swag) vs. Las Bandidas (Sylvia Sanchez & Vivian Rivera) w/Sophia Lopez A recap of the Mother Truckers' saga with "The World's Greatest Attorney" is shown as Lopez was responsible for bailing them out of jail after assaulting a man who had taken their precious Big Rig. Sophia told them that they would "owe her" something in return of her services. This match is the manifestation of that promise. Sophia came out with her tag team clients and the Los Angeles Police Department stating that if Betty and Holly do not lay down for the quick Las Bandidas victory, they would be arrested again. Just when it looked like Big Rig Betty was about to eat the pin for Vivian Rivera, her daughter Holly Swag kicks Vivian to break the count! Swag executes an impressive hurricarana that threw Rivera out of the ring and led to both teams brawling outside. Sylvia Sanchez rained down clubbing blows to the Mother Truckers. As the action found its way back to the ring, Vivian and Sylvia isolated Big Rig Betty, and tried to submit her on multiple occasions, but her daughter Holly got the hot tag. Swag comes in hot with a savate kick and a clothesline to gain the victory for her and her mother. The celebration was short lived as Holly and Big Rig Betty were handcuffed. Free The Mother Truckers! Winners: The Mother Truckers Princess Aussie vs. Penelope Pink (w/The Fabulous Lana Star) for the WOW World Championship A rivalry that stemmed from Penelope Pink and The Fab 4 bullying Kandi Krush, Princess Aussie stepped up to become the next contender for the WOW World Championship. As Penelope Pink made her entrance with mentor and WOW original Lana Star, her confidence did not seem shaken. Star was wearing black as she mourned the loss of the WOW Tag team titles, but Pink was locked in. Penelope immediately started a brawl with Aussie before the bell rang, and both women used pinning combinations to no avail. Pink then proceeded to attack Aussie by snapping her head into the mat and rocking her opponent with an electric chair maneuver on the apron. Penelope continued her vicious crusade by stretching and bending Aussie's legs across the ring posts. It was an intelligent strategy as Princess Aussie's strength comes from her high-flying offense. Aussie shifted the momentum with chops to Pink's chest and a gorgeous cutter from down under from the top rope with a near fall. She even hit a reverse STO and another cutter from down under before Penelope Pink rolled out of the ring. The Fab 4's dastardly deeds took over as Lana Star distracted the referee to give Penelope the opening to use her WOW World title as a weapon against the Princess. After a hard-fought match, Pink retained her championship and celebrated with The Fabulous Lana Star before being interrupted by the return of The Beast! How will this pop off in Season Two? Winner: Penelope Pink For more coverage of WOW Superheroes, check out the Women's Wrestling Talk WOW Post-Show, hosted by WWT hosts Katrina Blake, Emily Mae Heller and I, Stephanie Hardy.

  • AEW All Out Recap

    On the heels of All In, All Out did not disappoint! Although it was only 7 days and an ocean away, AEW Staff and Talent put on a memorable show for casuals and fans alike! From the Zero Hour card and pre-show promos to the full match card and commentary, All Out left nothing to be desired. Zero Hour had three major matches, starting off with the over-budget Charity Battle Royal with the winner donating $50k to a charity of their choosing. The entrants were as diverse as the charities, seeing the likes of Dalton Castle, Brian Cage, Daniel Garcia, Action Andretti, and the return of both Scorpio Sky and Shawn Spears. “Hangman” Adam Page was victorious and chose the Chicago Public Education Fund. The Women’s match was the highlight of the pre-show, seeing ROH Women’s Champion Athena, Diamante, and Mercedes Martinez, taking on Hikaru Shida, hometown girl Skye Blue, and Willow Nightingale. The women proved that this match deserved to be added, with the heels having beautiful conflict between them, causing them to eventually fall to the Babyface team, with Skye Blue pinning Diamante after her finisher at home! The Trios match between the champions, The Acclaimed, and the team of Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, and Satnam Singh wrapped up the pre-show with the champions retaining the titles with the help of Rodzilla, Dennis Rodman! The momentum kept rolling for AEW, kicking off with the AEW World Champion, MJF, and Adam Cole, the ROH Tag Champions, taking on and defeating Alex Reynolds and John Silver of the Dark Order. The train keeps rolling with the ROH TV Title being defended in a match between Samoa Joe and Shane Taylor. Samoa Joe retained in a hard-fight battle of the big men! The Battle of the Belts continued with the TNT Championship match between everyone’s favorite Dinosaur Luchasaurus and the “Little Dead Boy” Darby Allin. Luchasaurus retained as we moved back to the match affectionately coined the “Meat” match between Powerhouse Hobbs and “The Redeemer” Miro. The men were slapping meat as this match was hard-hitting from the start. We also got the debut of Miro’s wife, CJ Perry, armed with a chair for the Miro win. Finally, it was time for the women, with Kris Statlander, the TBS Champion, taking on the Outcasts Ruby Soho, accompanied by the newly crowned AEW Women’s Champion Saraya. This match was exciting from the bell, with the women going back and forth in a pretty even match until Saraya distracted the ref. Once distracted, the third member of the Outcasts, Toni Storm, came from below the ring, took the spray paint can, and wandered off, infatuated. Statlander was able to get the finisher and the pin to retain. The remainder of the show saw a Strap Match between Ricky Starks and Bryan Danielson, with the Dragon getting the win, Eddie Kingston and Shibata falling to the Blackpool Combat Club, Kenny Omega losing to Konosuke Takeshita, an 8-man tag with FTR and the Young Bucks losing to Bullet Club Gold, and the Main Event for the International Championship with the Champion, Orange Cassidy falling to Jon Moxley. This show was absolutely stacked and left an excited buzz in the fan’s ears for the future of the company. Heading towards Full Gear in the historic Forum Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA, what storylines or matches are you looking forward to seeing develop?

  • Jade Cargill Talks About AEW Return & Being in French Montana Music Video

    The former TBS Champion Jade Cargill, was last spotted at Double or Nothing, where she lost the championship to Kris Statlander. Since then Cargil; hasn't missed a beat and has been living her best life all summer. Cargill has been seen gracing the red carpets of the Black Music Honors Award show and Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards. Cargill is a true businesswoman with her women's softball team, The Texas Smoke, winning the world championship and being featured in French Montana's music video, 'GOOD SUMMER'. The one place she hasn't been is at AEW. WWT CEO TK Trinidad caught up with Jade Cargill on French Montana's video set, where she told us how she got the opportunity. "My PR Leslie, made this happen. I mean, she's a phenomenal woman and she went out there and she was like, ‘Hey, I'm gonna do this for you. It's gonna go good.’ And she brought me the opportunity and here I am at the French Montana’s music video shoot and I'm excited to be here." We also asked Jade about Tony Khan and have they stayed in touch. "He is a phenomenal boss. I can literally hit him up now and he will hit me back in 3 minutes. And this is a man who is four companies like a professional soccer team, Jacksonville Jaguars, he's busy, he literally comes to every show. He is so passionate. He loves our company, you know, there's no other place I would want to be. He doesn't look at me as a number. He looks at me like a human being. And he knows my journey and he understands my purpose in the wrestling community and what I want to achieve, and I don't think you can beat that." During the AEW All Out post-show media scrum, WWT asked Tony Khan about Jade's possible return. “Yeah, I’m very excited. I’ve talked to Jade recently. I think, hopefully, we’ll get Jade back in soon. Obviously, it was Kris Statlander who put Jade on the shelf, and Jade’s one of the most successful stars ever in AEW. We’ll have to stay tuned to see when and where Jade might pop up again in the world. Definitely a big fan of Jade, and she put together one of the most dominant runs ever. It was very fitting that she was stopped by one of the top stars in AEW.” Kris Statlander during the media scrum also made it clear that she is ready for Jade Cargill. “As I’ve said before, I am willing to prove that my win over her was not a fluke. I know there was of course the controversy of it, it was the second match. Did she really put out the challenge? Whenever she’s ready, I’m accepting any challenge from anyone, especially her. I will prove that my win was my win, and I truly am the TBS Champion.” Check out our full interview with Jade Cargill below.

  • NXT Review - Week of Aug 27

    NXT – AUG 29 Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez v Kelani Jordan & Dana Brooke Kelani takes down Elektra then Lola with a head lock, Lola pushed Kelani to the ropes, Kelani is able to bounce back, avoiding Lola, she goes for an arm take down just as stops to throw her against the ropes and then tags Elektra. They go for their double team move, Lola pushes Kelani to a corner then carrying her before Kelani takes her down for a roll up. Elektra begins with an elbow strike; a strong kick and an elbow drop for a cover. Elektra tags in Lola, hitting Kelani with a spinning back fist. Lola bounces Kelani off the ropes before kicking her midsection, Lola bounces Kelani to kick her midsection again, Kelani reverses it into a pin. Lola goes to kick Kelani, she catches her leg, kicks her to create distance and tag Dana. Elektra is tagged in, going right after Dana on the apron, Dana has fired up shots to Elektra followed by elbow strikes, Dana hits Elektra with close clotheslines, throwing her then Lola in a corner, hits them with the cartwheel elbow, hits Elektra with a bulldog. Dana tags Kelani throws her onto Elektra followed by a cover that is broken up by Lola. Dana clotheslines Lola takes her outside, Lola throws Dana onto the steel steps. Kelani is distracted, hit with a fist to the back of her head, Lola and Elektra hit their roundhouse kick, take down combination for the win. Dana is enraged about their loss. Astrid’s Point I liked how Lola and Elektra have been growing as a team, the rage we witnessed from Dana after the match did catch my attention. Chase U Segment Class is in session! Andre wonders where Thea is, asking Duke if she would skip class and Duke doesn't think so. Andre's class is about Duke's spot in the Heritage Cup Invitational. After class is over, Thea arrives, Andre tells her she missed class, Thea responds, "is that a crime?" Duke tries to assist her, he's unable to. Duke tries to take her to study hall, Thea says she isn't going, "she has plans to go out," in that moment, we see Jacy Jayne leaning on the door frame, waiting for Thea. Astrid’s Point This was super interesting to watch, Jacy influencing Thea, did make me wonder what the end result will be between them. NXT Anonymous Fallon asks Myles about joining Briggs and Jensen against Damon Kemp, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak. She finds him cleaning the ring, she asks, "doesn't it get old being treated like dirt?" Myles replies, "Just paying my dues." Fallon says, "Paying your dues? If Briggs and Jensen treated me the way those boys treated you, I would knock their teeth out and be on my way." When she offers him to be their partner, he says, "You're saying I could have a match on NXT?" He thanks her for the opportunity as she's leaving. Astrid’s Point I did like watching this, I hope Myles begins to grow within NXT especially as a deaf wrestler, he will open opportunities for others as well. I can't wait to see how Drew, Charlie and Damon will react to Myles teaming up against them or if they will allow him to do it to begin with. Roxanne Perez v Blair Davenport v Gigi Dolin v Kiana James - Number One Contender's Match - NXT Women's Championship Before the main event, each participant is spotlighted throughout the episode. Gigi does after Blair, Roxanne on Kiana, Roxanne and Blair throw Kiana and Gigi outside. Kiana attempts to reenter the ring, Gigi takes care of her. Roxanne takes down Blair, attempts to keep Gigi outside but misses. Roxanne bounces off of Blair for a pin, Kiana breaks it up, Gigi also reenters the ring. Gigi attempts a roll pin on Kiana after Kiana pinned Roxanne, Blair takes down Gigi for a roll up. Kiana has a head lock on Roxanne who throws her onto Blair. Gigi has Blair in a pin while Roxanne has Kiana both kick out simultaneously. Roxanne and Gigi go at it on the apron, Gigi drops Roxanne on the apron, Kiana goes towards Gigi, she pushes Kiana onto the barricade. Kiana kicks Gigi's midsection, Blair is able to hit Gigi with a double stomp, Kiana is on top of the barricade hitting Blair with a moonsault. Roxanne dives onto Kiana. Blair has a submission on Gigi, who has one on Kiana who has one on Roxanne too. Roxanne is able to roll over to attempt a Sharpshooter, Blair sees it and hits her to break it apart. Roxanne climbs the post, Blair is working on taking her down, Kiana joins her, Gigi holds on to them all to throw them for a Tower of Doom. Gigi begins to take care of Kiana and Blair, taking turns on them, she begins to set up for a suplex but Blair throws her towards the ropes to prevent it. Kiana hits Blair with an enziguri, throws Gigi towards the steel post, Roxanne attempts a cross body onto Blair and Kiana who throw her on the mat but before that, Roxanne is able to take Blair down in the process. Roxanne hits Kiana with an uppercut, followed by Blair, she attempts a second one, but Blair runs towards her, Roxanne moves, Blair hits Kiana instead. Roxanne runs to hit Blair with the uppercut, Roxanne hits Kiana a few times then turns around to hit Blair with a crossbody. Roxanne attempts a Russian leg sweep on Blair who has it scouted, Blair has Kiana set up, Gigi enters the ring, hitting Blair with a clothesline. Roxanne hits Gigi with a neck breaker and pin attempt that Kiana breaks apart. Kiana is going to throw Roxanne to a corner, she reverses it, going for the Pop Rocks but Blair kicks her. Blair throws Kiana towards the post, she lands outside. Blair takes down Roxanne then goes for a pin attempt, Gigi stomps on her to stop it. Gigi and Blair are going at it, Gigi goes for a half and half, Roxanne breaks it apart. Roxanne's goes for a head scissors to Gigi, a kick to her midsection, going for Pop Rocks and yet again, Blair takes them down. Blair brings Roxanne in the ring, double stomp to Roxanne, she is working on her next move, Roxanne avoids it, kicks Blair's midsection, going for Pop Rocks, Blair slides out of the ring. Gigi slides in the ring, kicks Roxanne in the face, going for the Gigi Driver but Roxanne held to the middle rope to avoid it. Kiana reenters the ring, takes down Roxanne, pins Gigi to become number one contender. Tiffany enters the ring to come face to face with Kiana, they will now face each other next week for the NXT Women's Championship. Astrid’s Point I loved having the women being showcased and promoting the match throughout the show. I also loved how Roxanne handled her promo as it progressed this attitude we've seen from her lately. I loved this match from beginning to end, having Kiana as the winner was a surprise to me but I was also disappointed when I realized they'll be facing each other next week and not at No Mercy. On the other hand, not having this match happening at No Mercy, made me think they got something bigger planned for that show then. The women really showed out during this match though, they all showcased themselves, it was a delightful to watch.

  • The Arrival of Sukeban, A Revolutionary Company

    This past Friday, it was announced that a group of Joshi women would be making history. Rumors have been surfacing over the past several months about a prospective Joshi puroresu company forming in the United States, with wrestling legend Bull Nakano involved in production roles. After a great deal of anticipation, the company released a new trailer, website, and debut event on September 21st— which rocked wrestling fans across the world. Sukeban, a common term in the 1960s-70s for young female “delinquent” feminists, will feature a roster of talent from various established companies such as Stardom, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Sendai Girls, and Seadlinnng as well as a few faces shrouded in mystery. However, the wrestlers won’t be assuming their usual names and characters— an entirely new world has been devised just for this promotion by the women themselves. The long-term factions for Sukeban are The Vandals, Harajuku Stars, Cherry Bomb Girls, and Dangerous Liaisons. The Vandals features Atomic Banshee (Ram Kaicho), Otaku-chan (Kaori Yoneyama), Midnight Player (AOI), and the masked BINGO. Harajuku Stars, a tribute to Harajuku culture and style, is composed of Ichigo Sayaka (Unagi Sayaka), Babyface (Ancham), Maya Mamushi (Maya Yuhiki), and allegedly Saki Bimi (SAKI). The smallest of the factions, Cherry Bomb Girls, packs a powerful punch with Crush Yuu (Yuu), Riko Blondie (Riko Kaiju), and wild card Supersonic. Lastly, The Dangerous Liaisons features an all-star lineup of Commander Nakajima (Arisa Nakajima), Countess Saori (Saori Anou), Lady Antoinette (Risa Sera), and Queen of Hearts (Miyuki Takase). The final mystery member of Sukeban’s roster is black-belt Stray Cat, who many anticipate being the former Stardom roster member coming out of retirement for the promotion. As competitors fight for the ultimate prize— the Sukeban World Championship (crafted by Marc Newsom)— they will battle heartbreak, betrayal, and relish in victory and glory. This company is the first of its kind— Japanese-owned, US-based, and featuring an all-female roster— including classic twists on the pro wrestling world fans know and love. Sukeban bridges a gap between international Joshi fans and typical American wrestling, breaking barriers and overcoming the stereotypes which push Joshi puro away from narrow minds. As an all-female company spearheaded by women of color accessible on an international level, Sukeban is shaping to be the biggest news in wrestling today. And with a plethora of talent freely expressing themselves, their art, and love for wrestling, Sukeban is certainly living up to its unapologetic namesake. The debut show, which will take place at the Capitale just outside the heart of New York City, will also feature other venues of unique draw-in, such as nail art by famous influencer Nails by Mei, merchandise and costumes by Olympia Le-Tan (as well as hats crafted by Stephen Jones), and art by Sakana Toji. Tickets released at 10 am EST on Friday, September 1, and sold out in around two hours. For more information and updates on Sukeban, follow their Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @sukeban_world or visit

  • Natsupoi & Anou Retain Tag Team Gold; Hayashishita, Nakano, and Syuri Advance in the 5 Star

    World Wonder Ring STARDOM held a 5★Star Grand Prix Special show at the Hiroshima Sun Plaza this past September 3rd which featured three matches from the said tournament on top of the scheduled championship matches. Natsupoi & Saori Anou def. Mei Seira & Suzu Suzuki Goddesses of STARDOM Championship Match In a battle that showcased tag team wrestling excellence, Cosmic Angels' Natsupoi and Saori Anou defeated the cunning team of Mei Seira and Suzu Suzuki to retain their Goddesses of STARDOM Championship* in their first defense of the titles. Both teams brought their A games in this match with STARDOM fans feeling the excitement from the in-ring chemistry shown between the teams. After multiple fast-paced sequences and jaw-dropping near-falls, Saori Anou would secure the victory with the "Temps Tendre" (a bridging somersault neck breaker) on Mei Seira. After the match, STARDOM High Speed Champion Saki Kashima taunted Mei Seira for her loss before announcing that Seira would be next in line for a shot at her title. Queen's Quest's Utami Hayashishita and AZM also came out to challenge Natsupoi and Saori Anou for the Goddesses of STARDOM Championship after Saki Kashima left the ringside area. *The Goddesses of STARDOM Championships are STARDOM's duos tag team championship belt. Utami Hayashishita def. Momo Watanabe 5★Star Grand Prix Match - Blue Stars Former Queen's Quest tag team partners Utami Hayashishita and Momo Watanabe went to absolute war in their first singles match since Watanabe betrayed Queen's Quest to join the rival Oedo Tai. Hayashishita and Watanabe both capitalized on their powerhouse style to deliver impactful offense to one another, but Utami's Hi-Jack Bomb (Spinning Razor's Edge) ultimately secured the victory. With this win, Hayashishita stands at 6 points while Watanabe remains in her standing of 6 points as well. Both women are now tied and leading the Blue Stars block alongside Mariah May, Mina Shirakawa, Mirai, and Saori Anou. Tam Nakano def. Starlight Kid 5★Star Grand Prix Match - Red Stars Despite Starlight Kid's best efforts to improve her current track record in this year's 5★Star tournament, it was the World of STARDOM Champion Tam Nakano who scored the win. As the bell rang, both women wasted no time in gaining the upper hand by performing high risk attacks to the other at ringside. Nakano would utilize her strong striking ability for offense while Kid took advantage of her speed and high-flying maneuvers in evading the attacks. Both competitors traded vicious German and Tiger Suplexes, but Nakano's patented Violet Screwdriver (Falcon Arrow) would pick up the 1-2-3. Kid's loss in this match keeps her 5★Star record at 4 points. Nakano, on the other hand, accumulates a total of 7 points with this win. Syuri def. Mayu Iwatani 5★Star Grand Prix Match - Red Stars Two of the top STARDOM competitors in Mayu Iwatani and Syuri met one-on-one for the night's final 5★Star Grand Prix match. Iwatani's well-rounded and versatile wrestling style clashed with Syuri's striking and powerhouse offense to deliver what fans have considered the Match of the Night. Both competitors easily countered each other's signature maneuvers to narrowly escape defeat. The match was getting quite intense for over 10 minutes, raising speculation from some fans of the result being a potential 15-minute time limit draw from the two. But after a display of Suplexes, Buzzsaw Kicks, and countless near-falls, Syuri would seize the window of opportunity to land the Syu Sekai (Modified Electric Chair Powerslam) before pinning Iwatani for the victory. Syuri's victory ties her in second alongside Natsupoi amongst the Red Stars block with 9 points. Iwatani then remains in her current standing of 7 points. However, Natsuko Toura currently leads the Red Stars with a total of 12 points overall. Moreover, there is also a minor speculation from fans that this victory could put Syuri in the running for a potential IWGP Women's Championship with Iwatani sometime in the future. Giulia def. Risa Sera NJPW STRONG Women's Championship Match In the main event of the 5★Star Special in Hiroshima, Giulia successfully defended the NJPW STRONG Women's Championship against a long-time foe in Risa Sera. Given their history and hard-hitting backgrounds, this bout was nothing short of a battle with Sera nearly knocking out Giulia with an Air Raid Crash from the apron through a table on ringside. But being the fighting champion that she is, Giulia refused to stay down and fought Sera's tough offense with some of her own. To ensure that Sera would be down for the three counts, Giulia delivered a Missile Dropkick, Package Piledriver, and her signature Northern Lights Bomb to retain her NJPW STRONG Women's Title in her third defense. After the match, the two would speak on the microphone with Sera accepting her defeat with honor.

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